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If you are looking for software outsourcing companies, you can come across talented businesses in powerhouses such as the United States and famous technology countries in Europe. However, when it comes to working with external members, we are more likely to think of entire continents or regions rather than specific businesses. 

This is our own blog, but Saigon Technology is certified by Software Outsourcing Journal as a leading software outsourcing company worldwide. Therefore, we believe that we deserve a position in this ranking. The "tech center" of Asia is home to many of the world's top software outsourcing companies today. Following are the 10 best firms in the young and skilled region in 2022.

Partnering with Prominent Asian Countries

China, the Philippines, and Vietnam continue to be Asia's top cities of outsourcing software development, according to Tholons' most recent list of the top 100 cities. Listed below are the top places that provide the greatest software development services.


Technology and software development are thriving in Vietnam, despite the country's relatively short history of exporting IT services (20 years). The Global Services Location Index 201 ranked the Asian-Pacific country as the best location for software services. 

With a five-place jump, Vietnam has become competitive enough to host multinational corporations like IBM, Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, and Nokia, all of which have set up shops in the country. Vietnam's best software outsourcing companies are widely recognized for two main reasons: low costs and a talented pool of youthful engineers.


A high number of low-cost software developers and programmers may be found, making it a popular destination. The urban population is also highly educated and semi-skilled in forthcoming technological areas, making $15/hour a bargain.

Also, since they have long-standing expertise in providing IT services, government agencies have begun to recognize the expansion of the IT outsourcing business by providing incentives where they can. While the country is known for its thriving IT scene, many young people are turning to learning sophisticated programming skills.

The Philippines

Software developers charge a fifth of the price of their western counterparts, and they can look back on a combined experience in the onshore and offshore sectors of more than two decades. The outsourced software development industry has also experienced a silent transformation to satisfy the needs of emerging sectors.

Culturally, the country resembles several western nations while possessing the third-largest English-speaking population in the globe. A strong university system and a literacy rate of 94% in English have produced over 30,000 IT and other technical, specialized graduates.

Top 10 Software Outsourcing Companies

Needless to say, Asia is a prominent name to outsource IT projects because of its low labor prices and high-quality requirements. Moreover, thanks to the professional workforce, it is possible to locate personnel who can communicate effectively in English. Here are the 10 top software outsourcing companies that might support your project. 

1. Nashtech

NashTech and Nash Squared teams possess a combined experience of hundreds of successful initiatives for a broad range of sectors and customer groups. Nashtech is a trusted name in technology in many countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, and France.

Clients who outsource their software development to an agency that promotes innovation and flexibility among its employees in the face of globalization are more likely to view that company favorably.


  • Business process
  • Application management
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital monitoring
  • Cloud migration
  • Software solution consulting

2. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology has been established for a long time and is one of the best software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, with many clients from the United States, Canada, and Australia... as well as several important projects and many brands. The current success of Saigon Technology may be attributed mostly to its team of 400+ devoted and competent developers.

An important part of making this firm a leading Vietnam software development outsourcing company is also because it is ranked highly in the list of 15 Best Software Companies in Vietnam by the Vietnam Software Association, along with prestigious international certifications such as ISO27001, ISO9001, and Certificate of Excellence in IT Development Outsourcing by the Vietnam Software Association in May 2019.


3. TechTIQ Solutions

TechTIQ Solutions, aims to provide firms with cost-effective digital solutions that help them better interact with customers and grow their businesses in the digital world. Consultancy services, project demands for digital transformation, and monitoring and delivery of solutions that have been carefully implemented to improve customer satisfaction are all provided by this well-known organization.

As a trusted outsourcing software development firm, during the process of establishing its brand, TechTIQ received numerous orders from top national businesses in the United States, Germany, and Singapore. The company adhered to service principles such as firmly ensuring product quality, enhancing integrity, and focusing on cybersecurity.


4. Pixel Crayons

Since its beginning in 2004, Pixel Crayons has serviced more than 6,800 clients from 38 countries. This company has an impressive staff of more than 450 bright and dedicated professionals including designers and developers for user experience and user interfaces (UX/UI), business analysts, and architects.


  • Dedicated Software Development Team
  • IT Staff Augmentation Services
  • Offshore Software Development Services
  • Hire Developers

5. STS Software GmbH

STS Software GmbH is a Swiss-based software contracting company with a staff of 350+ dynamic developers. The combination of expertise from the top 1% of Vietnam and an expert team from Switzerland distinguishes STS Software GmbH. 

And, with comments and in-depth reviews from management to the technical team, the company has laid the groundwork for producing high-quality products as well as managing and responding to requests from 900+ clients globally. It is these things that have helped the firm become the top software outsourcing company in Vietnam.


  • AI & ML development
  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Custom software development
  • Hire Software Developers
  • Software Product Development

6. ODS Group

The ODS Group was established to assist businesses in the United States in finding qualified developers for their projects. Holding the position of top software development company in Australia, even though ODS Group has a huge pool of talented developers to choose from, the firm has always taken care to only hire the most qualified individuals for its projects. Now that ODS Group has developed its approach over time and has a track record of winning projects, firms in Australia and New Zealand may benefit from "instant" developer experience.


  • App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Offshore Software Development
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Machine Learning & AI Development

7. NetCompany

Netcompany is a major software company established in Vietnam. With its staff of 200+ competent software engineers in 2 locations (Hochiminh, and Danang), the firm has delivered 140+ projects for over 35 clients globally. Overall, NetCompany takes pleasure in giving customers happiness via cost-effective and high-quality software solutions.


  • Digital web- and self-service solutions
  • Application Development
  • Cognitive Computing
  • E-commerce and PIM
  • ERP
  • CRM and Marketing
  • Application Management
  • Case and document management
  • Operation and Infrastructure
  • Data and Insight
  • Apps and Mobile
  • Organizational Implementation

8. Tatvasoft

Microsoft .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Angular, and React Mobile Apps are all part of Tatvasoft’s technology stack. Over 900 IT specialists work for this organization, which has been in business for 19 years. Ranked in the top 10 software outsourcing companies, Tatvasoft has worked with more than 2000 customers throughout this period.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Software Product Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Software Testing & QA 
  • UX/UI Design

9. Icreon

Another popular candidate is Icreon. This software development business was established in 2000. With over 350 professionals on staff, the company collaborates with NGOs, organizations, and mid-market businesses.


  • Digital Product Development
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Digital E-commerce

10. KMS Technology

Another top software outsourcing company in Vietnam, also a multinational development and testing firm - KMS Technologies, provides services to both large and small enterprises throughout the globe. KMS is home to Atlanta, Georgia, a city in the US with headquarters in California and Vietnam. They have a wide range of services to choose from. Development of mobile phones, cloud migration, and the creation of new software are some of the services offered by these companies.


  • Software Development Services
  • Consulting Services


The list above is about the top software outsourcing companies. These businesses are selected not only for their scale, but also for their team's ability and work ethic. Of course, there will be a number of factors that your business considers in its search for the best software outsourcing company.

Refer attentively, not just to their recommendations but also to the independent evaluations of former clients. It's also a good idea to look at examples of previously completed projects that were effective.

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