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Today, there are many components involved in planning and building a successful software product. The most important tool helps in syncing your product teams. This involves using your product strategy to build a product through prioritization, designing/prototyping, testing, and deploying it into the market.

This article looks at best software product development life cycle and evaluates what they do.


1. Wrike

Wrike is a work management platform that provides your team with full control and visibility over your project and all the tasks. The platform is fully customizable, which allows you to set it in a way that suits your organization's needs. In addition, it features team-specific automation, custom workflows, and dashboards. This helps streamline processes, making it the best product development software for scaling.

With the versatility, the software allows the leadership to stay in the loop with what is happening on the ground. This helps mitigate potential risks that would cause some tasks to fall through the cracks. Wrike eliminates the need for copious check-ins, endless email threads, and unnecessary meetings by allowing real-time notifications and commenting. It also allows you and the members to prepare dynamic reports, live editing, and much more. Thus, any important information can be shared with all the stakeholders easily and at any time.


2. Airfocus

This is another important tool in software product development today. It helps build outstanding software products with clear roadmaps and powerful prioritization. Thus, it makes it easy to prepare a product strategy. Airfocus is a well-designed tool that provides great flexibility of the items and groups to understand architectures.

The tool helps in the prioritization of tasks, which prevents some activities from falling through the cracks. With Airfocus, you can easily decide what to develop next confidently as it helps you make informed decisions. This is based on a standardized prioritization framework rather than relying on subjective guesswork. The program enables you to visualize the importance of each feature and initiative, which allows you to focus on the most important products to build. This allows you to make high-impact tradeoff decisions and prioritization.

Besides, Airfocus enables you to create clear and powerful roadmaps within a short time. It eliminates the need for complicated slide decks and spreadsheets. With the tool, you can easily share roadmaps to various team members instantly and update them in real-time.

Airfocus allows you to build better products faster by improving the collaboration on strategy. It also offers ready-to-use templates built on proven road mapping and prioritization methods and is also fully customizable.


3. Monday

Monday is a top tool that offers plenty of benefits to any highly effective team. Thus, many software development companies are now turning to this software to help manage their teams. The software is suitable for both simple and complex projects. With the project management tool, you can plan, execute and keep track of any projects. It allows you to assign tasks easily and prioritize them based on their importance to your team. Besides, you can also set project milestones, dependencies, and timelines. Thus, the project management tool enables you to manage your team's entire workload in one platform.

Monday allows your employees and workers to collaborate seamlessly across various departments and teams. This enables the leadership and other stakeholders to keep track of the progress of your project. Thus, the management tool ensures that everyone is aligned with the development process.

The platform is also flexible and fully customizable to suit any workflow. Therefore, it is advisable to shape your workflow for any process, project, customer, or department in a way that fits how your team works.


4. Kanbanize

This is an online portfolio software that is specially designed for lean management. The software encompasses flow analytics, Kanban board, and automation that help you deliver your project on time and gain visibility of the entire process. Kanbanize allows you to visualize your project plan through dedicated management boards. Later, you can divide the work across a number of team boards. Breaking your work down into one or more team boards helps create a work hierarchy across multiple levels in your company. This promotes transparency across the entire system.

The entire team is able to visualize the potential risks and progress automatically through the management boards. This enables them to complete their work faster and deliver products that meet the requirements and customer needs. In addition, Kanbanize enables project managers to align big project planning with day-to-day execution, which helps set clear priorities and prevent overburdening your teams.


5. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is purposely designed to help modern software teams plan, design, build and measure the success of a product. It allows the teams to ship quickly and, most importantly, work collaboratively. With the great features, the software is helping thousands of software teams build products around the world.


It allows you to zoom in and out into different iterations, stories, and quarterly Roadmaps. Clubhouse can play a great role in bringing different people across the organization together to work on larger goals and projects. The software offers burndown charts, cycle, lead time charts, and workflow state graphs, which help you keep track of your projects. Thus, Clubhouse enables you to provide process and structure.


6. Pie

Pie is a project management software with a visual, easy-to-use process with respectable and agile recipes that allow for constant improvement. Besides, the software platform gives you the power to scale and improve your project's success. Pie offers great value and benefits to individuals looking for better project results.

It promotes consistent process and project methodology, continuous improvement, and learning. Pie also ensures better people scheduling, planning, and accountability. Besides, it also enables your teams to complete projects faster with excellent results. This is by promoting idea sharing, collaboration, and problem-solving.

With the platform, software development teams can divide projects into Pie slices (phases) for better execution. Apart from new product development, the software can be used in other business departments such as marketing, professional services, and human resources.


7. Pendo

Pendo is a product adoption software platform that helps accelerate and improve the adoption of software. Apart from digital adoption solutions, the software also provides customer experience solutions. With the platform, you can combine product surveys, engagement, and feedback to enhance customer retention. It also helps software developers create great mobile experiences that promote the adoption of the latest mobile apps.

Thus, Pendo enables you to understand the experiences of users across the product journey. It also promotes targeted messaging and walkthroughs to enhance feature adoption and onboarding. In addition, with the product demand intelligence, developers are able to prioritize the features that they need to build next.


8. Favro

Favro is a platform that allows you to build a flexible view that consists of many planning and team boards in a single place. With the flexible view, the marketing team is able to access their daily creatives and work. Additionally, the development team is also able to gain visibility of their sprints and backlogs.

The platform is designed to promote collaboration between all the stakeholders, including the clients and internal teams. In addition, it allows you to manage multiple boards in one space and invite clients as guests.


9. Planview

Planview helps companies transform strategy and deliver better results in the current markets, which are highly disruptive and fast-paced. The platform allows organizations to focus on strategic results that empower development teams to provide high-quality work. Thus, the software offers full spectrum work and portfolio management solutions. It helps organizations realize agile at scale, adapt to the fast-changing markets, and create an innovation culture.


10. Amplitude

Many companies around the globe are now using Amplitude to work on helping businesses implement digital transformation. Amplitude enables you to optimize digital product innovation value. It allows you to make accurate digital product decisions by predicting the right combination of features and customer feedback that translates to great business outcomes.

The platform enables software developers to innovate valuable products and act with great intelligence, speed, and precision to ensure that the product reaches the market on time. This helps deliver the right user experience to the right target audience. With Amplitude, you can also unify your teams through common visibility. The platform allows you to cultivate a common set of customer engagement data and behavior for all your teams. This leads to faster actions, better decisions, and transformed experiences.



Product development software plays a key role in delivering better results in your projects. The tools help manage the entire process in your project by mitigating potential risks and promoting proper prioritization of tasks. This prevents tasks from falling through cracks and overburdening some members of your development teams.

Fortunately, some product development software is free, and others are also available at an affordable fee. The best product development software will depend on your needs, the available features, and ease of use.



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