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  • • The price for offshore software development services is always set at the most reasonable level in the market.
  • • 10+ years of experience serving the worldwide IT market.
  • • A team of software developers from Vietnam's top 1%.
  • • Around-the-clock support.
  • • The project preparation time can be reduced, only from 2 to 5 working days.
  • • As a company specializing in providing offshore developers honored at the prestigious Sao Khue 2020 event, selected by Vietnam Software Association.
  • • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified quality and data security procedures.
  • • Both of Vietnam's major cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City are home to our two software development centers.


Nguyen Huu Bao- React Native Developer

Nguyen Huu Bao

React Native Developer



• 4 years of experience in the software development environment, especially for web and cross-platform mobile applications.

Programming Languages: Javascript ES6+, Java, Object-C.

Advanced Experience in:

  • ReactJS and redux middlewares such as Redux Saga
  • RESTFul API, Firebase Services, Notification, One Signal, Analytics
  • React Navigation
  • React Hooks
  • Animation, PanResponder
  • Build native modules (Android & iOS)
  • Video call, Voice call, Live Stream, Chat
  • Agile Scrum

• Basic Knowledge of ReactJS, NodeJS.

• Programming Tools: WebStorm, XCode, Android Studio, Visual Code, Postman, Git, NPM, Yarn, Jira, Trello.


Major projects

Medical Cloud Mobile_Switzerland


  • • Working with clients to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Fixing bugs, supporting and maintaining.
  • • Using device sensor to detect phone rotate.
  • • Optimizing app performance.

Technologies: React Native, Redux Saga, React Navigation, React Native Sensors, React Native Big Calendar.



  • • Working with clients to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Fixing bugs, supporting, and maintaining.
  • • Building common UI in a module.
  • • Implementing Live Chat Messages.
  • • Implementing feature book appointments on the calendar.
  • • Using code push to Hotfix and release the new version.

Technologies: React Native, Redux Saga, React Navigation, Firebase, Code Push, Animated.



  • • Working with Project Manager to design and implement mobile applications.
  • • Migrating to newer React Native versions, optimizing performance.
  • • Implementing feature live stream using Wowza.
  • • Live stream with live chat.
  • • Cast stream to chrome cast.
  • • Using code push to Hotfix and release a new version.
  • Technologies: : React Native, Redux Saga, React Hooks, Agora, Stripe, Firebase, Wowza, Chrome cast, Code push.



FPT Polytechnic/ Software Engineer

Ho Chi Minh City


1. Talk to Our Experienced Experts About Your Particular Requirements:

If you decide to hire offshore developers from Saigon Technology, our staff will help you learn more about your business, figure out if the project's goals are realistic, and get to know your team. In addition to this, our offshore engineers will do an in-depth analysis of your company's current status, market, or growth direction in order to provide you with the information you need to set up suitable action plans in the near future.

2. Gain Advantages from Technicians Who Have Been Chosen With Great Care:

This is the scenario for both the screening of resumes and the classification of qualified candidates. There are quite a few reasons why this qualified factor should be determined in relation to qualified applicants. However, one of these characteristics is competence level. Saigon Technology strives to provide consumers with just the finest. This approach is shown in detail by our engineers who rank in the top 1 percent of Vietnam.

3. Efficiently Connect to the Most Suitable Engineering Team for You:

Clients will easily be able to identify which of Saigon Technology's engineers are the greatest fit for them thanks to the availability of brief trial periods. And of course, even if it was just a short period of time spent working together to test the expertise, the results that were gained during that process are representative of the whole of our group as a whole.

4. Observe Carefully and Respond Appropriately

To demonstrate our commitment to the core principle of Customer Focus, we are pleased to say that the accomplishment of our goals and the contentment of our customers come first on our list of concerns. Because we are aware that, despite the fact that there are hundreds of other options, it is an honor for Saigon Technology to accompany and serve our customers, we take this responsibility very seriously.



Project overview: Idealpos is a firm that specializes in point-of-sale technology and has its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.
The company has operations in seven different countries and has more than 10,000 clients all over the globe.

Client’s requirements

The customer would want to utilize Microsoft Azure to move the management of POS Terminal data as well as the management of customer data from the local environment to the cloud.

The first thing that has to be done is to create a report system using the Cloud rather than just viewing the report locally. When viewing various kinds of information on the cloud, there is no central authority involved.

Our responsibilities

For this client, Saigon Technology delivered a long-term team of developers. They gradually mastered the logic of business, and today they can work together to develop new ideas and resolve common business issues.

  • • Keeping all POS Terminals and the Cloud in sync.
  • • Using the Internet to manage licenses.
  • • Cloud-based invoicing management.
  • • Payment gateways for both local and international transactions are being integrated.
  • • Incorporating e-commerce sites like Shopify, Mobi2go, UberEat... etc
  • • By creating APIs, other systems may be integrated.

Our approach

Saigon Technology was entrusted by the client to handle all aspects of infrastructure design and construction. The initial members are needed: a Project Manager, Web Developers, and two Mobile Developers. After the first year, there were a total of 8 people on the team, which was later raised even more.

The dedicated team utilized Saigon Technology's methodology, specialized procedures and standards to complete each step of the project and ensure that they fulfilled the particular demands of our clients.



“Being a customer of Thanh’s, from the beginning I have been very impressed with Thanh’s professionalism and exceptional customer service. Thanh and his team have always provided me with high-quality work at a very reasonable cost and always within the given time frame. I have no hesitation in recommending Thanh.”

Mr. Matt Niemeyer
Managing Director APAC – ISMS Global
star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating

“I have worked with Thanh on several projects and I admire his professionalism and his dedication to deliver high-quality work. He is responsive when answering emails and calls, as well as making sure that work always gets done on time. I am glad to be working with him and hope to continue working with him.”

Mr. RJ Macasaet
Head of Partnership – DMI Global
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“I had the opportunity to work with Thanh and his team. What a nice experience, though! It could be said that I was really impressed by his professionalism and his team's enthusiasm. They always asked me to check the right demand and to make sure whether each work point was the best option or not. It was my honor to work with such a great team in Vietnam. Hope to meet them soon in the upcoming time!”

Mr. Kirk Duncan
CEO of The Mobile App Man, Sydney, Australia
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“As the Owner and Director of ISMS Global, Australia. I understand perfectly how hard it is to find a ‘support team’ of skilled and professional developers to help grow a system. A few years ago, I found Saigon Technology Software (Mr. Thanh Pham (CEO) and his team) and I have never looked back. STS has single-handedly taken ISMs camp management software from a concept on a napkin to an international product used by major companies around the world. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you, then you should be talking to Thanh Pham. ”

Mr. Paul Upson
Director of Gumboots Corp., Russia
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