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Real Estate Web Application – Purchase Wizard

Client Details
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Project Type
Real Estate

Project Description

Saigon Technology worked with Aareas Inc., a software development company in Canada since 2016 in a big real estate management system (web and app development) project.

Purchase wizard is a web application which can be used on latest browsers and mobile app browser object Used for Purchase Agreement generation in a Real Estate management system which includes:

– Manage Properties
– Manage Purchasers, Co-broker, Solicitor
– Manage Deposit Schedule
– Generate Agreement
– View & manage Agreement’s signatures on Desktop and Tablet
– Bar Code scanner
– Driver License PDF 247 scanner


Engagement models: offshore software dedicated team (3 months) and fixed price (2 projects).


– Create agreement for purchase wizard system by thought all steps.
+ Property Step
+ Purchaser Step
+ Option Step
+ Deposit Step
+ Additional Schedule Step
+ Other Step
+ Agreement Step

– Agreement file (PDF file) viewer cross browser, support zoom-in/out a page and highlight signature positions (by yellow box area).

– e-signature: support touch in mobile browser

– Integration with existing system: webpage, api call flow.

– Integration with existing database

– Scan PDF 417 format to read driver license information.

– Prevent multiple access from difference devices/sellers.



– AspDotNet API 2.2
– DotNet 4.5.2
– Entity Framework 6.1.3
– Hangfire (Background Job)
– Swagger: Gen and UI
– Auto Mapper
– AngularJS 1
– Migration database + Sprint 1: Start to develop a new empty database, Sprint 1 is done with 30 tables in the database. Then client require migration to their existing database (over 270 tables with many rules and conventions)
– Multiple browsers support + Client does not give this Software Requirement Specification from the beginning
– Interaction with hardware + Interaction with hardware (camera) in mobile devices (iOS and Android) + Implementation feature to scan and read PDF 417 format from a camera on mobile devices
– Meeting with client at opposite timezone
– PDF viewer with crossed browser feature
– Merge end-user signature (e-signature image) in an agreement page at client-side (web browser) because customer want to make it legal for end-user
– Migration database
+ Use SQL Schema Comparison tool in Visual Studio to see what is a difference between 2 databases.
+ Create SQL scripts to do the migration.
+ Correct Backend Logic coding to match with new SQL schema during creating SQL migration script time.- Multiple browsers support
+ Must ask the client before start project, it’s too painful to make a web application cross browsers base on existing source code.- Interaction with hardware
+ We can do it but face many issues about performance and limitation in Safari browser (apple policy), the solution create 2 mini mobile applications (android and ios version) to do the Scan PDF 417 format.
+ The web page open the mobile app (open the app store to install the app if device not installed the app) to do the scan after that back to the web page.- Meeting with client at night
+ Try to communicate via email, prepare carefully and just discuss what actual things needed to make conversation as short as possible.- PDF viewer cross-browser
+ Convert PDF file to multiple images (an image per page) and display as a gallery in web browsers.– Merge end-user signature (e-signature image) in an agreement page at client-side (web browser).
+ Convert original agreement (PDF file) to multiple pages (by image format)
+ When end-user make an e-signature, merge it into a page by canvas features.



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