Top 6 Reasons Why Web Development Getting Better Thanks to Agile

Top 6 Reasons Why Web Development getting better thanks to Agile

The era of technology has been developing at a tremendous speed, with thousands of technology software products being born every year. Accordingly, not only ordinary businesses must strive to promote digitalization, but also software-technology businesses are constantly striving to find the fastest and most effective software development method... The whole world is constantly searching for the best solutions to bring humanity to a more modern era.

Multiple times that have we known about Waterfall and Agile are the most prevalent methodologies to date. While Waterfall was the medium that first came to mind in the previous decades, Agile has become the most applicable one.

Since then, why is Agile methodology so applicable - especially to Web App Development? Here are the top 6 reasons that Saigon Technology believes will help you have a better overview of this topic.

The prerequisite differences between the two approaches: Agile and Waterfall

The Prerequisite Differences Between the Two Approaches: Agile and Waterfall

When it comes to Waterfall, everyone must immediately think that it is easy-to-understand and extremely suitable for small-scale projects; when it comes to Agile, the first thing that comes to people's mind is to take the clients first - as the first and foremost priority.

In terms of Project Scope

Waterfall performs well for a well-defined project in terms of the scope the team will go, with a limited number of changes and modifications to the product. This method is often applied to teams with a small number of engineer members, small-scale projects, simple products.

Agile is again used for projects with well-defined scopes and with a decisive project manager. Obviously, Agile methodology is suitable for large-scale projects and requires a focal point to easily make final decisions, review work, and bridge communication between clients and dedicated team members.

In terms of Product feasibility

The waterfall is, again, independent of the product's feasibility. Technical development is still being carried out and not paying too much attention to the future performance of the product is well received or not.

As for Agile, this method brings usability to the fore, the team will carefully consider the steps to take in order for the final product to have the best functionality, feasibility, and design through many stages of repeated discussion.

In terms of flexibility throughout the project

One mistake is not back - this is what Waterfall methodology can fully describe. Arguably, it will be difficult to go back to editing if any previous phase failure occurs.

In contrast to Waterfall, thanks to regular exchange and review between dedicated team and client; With non-stop updating, Agile methodology easily fixes and corrects errors quickly and accurately.

Agile methodology: 6 reasons why we apply it to web development projects

Top 6 Reasons Why Web Development Getting Better Thanks To Agile

Owing to its high practicality and less theory, 2017 marked the year that Agile was believable for use as software solutions among 89% of businesses. Now that Agile methodology has been popular to date, thanks to the key reasons:

Key to success: Communication

Realizing that client input is extremely important, Agile methodology provides clients and software development teams with more time to exchange ideas with each other, even at each stage of the project. Thanks to this effective mutual support, web developers can put their vision in the position of clients to understand their ideas in a much better way, which is the key to providing exactly what clients need.

Strengthened transparency

Agile is also valued in part by the transparency that both clients and software developers enjoy. In particular, the parties will have the opportunity to participate in many meetings, from which to make decisions based on results at each step of the project. To Agile, clients play an active role along the way, from the conceptual stage to research and discovery, to regular review meetings and new releases... Since then, transparency, trust, and cooperation between the parties involved are enhanced day by day.

Faster time-to-market

“Trade market is also the battlefield”. The meaning of this saying also means that, if your web product launches late, the more you lose the opportunity to conquer consumers – and surely your competitors will be the most profitable if you delay your business. When you partner with a web development outsourcing company that adheres to Agile methodology for developing web applications, you stand to gain significantly in terms of efficiency and time management. In short, Agile produces predictable, early delivery products, reducing time to market and thus tangible business value to clients.

Risk management enhanced

You can also understand Agile as a great way to "limit risk". Because, by listening and receiving feedback from clients constantly, Agile reduces the risk of creating an incorrect product according to the clients, many ridiculous or worse is a useless product. The client and the software development team meet several times, with feedback procedures being repeated throughout the project implementation process. From a client's perspective, this also means that you can cut losses early if you realize the project has little or no market value or not enough user demand.

Increased resilience to change

Recalling a bit about Waterfall methodology, this model is regarded as the traditional software development strategy where the project is divided into unique stages or events that have to be completed sequentially. With this non-iterative design process, the software isn’t ready for release until it has linearly passed through all the stages. The phrase "Waterfall" is understood completely naturally in the viewpoint of the top-down direction. Hence, in the Waterfall model, you are forbidden to go back to the previous step since you are only allowed to go downstream. Therefore, the only way to go back to the beginning is to complete the entire development cycle first.

Meanwhile, Agile welcomes continuous change to create a product that is most suitable for users. All parties have opportunities to introduce changes along the way, rearrange old items and expect deliveries within days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Improving the quality of the final product

With Agile, more focus on the actual needs of clients means more success. Then, combining feedback from fake reviews and usability while continually testing new features means that expected mismatches are detected early and critical errors are fixed timely.



Realizing the flexibility and timeliness of Agile methodology, Saigon Technology is constantly striving to consider and apply it in all its projects, especially for web development projects. Web development is not just about creating websites or applications, it includes support and maintenance after closing a project, as well as regular product updates and quality control.

Saigon Technology always recommends the Agile method before starting a custom web development project. However, depending on the nature of the project - the output, we will also propose another approach for the clients to consider more easily: DevOps.

At Saigon Technology, with more than 10 years of experience in various international projects, achieving many achievements in the field of Software outsourcing to all continents around the world, we are always confident to bring good services for the clients, whatever their needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us today to get a free quote and get the best service price in 2021!

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