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A topic that is 'hot' but not really new in today's economic market, is "Successful Startup". Rising from a startup business - Saigon Technology Solutions, successful from 2012, until now, Mr. Bruce Pham has 15 years in the software engineering industry, with a team of talented software engineers, designers ... and a range of products catering to customers from all over the world. According to Mr. Pham, who is arguably the most important factor in setting up and running a startup, is manpower - specifically here are the Developers.

Through an interview about easy problems and hindering the development and operation of a startup business, Mr. Bruce Pham - CEO of STS, had sincere sharing minutes to help future leaders to better understand the path he has chosen.

"Sir, Why is Manpower So Important?"

He says, no matter how good your startup idea is, it's hard for you - or in other words, it is completely impossible to do it on your own. The environment of a startup company has been extremely stressful since the first days of starting work. Supposedly, you are a software engineer specializing in JavaScript but do not know how to plan a strategic business, analyze the market or attract investors, you definitely need support. of business development. Or if you have good design and taste but can't write code, make sure you can't afford the help of a talented programmer.

Furthermore, even if you can code yourself, design, and attract potential customers, you can not manage all stages by yourself so that everything can be completed on schedule. Because good products are not just one-sided, on the other hand, customers need time to market.

Tips to Hire Developers for a Startup from Mr. Pham

Understand the concerns of fledgling businesses, below, Mr. Pham will give some supportive ideas about tips to hire developers for a startup as follows:

  • Don't pay too much attention to resume

With a simple resume, how can you fully understand the candidate's real skills and expertise? Just look at your resume for basic information and experience. For the rest, let's really test the candidate's skills with more realistic tests.

  • Find and recruit people who are smarter than you

This is really a trick to make your company more successful. If you focus on recruiting talented software engineers right from the inception of the project, you will not have too many difficulties in the later stages of growth. Because as the great sages say, if you are the smartest person in your company, it's time to hire others.

  • Appreciate communication and teamwork skills

I have heard many times that communication skills do not matter when you look for an engineer. It may be true to some extent for big teams. But when we talk about hiring for a startup, communicating with engineers is just as important as for any other employee.

  • Ask questions about actual problems the company is facing

Don't just focus on sketchy, academic theories and concepts, raise issues of the project your company is actually facing. Tell them what type of project they will implement and have a better idea if the candidate is suitable for the type of project you have.

  • Clearly state the direction that the company's vision

Do not hesitate to express the views and development direction of the company. Because surely no one wants to work for a place that hides the vision. Speak up and ask candidates what their opinion is. Part of it is to consider whether the candidate is really interested, and partly to gather more information and opinions from them.

  • Make sure they are honest

This is considered one of the most important qualities for a fledgling startup company. Why is that? Because sometimes engineers will be the contact and exchange with customers, listen and record customer comments. Also, for some macro projects or strategic plans, if you hire someone who is dishonest, are you sure you won't lose information and data? Perhaps their skills are not too proficient, maybe their professional experience is not too seasoned, but one factor that I always appreciate is honesty.

"So, is Vietnam an Ideal Place to Hire Developers for Startups, Sir?"

"Sure. Thanks to the workforce at the peak of the population, Vietnam has the largest number of IT engineers - software engineers in particular and the region's top. Particularly at Saigon Technology, we are always dedicated to every project with the leading competitive prices in the region, or it can be said to be the world's leading. And finally, I think, the marketplace is also the battlefield, so no math problem can be learned and applied 100% to your own business. I encourage you to read other people's experiences but apply them only after customizing them for your own startup career. Don't mimic those who completely go ahead! ”

Many thanks to Mr. Bruce Pham for his sincere and constructive sharing!

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