The Importance of DevSecOps in Custom Software


DevSecOps – short for development-security-operations, is a name that has just emerged and gained popularity in recent years. If in the past we used to know DevOps as a common approach, now, a new factor has been added to further strengthen the sustainability of software products, which is the "security" factor.

Cybersecurity is still the top concern of mankind today and is a key factor determining the long-term success of a project/product/or a company's business career. Thus, DevSecOps has appeared and reinforced security in every phase of the software development lifecycle, not as a small step as before.

Then, how and why the importance of DevSecOps in custom software development is demonstrated. Let's read through this article to get the answer.

DevSecOps And Comments About It

DevSecOps is a method of software security and development. DevSecOps introduces security upfront in the SDLC cycle, which enables teams to handle security problems as quickly as they usually would address development concerns.

In the past, the role of security would often be isolated to a specific team during the final development phase of the project. The previous development cycle usually lasted for a considerable amount of time (more than 6 months or even several years). But those days are over. Today, DevOps is seen as effective and must ensure rapid and frequent development cycles (sometimes weeks or days), but outdated security methods can undo even effective DevOps initiatives most effective.

As such, DevSecOps encourages security teams and development partners to consider establishing information security and planning a secure automation strategy from the outset of DevOps efforts. It also highlights the need to assist developers in securing code by providing visibility, feedback, and insight into risks familiar to security teams.

By developing security as code, DevSecOps founders strive to create great products and services when they reach customers, deliver insights directly to developers, and often prioritize iteration over trying to always give the best answer before implementation. With DevSecOps, security is delivered and passed on to developers and compliance to be used as a service, unlocking new avenues to help others see their ideas come to life.

Prominent security tools of DevSecOps

You may use a number of application security technologies to accomplish DevSecOps with less friction (AST). The four primary AST categories are as follows:

Software composition analysis tools (SCA)

In the case of open source and other third-party components, SCA tools are used to identify vulnerabilities and license concerns.

Interactive application security testing tools (IAST)

IAST tools have the responsibility to evaluate web application runtime and detect faults.

Static application security testing tools (SAST)

SAST tools are used to scan code and detect flaws that might lead to vulnerabilities and software problems.

Dynamic application security testing tools (DAST)

DAST tools interact in a high-precision way with software and identify vulnerabilities.

Why is DevSecOps Important?

If we have to mention the importance of DevSecOps, its benefits should not be overlooked. Of course, software experts when applying it also have had a lot of time to consider and analyze to find the best and safest solution with the following three main advantages:

  •  Lowering of costs

Problems that arise after the product is nearly complete and ready to go live will often greatly affect the process. The cost of labor is only a small part of the repair work. In addition, the problem of time-consuming – slow customer service… is also a big reason for the loss of revenue that your business should have received if the software development is available on time. It can be said that in the early development phases, the detection and correction of mistakes and vulnerabilities greatly decrease the project's operating costs.

  •  Accessing quicker software

Correction of code and security vulnerabilities can take time and cost. DevSecOps' quick, safe delivery saves time by eliminating the need to repeat the procedure after the fact to tackle security problems. In non-DevSecOps environments, the software may lead to large pauses in security concerns.

As integrated security reduces duplicate reviews and needless reconstruction, and results in more secure Code, this is becoming more efficient and cost-effectively. The quick delivery of products leads when teams detect and address defects and security problems as they occur.

  • Proactively set up prompt security shield

The code is examined, audited, scanned, and tested for safety problems throughout the development cycle. These problems are resolved after they have been recognized. From the start of the software development cycle, DevSecOps introduces cybersecurity practices. Before further dependencies are established, security concerns are solved. 

When protection technologies can be discovered and applied early in the cycle, security problems become less costly to address. In addition, improved cooperation across development, security, and operational teams enhances the responsiveness of an organization to impacts and problems when they happen.

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