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It has always been a priority for Saigon Technology to provide the clients with the most cost-effective mobile app developers for hire possible. We offer highly qualified talents who are among the top one percent of Vietnamese engineers in the country.
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  • • Talented mobile app developers with 10 years of experience.
  • • Getting started on a project within one to five business days is a possibility.
  • • Our two software development centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, two of Vietnam's most populous cities.
  • • Saigon Technology was honored with the Certification of Excellence in IT Outsourcing award in May of 2019 by the Vietnam Software Association.
  • • 24/7 client assistance.
  • • For all projects and operations at the firm, we carefully adhere to ISO9001 and ISO27001 - certified quality and data security management systems.
  • • The price of hiring software engineers specializing in mobile app development is extremely competitive and affordable compared to competitors in other markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong, up to 40-60% lower. And as a consequence, clients' budgets may be fully optimized while they concentrate on other important business goals.


Hoang Nguyen Ngoc - Senior iOS Developer

Hoang Nguyen Ngoc Senior iOS Developer Male

Logo Saigon Technology


• 8 years of experience in the software development environment, especially mobile development - iOS, and web-server development (including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, E-commerce applications, mobile troubleshooting/ maintenance).

Programming Languages: Swift, Objective C, Java, C#.

Advanced Experience in:

  • iOS (Objective C, Swift).
  • Java (Spring Mvc, Hibernate, Maven, Apache Tomcat).
  • .NET (C#, Xamarin Cross Platform).
  • SQL.
  • Javascript, jQuery.
  • Fuzzy Logic.
  • OpenCV.
  • Oauth2, SAML.

• Basic Knowledge in:

Firebase, Estimote, MQTT, Alamofire, AFNetworking, Facebook, G+, Google Map.

• Programming Tools: XCode, Eclipse, Postgre, Xamarin, Visual Studio.



Plutus / iOS Developer


  • • Architecture application structure.
  • • Implementing base source code.
  • • Developing and releasing iOS applications and features.

Technologies: RxSwift, Clean Architecture, SnapKit, CoreData, AlamoFire, Moya, OperationQueue.

MozoX / iOS Team Leader_Singapore


  • • Implementing base source code.
  • • Choosing pattern, technology, framework, and 3rd parties.
  • • Designing workflows for a new feature and assigning tasks for team members.
  • • Releasing source code on Github and MozoSDK on Cocoapods.
  • • Working directly with Apple for issues that occurred when releasing apps in the App Store.
  • • Reviewing source code and performance of team members.
  • • Develop applications with localization and multiple languages.
  • • Work on bug fixing and optimization for application performance.
  • • Work closely with the designer to implement UI design layout and improve UX.
  • • Recruiting and training team members.

Develop iOS MozoSDK based on Swift, a tool kit supporting MozoX Services including:

  • • SSO Authentication via Keycloak.
  • • Synchronizing cryptocurrencies wallet between server-side and local using CoreData.
  • • Buying/selling/transferring MozoX coins.
  • • UI Components for authentication, managing cryptocurrencies wallet, and transaction histories.
  • • Performing local user notifications via WebSocket.
  • • Localization contents.

Utilize MozoSDK to develop MozoX, an iOS native application for shoppers, with the features as below:

  • • Tracking location and report.
  • • Electronic Parking Ticket.
  • • Loading promotions of stores and redeems.
  • • Supporting inviting friends to install the app via app links.
  • • Displaying airdrops and routes on a map.
  • • Remote notifications using Firebase.

Utilize MozoSDK to develop MozoX Retailer, an iOS native application for retailers, with the following features:

  • • Scanning and setting up the blue-tooth iBeacons.
  • • Allow retailers to create airdrop events and promotions.
  • • Branch management.
  • • Supporting inviting friends to install the app via app links.

GCS/ iOS Developer & Java Developer


  • • Using Asta to design work-flows and based on Spring Boot and Java to implement functions:
  • OAuth2 Authentication & Authorization.
  • SAML Authentication (Use KeyCloak and Okta for testing).
  • OAuth2 and SAML Integration.
  • • Using native Objective C to develop an iOS automation testing library and iOS applications for test execution.

    • Referring to Selenium, Appium, and MonkeyTalk to analyze and develop functions as below:

  • Spy view hierarchy of native apps (including views and windows) and spy web apps (including normal web apps and Cordova Apps based on iOS Web Kit).
  • Recording user actions on native apps and web apps (such as touches, swipes, and events).
  • Playback user actions, such as commands.
  • Screenshot and video capturing.
  • • Involving in every project phase from concept creation to App Store deployment.
  • • Taking responsibility for general maintenance of application libraries and debugging.
  • • Testing applications on device simulators and actual devices to fine-tune products.
  • • Supporting junior members of the team, providing ongoing advice and guidance.
  • • Involving in a full product life cycle from design and development to deployment.


University of Information Technology / Master's

Degree in Information Technology

Thesis: Develop a Camera System for Detecting and Tracking Face

Hong Bang International University / Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering



Project overview: There are several advantages to becoming a CHILI subscriber with the Chili App's set fee and ongoing assistance provided by Chili Telecommunication Company. With the Engagement model's fixed price and ongoing support, the mobile developers for hire at Saigon Technology have done their best to support customers in the CHILIPAY project.

Existing Challenges
  • • The client has a general idea of what the app should look like, but they don’t have any specifics in mind.
  • • A final football forecast must be made during the following two weeks before the World Cup begins.
  • • In addition to the FIFA World Cup, the football forecast must be correct for all other football leagues as well.
Our Responsibilities

The client has selected Saigon Technology to hire mobile app developers after initially interviewing our mobile app developers for hire. Thus, Saigon Technology supplied a long-term team of expertise. After that, with the client's permission, we put together a core team composed of the most key members.

  • • There are just two weeks left till the commencement of the FIFA World Cup.
  • • The football forecast has to be accurate not just for the FIFA World Cup but also for every other football league.
Features that client looking for:

  • • Earn points for your loyalty whenever they come up.
  • • Search for the QR code that is concealed in the Chili Treasure.
  • • Get bonus points by going around Mauritius.
  • • Leaderboard.
  • • Get Notifications from Chili Using Push Technology.
  • • Scan barcode to authenticate a deal.
  • • Check out the latest updates on Chili's homepage.
  • • Predictions for the football game.
  • • Trade points with partner businesses, check out the leader board, scan barcodes, get push notifications, and read the latest news.

Our Technologies Applied:

  • • Swift 2
  • • Native Android
  • • SQL Server
  • • Twilio for video call
  • • .Net backend
  • • Microsoft Azure
  • • Push Notification
  • • Firebase for real-time messaging
  • • Twilio SMS service
  • • E-way payment gateway integration



Receiving and analyzing information

When you decide to hire mobile app developers from Saigon Technology, our team will work with you to get a deeper understanding of your organization, assess the feasibility of the project's objectives, and become acquainted with your personnel.

Estimating resources for the project

When it comes to evaluating applications and selecting suitable personnel, Saigon Technology places a high premium on the recruiting process - boasting a team of top mobile app developers - due to its tremendous impact on future undertakings. There's no better choice when it comes to building a mobile app development team than using our services. Matches are usually concluded within two business days or less for the vast majority of players.

Finding the right talent for your requirements

To hire mobile app developers in Vietnam is to make a wise move since this is a rich nation with many youthful IT skills. Saigon Technology offers a brief trial period to help clients find the greatest fit between themselves and the company's experts. It was a short period of time spent working together, but the results of that testing embody the whole team's spirit.

Constantly analyzing and modifying the strategy

With the support from our mobile app developers, the project will now be implemented in compliance with the process and quality of international output standards. In order to ensure that the project is running well and that our aims and the expectations of our clients are being met, we will report on a regular basis on the status of the project. In addition, if required, we may change the project's operation, participation, or other aspects to guarantee the greatest possible quality.


It's common practice to use one of three sorts of mobile app developers while working on a project.


The process of enlisting the help of an external company, in this case a software outsourcing firm, to complete a certain task. Saving investment budget - speeding up time to market - easily scaling up or minimizing the team when needed are the three great advantages of this type.

Internal team

Build up your company's in-house technical staff with fresh faces and fresh ideas. This form of team is advantageous since it is simple to manage, as everyone on it is solely focused on achieving your goals.


Recruit, retain, and manage independent software developers to keep your projects running well. One benefit you may get is straightforward project servicing, whereby you can pick and choose among available experts.

To Hire Mobile App Developers in Vietnam:
How To Do?

Step by step, here are some guidelines for building your own mobile app development crew:


Define the project goals


Understand the app types, development platforms and budget


Sourcing appropriate materials for your mobile app development project


Decide between a full-time internal team, freelancers or outsourcing company


Contact the selected company/individuals and conduct interviews, negotiate to hire mobile app developers in Vietnam


Consider all of your options and decide on a deadline


Sign agreements/contracts and implement projects

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