Saigon Technology to be awarded the Application Development Gold Partnership of Microsoft

Saigon Technology to be awarded the Application Development Gold Partnership of Microsoft

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Mr. Thanh (Bruce) Pham - CEO of Saigon Technology shared, “This is not just a title. For me and the Saigon Technology team, Application Development Gold Partnership of Microsoft also means that Saigon Technology's employees are recognized as Microsoft Certified Experts - with high competencies, expertise and related skills in specific areas. Therefore, Saigon Technology team is proved to be over capable of undertaking and effectively handling software development projects, thereby bringing hundreds of excellent technology products to the world ”.

To promote rapid and equitable capacity development across its network of partners, Microsoft offers three types of membership: Network, Action Packs, and Competency. In which, the Competency package is branched into two other memberships, including Silver and Gold.


Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Application Development Partner is really not an easy matter. The rigorous competency requirements have demonstrated Microsoft's thoroughness in selecting partners and classifying technology organizations.

First of all, an organization must join the Microsoft Partner Network, after being considered for membership, the organization must meet certain of the following requirements in order to reach the title Gold Partnership of Microsoft:

  1. At least 5 client referrals submitted
  2. Sales and certification required
  3. 120 required partner points earned
  4. The gold capacity fee paid


About Three Microsoft Membership Packages

Silver and Gold membership

For Microsoft Silver and Gold membership, organizations with a proven track record and that have passed the eligibility tests will be able to receive rewards in the form of discounts for services and the tools that you need to support your business.

In addition, some of the other benefits of being a Gold member are that your organization can also access Microsoft utilities, toolkits, news, and updates; and participate in Microsoft's continuing education programs at a discount - or even for free. Best of all, you also get access to Microsoft's dedicated 24-hour support team.

Microsoft Action Pack

At a lower stage, Silver & Gold membership is the Microsoft Action Pack. While not as many benefits and benefits as a Silver & Gold Membership, it also comes with a lot of benefits, such as many tools and utilities - more than a regular Partner Network membership by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Action Pack gives you access to developer tools, support, training, and software. Furthermore, this package will allow your team to learn valuable skills that will qualify you for a partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft Partner Network membership

If you are not already a Microsoft partner, you can begin your journey towards higher professional titles by joining the Microsoft Partner Network. This is an entry-level membership, offering you access to Microsoft's core internal usage rights benefits.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you'll be provided with the minimal software, support, and benefits you need to start building your Microsoft practice in the cloud. These advantages will save you the most time, money and effort. Plus, by joining this strong community, you will also have additional opportunities to improve your skills and build lasting customer relationships.


Scope of Expertise Required for Gold Partnership of Microsoft

To determine or measure the performance of an organization, Microsoft will target KPIs for performance. Hence, Microsoft can see which organization has the right capacity to become its partner; or conduct an appropriate partnership classification. The different areas in which you can demonstrate your competencies are:

  1. Cloud infrastructure and facilities
  2. Data collection, management and analysis
  3. Application to do business in the cloud
  4. Managing customer relationships in the cloud
  5. Productivity and data scaling in the cloud
  6. Application development and ISV
  7. Enterprise resource planning
  8. Manage enterprise mobility, Windows and devices
  9. Small mid-range cloud solution
  10. Collaboration and content
  11. Communication and messaging
  12. Product and portfolio management



"However, this title is also part of our pressure" - Mr. Thanh added, “Because, on the road ahead, we will have to work much harder than it is now. But I believe that the amazing staff of Saigon Technology will always maintain a high working level, constantly learning and developing themselves in the upcoming technology boom. Our vision for the next 5 years is to affirm our brand in the market of international talents; at the same time rise to become a name for strong software development in Vietnam”.


About Saigon Technology

With nearly a decade of establishment and development with the world information technology industry in general and in Vietnam in particular, Saigon Technology has been holding a high position in the list of 15 best software companies in Vietnam. With the motto of customer service: "Your mission is our success", more than 100 highly skilled and knowledgeable staff of Saigon Technology always make every effort to bring the best products to customers.

Service fields of Saigon Technology range from finance, healthcare, banking, home appliances ... to trending e-Commerce and m-Commerce, for programming languages such as ASP.NET, .NET Core, Angular, NodeJS, React JS, Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Android / React Native to name a few.


As a Leading Vietnam Software Development Outsourcing Company, we dedicate to your success by following our philosophy:


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