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  • • 24/7 support for clients.
  • • Members of the workforce have worked in their respective fields for nearly 10 years.
  • • Capable of beginning work on a project within one to five business days after receiving first instructions.
  • • Projects spanning a wide variety of specialized fields.
  • • Our two primary centers for software development are located in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, two of the most bustling cities in Vietnam.
  • • We ensure that all of our projects and business activities are carried out following ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which are respectively certified quality and information security management systems.
  • • The Vietnam Software Association honored Saigon Technology with a certificate of recognition for their proficiency in IT outsourcing in May of 2019.
  • • When compared to rivals in other markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong, the cost of recruiting software developers specialized in mobile app development is up to 40-60% lower. As a result, clients' budgets may be completely optimized while they focus on other key business objectives.


Hoang Nguyen Ngoc - Senior iOS Developer

Nguyen Huu Bao

React Native Developer



• 4 years of experience in the software development environment, especially for web and cross-platform mobile applications.

• Programming Languages: Javascript ES6+, Java, Object-C.

Advanced Experience in:

  • ReactJS and redux middlewares such as Redux-Saga.
  • RESTFul API, Firebase Services, Notification, One Signal, Analytics.
  • React Navigation.
  • React Hooks.
  • Animation, PanResponder.
  • Build native modules (Android & iOS).
  • Video call, Voice call, Live Stream, Chat.
  • Agile Scrum.

• Basic Knowledge of: ReactJS, and NodeJS.

• Programming Tools: WebStorm, XCode, Android Studio, Visual Code, Postman, Git, NPM, Yarn, Jira, Trello.


Major projects

Medical Cloud Mobile_Switzerland


  • • Working with clients to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Fixing bugs, supporting, and maintaining.
  • • Using a device sensor to detect phone rotation.
  • • Optimizing app performance.

Technologies: React Native, Redux-Saga, React Navigation, React Native Sensors, React Native Big Calendar.



  • • Working with clients to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Fixing bugs, supporting, and maintaining.
  • • Building a common UI in modules.
  • • Implementing Live Chat Messages.
  • • Implementing feature book appointments on the calendar.
  • • Using code push to Hotfix and release a new version.

Technologies: React Native, Redux-Saga, React Navigation, Firebase, Code Push, Animated.



  • • Working with Project Manager to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Migrating to newer React Native versions, optimizing performance.
  • • Implementing feature live streams using Wowza.
  • • Live stream with live chat.
  • • Cast stream to chrome cast.
  • • Using code push to Hotfix and release a new version.

Technologies: React Native, Redux-Saga, React Hooks, Agora, Stripe, Firebase, Wowza, Chrome cast, Code push.



FPT Polytechnic/ Software Engineer

Ho Chi Minh City



Project overview: For iOS and Android devices, Bike To Work is a GPS fitness-tracking app. Users of Bike To Work can measure their physical activity (such as running, jogging, or cycling) using GPS and may see extensive information about their speed, route, and duration.

Audio cues are included in the Bike To Work application, which monitors metrics, maintains performance, and provides coaching. While working out, users may enjoy music, check their heart rate, and snap photographs with their smartphones.


• The BE staff in Norway does not speak or communicate effectively in English. It's difficult to debate this topic.

• Show a high-accuracy GPS trace on the map.


• Try to get to know the BE team and provide the input/output for each API so they can make informed decisions.

• Tracking lines may be drawn on the map using Android and iOS built-in GPS as well as various algorithms.

Features that client looking for:
  • • Allow users to keep track of their exercise routines/ publish their material on Facebook to share it with their friends/ compete against one another.
  • • Follow the progress of the users.
  • • Supporters may monitor exercises and races on a live map as they happen.
  • • Get alerts for new personal "bests" and milestones; monitor progress against current objectives; follow comprehensive plans; transform every action into a route using built-in GPS, and allow users to examine a complete history of activities.
Our Technologies Applied:
  • • React Native.
  • • Google Maps API.
  • • Built-in GPS on the device.
  • • Asana.


Gathering & Evaluating Data

React Native developers from Saigon Technology will work with you to learn more about your company via the data provided, then evaluate the feasibility and familiarize themselves more deeply with your staff before beginning any work on the project.

Making an Estimate of the Project's Resources

Saigon Technology puts a great value on the hiring process since it has a significant influence on future endeavors. Our services are the best option for developing a React Native development team - an ideal agency to hire React Native developers. For the great majority of players, matches are completed within five business days or fewer.

Identifying the Ideal Personnel for your Needs

It's not just a promise, it's a guarantee. The trial period offered by Saigon Technology is designed to assist clients to identify the best match between their needs and the expertise of the company's React Native developers. Team spirit may be shown in the outcomes despite the little time spent working together.

Reviewing and adjusting the approach regularly

We will provide frequent updates on the project's progress so that we can make sure everything is going according to plan and that our goals and the expectations of our clients are being reached. Additional changes may be made to the project's functioning, participation, or other areas to ensure the highest possible quality.

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