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For your firm to reach better to the consumers out there, the easiest way in today’s world is the internet. Anyone can prove their presence on the internet through a simple website. A website is nothing but a window through which you can tell the world what makes you stand out.

Be it a hospital, an academic institution, or an IT firm – every firm needs to own a website. So, if you’re planning to redesign your website or want a new website, you need to hire a reputed web design company. So, I have compiled a list of trustworthy web development companies in Singapore that can help you take your business to the next level.


Top 20 Web Development Companies in Singapore in 2024

1. TechTIQ Solutions PTE

The first and most reliable web development company in Singapore is TechTIQ Solutions. The company owns a team of highly qualified and experienced developers whose sole goal is to help their clients achieve their business goals.

With regard to web design development, the company offers services such as unique customization, security, specialized web design services, custom software development, digital transformation, Enterprise software development, App development services, and IT Staffing. By understanding your domain and expertise, they help you to build the most functional website.

2. Webriq

Founded in 2016, Webriq is known for its quality work. Their main focus is on website development, e-commerce, and web design services. Webriq is another amazing option if you hold a small or intermediate size firm. They can transform the opinion you currently have in reality with their amazing work.

With well-known business partners such as ZOHO, SocialSEO, BigCommerce, as well as Ecwid, the web design company is also popular for the top-notch SEO-based web designing process. Additionally, the team also offers a high-quality CMS system to adhere to the client’s web design services and management needs.

The company provides Websites as a Service with the in-house technology termed as JAMstack to adhere to the overall digital experiences of a customer. 

3. Singsys

The name Singsys and the term software are synonymous with one another. This particular company based out of Singapore has become a renowned name for its high-quality software development protocol that includes inventory and attendance management systems. 

The team focuses on the creation of software that eases the management of employee payroll, inventory, and attendance of any business. Their success mantra comes from the partnerships established with major brands such as Fujifilm, Samsung, Olympus, HOOQ, Cisco, etc. 

Not just that, the company is unique due to its excellent system for quality control & flexible standard reporting. With 200+ professionals working at the firm, the brand’s core reflects excellence, integrity, empowerment, and so much more.

4. Hustlr

Hustlr is one of Singapore-based web development companies in Singapore that has been serving various industries with its e-commerce and website design services. If you are looking for a web developer that can help you with automation, Hustlr is with whom you need to partner. They stay with you throughout the website development process and also help you fix issues if any.

With 15+ years of experience in the web development domain, the company has laid out a strong foundation in eCommerce website designing and development. Further, the designs are SEO as well as speed optimized.

5. Titansoft

Known for its flair for the creation of business, project, & performance management software, Titansoft is based in Singapore and serves its customers with agile development strategies. Among its range of services, the web design company also offers a core team that works on market research, network development, server management, cloud deployment, as well as network infrastructure handling. 

The company works on value-driven work delivery for the customers, stakeholders, & employees as well. Titansoft has also been decked with the popular Business Eminence Award 2020 and holds ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. 

6. QDS

Quodisys Co Ltd. is a firm initially founded in Vietnam in 2013. It is still headquartered in Vietnam. However, they also have their branches functioning in different countries. They are known for their classical work in web design development and mobile software development.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, the company has excelled in product application development via web and mobile applications for enterprises and start-ups. Moreover, the company provides its services for web development services in SaaS platforms & Android and iOS platforms.

The prime focus of the company is custom web applications with UI/UX as its backbone.

7. Octal Info Solution

With 11+ years of sophistication and professionalism in the software development domain, Octal Info Solution has served 1200+ customers in 40+ countries that include SMEs as well as Fortune 500 brands. The company has established business alliances in the mobile and web development services departments to help businesses transform their ideas into real-time ventures. 

The software development company provides its web design services for platforms that include Android, iOS, PhoneGap, Windows, as well as Hybrid. The team of professionals that work for the company holds expertise in development languages such as .NET, CakePHP, Drupal, PHP, WordPress, Magneto, and more.

8. Grazitti interactive 

With its branches in Singapore, India, the USA, and Australia, Grazitti Interactive is a leader in digital innovation as well as web development. Established in the year 2008, the company has been aiding its clients with aspects such as marketing automation, cloud innovation, as well as sales optimization services via its web development process that is at par with the latest trend.

The company has been awarded certifications like SSAE 16 SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type II Audits, PIMS< ISO 27001, HIPAA, and other honors that validate the brand’s commitment to data security, privacy, as well as operational standards.  

9. Professional Soft-Tech

Professional Soft-Tech is a team of creative web developers who deliver the work efficiently and cost-saving. The company offers well-coded mobile and web app solutions for smart projects. To date, the company has successfully delivered 450+ projects with 150+ happy clients that are backed by 10+ years of experience.

The company also delivers its services for popular brands such as eBay, Volkswagen, Toyota, Rakuten, Trend Micro, Scoot, and so many more.

10. OOm Singapore

OOm stands as a prominent web design company and is recognized among the top web development companies in Singapore, earning acclaim as an award-winning Web design development company. Distinguished as a Premier Google Partner and Meta Business Partner, OOm excels in delivering comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Their wide-ranging services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Management (SMM), Content and Creative Services, China Digital Marketing, and state-of-the-art Website Development. OOm's success is rooted in their commitment to data-driven strategies and actionable insights, leading to strategic expansions into the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong. This expansion strategically caters to the escalating local and regional demands for unparalleled expertise in digital marketing services.

11. Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd

Awebstar proudly holds its position as a leading web design and web development company in Singapore, committed to delivering unique and authentic content. Their dedicated team comprises imaginative designers, skilled developers, and experienced marketers, all working together to provide innovative web solutions. Their comprehensive suite of services includes web design & development, e-commerce development, mobile app development, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and management software solutions, addressing the diverse needs of businesses.

12. Verz Design

Verz Design, a prominent web design company and one of the leading web development companies in Singapore, emerged as a visionary Digital Agency with a profound aspiration. Established in 2009, their steadfast commitment to excellence has proven transformative for businesses, offering innovative solutions to address their digitalization requirements.

At the heart of their success lies the cultivation of a fair, intelligent, and professionally-sound workflow, anchored in core values and ethics. Each project serves as a unique challenge that they eagerly embrace and conquer. With a focus on both clients and employees, they strive to create a genuine and lasting impact in the realm of web design services and web development services in Singapore.

13. D&S Solutions Pte Ltd

At their web design company, D&S Solutions Pte Ltd, prioritizing the delivery of professional and high-quality web design services and web development services in Singapore to their clients is their foremost commitment. They recognize the significance of providing excellence in service and leveraging the right skills and technology to achieve this goal. Their dedicated team, equipped with the requisite resources and expertise, is focused on ensuring their satisfaction and delivering effective IT solutions. D&S stands out among web development companies in Singapore, as they combine strong capabilities and extensive experience in outsourcing to facilitate the transformation of Information Technology Systems, placing a premium on the unique needs of their valued clients.

14. Toaster

Toaster, a leading web design company with a profound grasp of the digital landscape, excels in navigating the dynamic relationship between creativity, technology, culture, and relevance. Employing their distinctive agile model, they seamlessly integrate strategy, creativity, and tech with remarkable speed.

As one of the premier web development companies in Singapore, their mission extends beyond conventional boundaries. They specialize in providing comprehensive web design services and web development services in Singapore, ensuring that their clients can establish a robust online presence. In their pursuit, they aim to empower their clients to craft inclusive marketing strategies that stand out in a cacophony of a constantly evolving digital world.

15. Srijan

Srijan, a Material+ Company, stands as a global engineering force dedicated to forging transformative digital landscapes that empower Fortune 500 enterprises and nonprofits worldwide. Renowned as one of the premier web design and development companies in Singapore, Srijan excels in delivering advanced engineering solutions and agile practices.

Their impact spans diverse industries, including FMCG, Aviation, Telecom, and Technology. Srijan's reputation as a solution provider is bolstered by key partnerships, such as an AWS Select Tier Services partnership, a robust services relationship with VMWare, and registered collaborations with industry leaders like Confluent, Cloudinary, Yugabyte, and Searchstax.

16. Bray Leino Splash

Splash Interactive, a renowned web design company, boasts a two-decade history that originated in Singapore and has since expanded its presence to include over 120 professionals spread across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. As a dynamic Creative and Technology Agency, their mission is to empower businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape. They prioritize user needs to deliver exceptional web design services and web development services in Singapore, ensuring the creation of captivating customer experiences that foster lasting connections. Within their team, a diverse assembly of dedicated talents collaborates passionately to assist clients in establishing enduring relationships with their customers.

17. InfoStride

InfoStride stands out as a premier web design and development company in Singapore, shaping a culture of openness and trust while consistently pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. They are dedicated to enhancing the tech capabilities of business ecosystems globally, creating vibrant and cutting-edge experiences. As a leading player among web development companies in Singapore, InfoStride thrives in the rapidly evolving landscape of IT consulting and services.

18. MOI Global

As a prominent global B2B agency, MOI stands out as a top-tier player in the industry, boasting offices in key locations such as London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. Their expertise extends to divergent thinking methodology, notably their innovative approach known as Turning Heads™, seamlessly integrated with comprehensive multi-specialist marketing solutions. They specialize in aiding the most esteemed tech organizations worldwide to achieve meaningful differentiation, transformation, and sustainable growth.

Within their portfolio of satisfied clients, they proudly include renowned brands like Adobe, Ciena, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Cloud, Oracle, ServiceNow, and Proofpoint. These industry leaders place their trust in us to effectively turn heads that truly matter.

19. Huge

Huge, a leading web design company and web development services provider in Singapore, operates as a dynamic creative consultancy that harnesses the synergy between human expertise and artificial intelligence. Their collaboration extends to partnering with some of the world's most ambitious brands, facilitating transformative endeavors known as Huge Moves. These moves represent innovative solutions aimed at delivering impactful outcomes for their clients. Their comprehensive services span AI business consulting, brand and customer experience enhancement, technology advisory, strategic planning, high-value audience analysis, and product innovation.

20. GHC Asia

Established in 1997 in Hong Kong, GHC Asia stands out as a prominent regional PR agency, boasting a significant presence in Greater China and extending its influence across the Asia-Pacific region. With offices strategically located in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, their agency has cultivated a robust international network of partners, solidifying their position as a key player in the public relations landscape.

In addition to their extensive experience spanning over two decades, GHC Asia takes pride in its collaborative and comprehensive approach. Their dedicated teams, situated on the ground, seamlessly integrate PR, Digital, and Content strategies to deliver exceptional results. This integrated approach is particularly beneficial for clients in the lifestyle and corporate sectors.


A web development company can change your perspective of a business. You can reach international heights from the local market just with the right website and e-commerce development by your side. 

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