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For the last ten years, Saigon Technology has stood out among its numerous software development rivals because we have earned the confidence of hundreds of businesses in more than 20 various industries:
  • • Angular developers have a minimum of ten years of expertise in their field.
  • • More than 900 projects, covering a wide range of specialist subject areas of expertise.
  • • Our software development facilities may be found in both Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, which are respectively regarded as the most populated cities in Vietnam.
  • • Methods for managing quality and data security that have been certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001, respectively.
  • • We are available at any given moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • • If you are looking to hire Angular developers, we are prepared to begin working on a project within one to five days after receiving information from you.
  • • The Certification of Excellence in IT Outsourcing award was granted to Saigon Technology by the Vietnam Software Association in May of 2019.
  • • Compared to their peers in Singapore and Hong Kong, software developers in Vietnam earn anywhere from 40% to 60% less per hour. Consequently, it is fair to presume that employing a workforce, particularly to hire Angular developers, with costs that are competitive for IT outsourcing is a very cost-effective solution.


Kiet Truong - Angular Developer

Kiet Truong

Angular Developer



• 5 years of experience in the software development environment, especially for web and cross-platform mobile applications..

• Programming Languages: Javascript ES6+, Typescript, Angular 6+ , .NET.

Advanced experience in:

  • Angular 6+.
  • ReactJS, and redux middlewares such as Redux-Thunk, Redux-Observables.
  • State Management with Ngrx.
  • Reactive programming with Rxjs.
  • RESTFul API.
  • Agile Scrum.

• Basic knowledge in:

  • NodeJS, ExpressJS.
  • Hybrid mobile app: Ionic 3+.
  • VueJS

• Programming Tools: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Git, Webpack, NPM, Yarn, TFS, Jira, Trello, Slack.


Major projects

Colonial Surety / Frontend Developer_US


  • • Colonial Surety Company is a leading, national, direct seller and writer of surety bonds, fidelity bonds, and insurance products for a wide range of professionals and industries in the US. They provide a digital platform that their users including agents and end-users can apply to purchase insurance and bond products. The platform provides many features to manage its policies, endorsements, clients, and commission.
  • • Get transfer business logic from the team BA.
  • • Maintain and extend the UI team.
  • • Cooperate with the API team, QA team, DevOps team.
  • • Analyze requirements and design files.

Technologies: Angular 13, AWS.

MOE Project / Frontend Developer


  • • Join meetings with the team to estimate tasks.
  • • Implement new features and fix bugs.
  • • Be primarily responsible for the Front-End side of the team, and also support the Back-End team.
  • • Support other teams in the project to release the packages.
  • • Some features: Form builder using SurveyJs, Video annotation using VideoJs, Making microservices communication using messaging broker RabbitMQ, Players for Mobile webview,...

Technologies: Angular 8, .NET Core, MSSQL, Microservices, CQRS, HTML, SCSS.

BravoTalents / Frontend Developer


  • • Work directly with Scrum Master to clarify requirements and estimate tasks.
  • • Be responsible for implementing both Front-End and Back-End.
  • • Investigate and fix bugs for the current system before releasing packages.
  • • Research new technologies and get hands-on skills in .NET Core and Angular.
  • • Some features: Building APIs, Integrating Angular app to APIs with NGRX store, Making microservices communication using messaging broker RabbitMQ.

Technologies: Angular 6, .NET Core, MongoDB, NGRX Store, Microservices, CQRS, HTML, SCSS.



HCM University Of Industry/ Software Engineer

Ho Chi Minh City


I have worked with Thanh (Bruce) Pham on several projects and I admire his professionalism and his dedication to delivering high-quality work. He is responsive when answering emails and calls, as well as making sure that work always gets done on time. I am glad to be working with him and hope to continue working with him.

Mr. RJ Macasaet
Head of Partnership – DMI Global
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client increased their user base by 30% and the number of bookings by 25% within three months. They also received positive acclaim from end customers. The app gained over 4.8 stars on the app stores. The service provider's knowledge and timeliness were commendable.

Angelo Adams
President - Zipcar Car Sharing Company
Star Star Star Star Star

I would recommend companies to work with Saigon Technology for their Software development or service needs. The project team is very responsible for their work and would recommend solutions in the interest of the client. The team also responds very quickly to requests, bugs, and questions. One exceptional quality of Saigon Technology was their patience for clients. There were several times when we were slow to respond or test our apps but the project team was still very accommodating towards us.

Jeremy Heng
Development Manager - Rehau Group PTE
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client witnessed a substantial boost in customer engagement and retention. They also experienced a rise in app downloads and active users. The service provider ensured exemplary project management. Their communication, dedication, and empathy were commendable.

Anthony Casalena
CEO - Squarespace
Star Star Star Star Star

The client successfully automated many processes. As a result, their operation became more efficient and streamlined. The team's project management approach was excellent. Their resources consistently delivered tasks on time without compromising their output's quality.

Richard Sæther
Owner - RST Logistics AS
Star Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology Solutions works efficiently and professionally. They’re always responsive and can be flexible. When needed, the team is willing to work extra hours to ensure a successful outcome.

Srihari Akiri
Solutions Architect - Federal Solutions Company
Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology delivered an app with minimal glitches and technical issues, resulting in a smooth UX and positive user feedback. The team met key milestones and deliverables on time and provided valuable insights and recommendations. Their understanding of the industry was remarkable.

Jade Castro
General Manager - Crunch Fitness
Star Star Star Star Star



Project overview: On the cryptocurrency exchange website known as Baibai, users can purchase and sell Bitcoin as well as a variety of other cryptocurrencies. On top of being a practical marketplace solution, Baibai provides an exceptional degree of safety for its users.

Existing Challenges

Reach the client's goal:

  • • Every second there are 1.000.000 new visitors.
  • • There are now 2,500 people logged onto their accounts.
  • • There are 10 transactions every second.
  • • All sites must load in less than 5 seconds, and all actions must be completed in less than 3 seconds.
  • • Mobile, desktop, tablet, and all browser UI/UX design must be the same across all platforms (UC browser, for example).
  • • Bitcoin network and cryptocurrency trade are important concepts to grasp.
  • • The website of a client has undergone a makeover to better reflect their new identity.
  • •Deadline is a great shot, but the quality must be up to standard.
  • •Some Google services are restricted in China by the government.
  • •All Amazon cloud services have to be researched and configured.
  • •Several threads on different servers utilize the same data to change or get data.
Our Responsibilities

To hire Angular developers, for this client, Saigon Technology delivered a long-term team of talents. A core group of critical Angular developers was then constituted with the client's approval.

  • • Help a team in China with their coin service via a remote collaboration.
  • • Develop a microservice-based solution.
  • • Lazy loading is possible thanks to the separation of the program into modules.
  • • Improve code, reorganize components and databases using best practices, and refactor when necessary.
  • • Speed up the read side, and move all of the necessary data to a Redis cache cluster.
  • • Utilize RabbitMQ to increase write-side throughput.
  • • Research and investigate Services like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, Coin, and the Bitcoin network.
  • • Utilize the SCRUM paradigm and the YouTrack application to keep tabs on each job, member, sprint, and deadline.
  • • After 2 seconds of storing data in Memcache or Redis cache, run a background task to gather and analyze the data.
  • • Use a service that works well in China instead of this one.
Our Technologies Applied:

• ASP.NET core 2.1

• Amazon cloud service

(RDS, Multi deployment A-Z, Docker)

• Load balancing

• Scalable system

• Microservices

• Angular 5

• Zendesk integration

• SQL server

• Database cluster

• SignalR

• Multi thread

• YouTrack


Talk Directly to a Member of Our Angular Developer Team

YBy hiring the services of a Saigon Technology Executive of Engineering, you can get a deeper comprehension of your business and evaluate the practicability of the project's objectives.

Utilize the Expertise of a Handful of Qualified Professionals

Consequently, the recruiting process of Angular developers at Saigon Technology is highly valued, including the evaluation of resumes and the interviewing of potential members. If you need from a junior Angular developer to a senior one quickly, let us know and we'll arrange for someone to come on board. Typically, a match lasts little more than two days in most situations.

It's Always Easy to Find the Right Fit

Your working style and professional talents will be in sync with ours, and we don't simply promise that. Before beginning full-time work with you, a well-respected Angular developer will enable you to test their skills for free. To decrease time-to-market as much as possible, our team will proceed to obtain the match of the client internal team and Angular team from Saigon Technology as soon as the cooperation agreement is established; we will also kickstart the project in three to five working days.

Pay Attention, and Act in the Appropriate Manner

We are glad to say that the accomplishment of our goals and the contentment of our clients are at the very top of the priority list since we are fully confident in the core principle of Customer Focus. Because there are hundreds of different options available, it is a privilege for us at Saigon Technology to be of service to our clients - to hire Angular developers - and to be by their side.

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