Top 6 Factors Creating Effective Custom Software


Once you have embarked on something, you always want it to be successful. You put a lot of hope, money, and effort into creating a quality end result that meets your original requirements, and the software product is no exception!

A successful custom software development in the end always has to go through many different steps, stages, and methods. And to create a perfect software product, we always need the impact from both sides: customers & software development experts. The following top 6 factors will help shape or create effective software development.

A Close View 

The process of building, design, deployment, and maintenance of software for a certain number of users, functions, or organizations is called customized software development. Because each brand-business has its own color, personality, business goals, potential customers, target users, etc., we can also understand that custom software is built for a certain number of purposes.

And of course, no other company's software product is the same, such as the manufacturer's field service maintenance equipment program or - an online healthcare application customized for the medical center and its users’ particular needs. Unlike common off-the-shelf software, such software is particularly tailored to the demands of the intended customers.

When it comes to application modification, modernization, or management, frequently concentrated and distinctive efforts are made in software development. Note the following meanings to better comprehend this terminology:

  • Modernization of applications - practices for adopting and updating current technology to modern standards
  • Customization of applications - the idea of changing COTS applications towards individual demands with respect to bespoke software development
  • Software optimization for support activities such as installation, upgrading, and other maintenance service desk functions

1. Understand what you need – Know what target users want

How is your software going to assist you to service your clients? Regardless of whether you use it internally or externally, your industry knowledge will contribute to growth. A clear, common picture of what the software needs to accomplish is crucial to the results of cooperation. Determining this will contribute to clarifying particular goals and to defining your investment in software development.

On the other hand, target users are also an extremely important factor. Because you're building this very software for your customers. Understand customers first, and research their requirements to find the best solution for a sustainable business solution. Implement a few small surveys to understand more about customers, and list the items to focus on to win customers' hearts.

2. Build the Proper Strategy

Knowing yourself and the developer and communication skills are crucial to success. If you outsource without clearly outlining the business goals of the firm, difficulties will have to be implemented. Forming process databases or code that must be observed; explaining the procedures integrated by the company; introducing those intimately involved in the software process. It is easier to get on with the strategy when all the important elements are properly stated.

However, to build the right strategy, you need to consider many things, especially the requirements and documentation section:

  • Why do you require modernization
  • Why do you wish to be designed
  • What are your existing procedures 

3. Set the Right Time

The finest objectives are measured in time. Expert software developers take considerable time to grasp your vision, the goals of your organization, your growth strategy, and the problem of the firm so that you may respond to your requirements in realistic time frames with well-developed solutions. Rushed or inappropriate completion deadlines may influence the development and final outflow process. Research, as well as review for further development, should be covered in the schedule.

4. Appropriate Development Methodologies

Methodologies for development to take into account:

  • Agile development breaks down requirements and swiftly performs them through incremental development. A feedback loop helps you identify and correct issues while continuing to implement functions.
  • DevOps is a development and operational mix. It is an agile strategy that brings together the development, development, deployment, and maintenance of software and IT operations.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a nonlinear technique that condenses design and code structure into one interconnected phase.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAF) gives a mechanism for a bigger company, including a worldwide development team, to scale agile methodology.

5. Select the appropriate Developer team

Choose a contractual team or dedicate your software solution development to an offshore development team that best matches your company's demands to identify the notion described previously. Due to its cheap cost, efficient and product knowledge, it is in keeping with your budget, because your in-house engineering team will not spend precious time researching and developing your instrument.

When you have chosen, be aware that the developer will have to submit its model of work, timetables and estimates, project management and delivery, communication methods, and all the documents needed.

6. Estimated cost

Current hardware capabilities are considered by tailored software, which helps you save money and avoid further expenditures. Customized software is designed so that you don't have to adjust to what you have. A price that is clearly estimated from the beginning, based on the capabilities, resources, and requirements to come to a final cost decision will also be a plus. In order to make software deployment as easy as possible, bespoke software development and integration should take into account every element of your organization.

Build Your Own Custom Software

Saigon Technology uses a personalized approach to the clients and takes time to explore their company needs, to develop software that satisfies all their needs. Make a proper investment from the start in order to avoid undesirable scenarios in your business and customer service. To support you, Saigon Technology is always here!

It is feasible to claim that Saigon Technology now has over 400 dedicated and skilled development experts. For many consecutive years, Saigon Technology has been delighted to include its name on the list of the 15 best software companies in Vietnam and has relied on several U.S., Canadian, French and Australian clients, and many other key projects in various ways.

Saigon Technology is not by chance designated as one of the 15 largest national firms. Clearly, the ability to adapt to a variety of projects in many intriguing industries such as e-commerce, health, finance, and logistics is evident. A wide range of language programming is a smooth development team. In the years ahead, for example, Saigon Technologies will definitely provide competitive pricing and excellent service to most of your ideas or projects, including ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, iOS, and Android/Respond Native.

Just provide some brief details about the project's early concepts here to get a free quote for 2021 today!

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