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Whether as a candidate interviewer or a job candidate, the question most of us often hear/use is: “How are your teamwork skills?”

More than just working with the same department every day, in the IT sector, 'teamwork' also takes on a deeper meaning in some special projects that today, almost every powerful IT company uses for all activities, that is 'working in a Scrum team'. During nearly 10 years of experience in the market, Saigon Technology has learned one thing that, a Scrum team is considered successful when all members work in harmony with each other, without great obstacles when communicating, and not contradict each other. This seems easy, but not really that all Scrum teams are created smoothly.

Indeed, Scrum is an immensely strong yet lightweight collection of ideals, principles, and practices. However, how to form a perfect Scrum team so far still has many diverse opinions. Let's read through this article to see interesting points of view!

Take a Quick Tour of ‘Scrum’ Definition

First, before starting to learn how to create a perfect Scrum team, we should learn about Scrum itself to get the most general view. In the IT sector, especially for companies operating according to Agile methodology, in order to provide goods and services in short cycles, Scrum depends on cross-functional teams and will have 4 outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Quick feedback
  • The development is constant
  • Fast Change Adaptation
  • Delivery ability accelerated

The four adjectives 'quick ', 'fast', 'constant', 'accelerated' have also partly demonstrated the outstanding features of maintaining a Scrum team. This section is not meant to highlight its advantages (scroll down to find out below!) but what the Scrum team can do might go beyond that and compel companies that specialize in software development.

At the core of actual process control are the 3 principles applied to maximize the value of the Scrum team's work. That is:

  • Transparency
  • Inspection
  • Adaption

To realize these principles and benefit from all the core qualities of Scrum, the following 5 Scrum values will make the principles more transparent and more testable, and modifiable:

  • Being brave
  • Emphasis
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Being open

In order to strengthen the complete team to realize the above values and principles, it is indispensable for the important staff members - 3 characteristics as follows:

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum master
  • Development team

How is The Scrum Team Suitable for These Types of Projects?

A Scrum team is a small group working collaboratively to achieve an achievable aim every sprint (typically one- to four-week periods). In the development of software, the work of sprint increments the requirement for a user or product. Often Scrum teams need to be small to achieve functional understanding, and its members will also range from 5 to 10, with all roles included.

As for each individual when joining the Scrum team, each of them must meet some significant functionality requirements, or it is also considered as the strengths of the Scrum team, such as self-organizing and prosperously productive, ability to carry out cross-functional work... These agilities also provide important product increases that may be released.

The owner of the product is accountable for the performance of the product. By interacting with stakeholders and the public, they determine how end-users wish to enhance and correct things, and add these "user stories" to the backlog. One of the main duties of a product owner, ultimately responsible for selecting what to build, is the management of this backlog to prevent duplicate or unproductive work.

The development team must transform items into issues that can be resolved in the backlog. For example, tell the user's story: instead of merely annually, we want to see annual data breakdowns. Within the current software architecture, the team must find out how to implement this feature fast and elegantly. Development teams need to understand how to construct it correctly.

The Scrum master is the one taking charge in ensuring the team's aim reaches its goal at the conclusion of the sprint. You will be holding Scrum meetings for roughly 15 minutes every day to diagnose team difficulties, eliminate obstacles, and ensure that a proper picture of the team's bandwidth is provided by the product owner. Scrum masters help develop projects quickly and realistically and procedures function.

Some Tips to Get The Perfect Scrum Team You Expect

Maintain solidarity

It sounds utopian, but it is the cross-functional element that has launched this 'solidarity' topic. And of course, a large group with many members will find it difficult to control and maintain close cohesion as small groups. High-performance Scrum teams may appear reasonable to add additional talent, but such relationships are too much for a group.

Besides, if you are the leader of the team, you should learn and keep friendly closeness with each member. All we need to cultivate here is confidence – when it comes to the human element. The team will have much greater time to take their own initiative to make their own judgments.

Prepare the best knowledge for the members

Have you ever wondered if your employees are knowledgeable about the agile family of Scrum, Kanban, and others? Evaluate your employees' capabilities thoroughly, and reinforce their knowledge base with webinars and joint training workshops for IT professionals to get the best out of them. This not only fills any knowledge gaps, but training will link your staff with the wider Scrum community's resources and expertise.

Devote certain time to the Scrum team

After gaining knowledge and even experience, it would take time to convert to Scrum! After just one night or the blink of an eye, it is difficult for employees to immediately apply what they already know to form the perfect Scrum team. Whether you're from Kanban, Lean, or something more conventional, your team always needs some time to adapt and get to know each other.

Time commitment is important. Let the Scrum principles flow naturally in the thinking circuit and instill in the working thoughts of the members. At the same time, constantly keep an eye on each person and ask them to ensure the final quality.

From a fool to a titan mastering Scrum principles!

It's you. The initial aim is to do more with less. It begins with knowing what you already have.

  • Start a dedicated Scrum team with potential members
  • Float the concept
  • Gain more experience
  • Who has to make effective use of more bandwidth?

It is you who take the initiative to get to know yourself about Scrum almost every day. Emphasis on 'operating without the aid of outside resources', Scrum teams are competent for administering that the sprint task is carried out. It is not necessary for each team member to have a clear route plan to start work, but self-experience is the most essential element to pave the path for a common goal of success.

Bottom Lines 

It would be subjective and exaggerated to promote a certain working model without considering its relevance to our own current projects. Whether the product is made with high quality or not depends a lot on the smooth coordination between the members, at the same time.

But the perfection of the Scrum team is also reflected in some highly specialized elements for the IT industry. And the ways to create a Scrum team are equally diverse. Depending on the project goals, the professional capacity of the staff, the requirements from the customer… Each of us can determine our own path.

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Form up your own Scrum team at Saigon Technology? Or want to create a Scrum team for your own project with the support of human resources in Vietnam? Let us lend a hand. Free quotes and consultants are awaiting!

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