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The software application has now become a discipline of professional work based on the rather high demand of market overview around the world; therefore, offshore software development has also been on the rise. In the midst of the current trend of digital transformation, businesses have also gradually changed their habits of approaching and serving customers, and then looking to software development outsourcing services to get software products for business and customer service and exploit the market more effectively.

Therefore, the software industry worldwide has been also witnessing growth with many different types of software development such as Mobile development, Web development, Application development... with typical examples and many more to know in this article.

Software technology has crept into each of us so naturally that we cannot really remember how technology came about and how it changed our way of life. In fact, the demand for this industry is expanding day by day, with many job opportunities and career development itself. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 25.6% job growth for software developers between 2018 and 2028. During that period, experts have also estimated that there would be 241,500 opened.

7 Types of popular Software development

There are many types of software development, but the following are also popular and popular software development today:

Web development

Nowadays, web development is booming thanks to the emergence of new web technology trends and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which make a website more useful to combine many other services & features.

More than just a simple URL anymore, today's web applications have reached a new level with natural smoothness, graphics and layouts that pamper the user. Therefore, the knowledge area of software developers is required to update more diversely with various types of programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, Django, C / C ++, ASP.NET, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Mobile development

A decade ago - we are still holding monochrome screen phones with simple functions such as listening, calling, texting ... Even manipulating photos and videos, or searching for navigation, playing games ... at that time were still luxury things on a cell phone that was only manufactured with the right function "listen & call".

However, after 10 years of non-stop development, today, ‘application development’ on the smartphone platform has become a discipline, a completely new and potential research field. Most popular operating systems such as iOS, Android and more recently Windows 10 have built their own specific programming languages such as Android, Objective C, Swift, Kotlin ...

Data Science

You have got in hand a data set of essential information but too much and too huge to analyze and selectively use. That is exactly the time when data scientists use their professional techniques such as applying mining analysis skills and processing countless small pieces of data in order to maximize the support.

In fact, AI applications really need this immense 'world of information to 'learn', to 'acquire knowledge and then to make their ‘rational decisions'. When deciding to specialize in Data Science, you need to know some programming languages like C / C ++, MATLAB, Python...

Cloud computing service

Today, local storage is slowly being replaced by cloud storage - for its compactness and usability. In recent years, the popularity of cloud computing is increasingly dominating the information storage landscape.

Cloud computing uses remote servers to store and manage data, instead of local servers - prone to failure and loss. Among 'cloud' service providers, the most prominent are public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interfaces are known as scalable product build tactics. Operational programs are designed and built to work on various operating systems, electronic devices, mobile devices, and web platforms. Then, Developers will lay the foundation of standard procedures, tools, interaction methods, or database access rules ... that other applications can use for that API.

Embedded system development

The development of embedded systems has really reached its peak with the rapid growth of the Internet of Things in every corner of human life. This type of software development also requires coding skills needed for specific embedded systems like Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos, etc.

Back-end development

To ensure that the front-end still works well, the activities that take place at the 'back-end' stage need to be prepared and refined.

A website is where data is stored usually consists of three parts: the server, the application, and the database. In particular, the Back-end, or "server-side", needs to be thoroughly understood and developed with the database, language, and programming architecture. As the 'backbone' of the data system, ‘database management’ is seen as a key aspect of back-end development.

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