Here at Saigon Technology, we know how important talented developers are to the overall success of your software projects. Our company offers a comprehensive Hire Offshore Developers service that grants you access to highly skilled offshore developers from Vietnam.

Vietnam has become a popular offshore location for software development due to its thriving tech industry and ample supply of skilled professionals. Our company leverages the flourishing ecosystem by selectively recruiting top developers across the nation to become part of the group. And by opting for our Hire Offshore Developers service, you may utilize the services of a wide array of proficient developers skilled in diverse programming languages and technologies.

Our company can provide you with skilled professionals who specialize in front-end and back-end development, mobile application development, and full-stack engineering. Saigon Technology's team of skilled developers can assist you in achieving your software development objectives while optimizing cost-effectiveness. We are committed to leveraging our expertise to provide you with the best possible results.




Front-end Developers

Saigon Technology offers a proficient front-end development team that specializes in designing visually attractive and intuitive user interfaces. Our offshore software developers possess proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. They have the ability to convert design concepts into websites and web applications that are adaptable and interactive.


Back-end Developers

Our back-end developers possess a comprehensive comprehension of system architecture and security, which enables them to guarantee smooth integration, efficient data management, and optimal performance. Since they play a crucial role in developing software programs that are reliable and can be scaled effectively. The offshore developers for back-end possess proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, and PHP, which enables them to construct the server-side logic, databases, and APIs that fuel your applications.


App Developers

Our team of app developers possess the necessary skills and experience to transform your vision into a reality, regardless of whether you require iOS, Android, or cross-platform app development. We are proud of our team of offshore programmers who always have a professional attitude and work ethic. Moreover, our developers will work with you every step of the way to create a product that is tailored to your target market and helps your company expand.


AI Developers

Leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence by engaging our team of AI developers. Our offshore developers are experts in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision; their work assists in automating processes, facilitating data-driven decision making, and improving user experiences.


Cloud Developers

Saigon Technology’s Cloud Developers possess expertise in cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The developers are 100% capable of designing, deploying, and managing cloud-based solutions that are customized to meet your particular needs. Their area of expertise lies in constructing web applications that can be scaled up or down as per the requirement, incorporating serverless architectures, and integrating cloud services to ensure maximum performance and dependability.



Less Time & Money Spent On Hiring & Training New Employees

The process of attracting and instructing in-house developers can be both time-intensive and expensive. Yet, to hire offshore software developers results in the elimination of broad recruiting procedures, as the outsourcing provider is responsible for managing the hiring process.


Tapping into a Worldwide Pool of Skilled Individuals

Hiring offshore developers provides an opportunity to access a wide range of skilled professionals from around the world. Hence, accessing a wide variety of talents and expertise from various global locations enables you to identify suitable developers possessing the specific expertise and abilities necessary for your project.


Positives of Different Time Zones

Clearly said, the utilization of offshore development services enables the possibility of working across various time zones, resulting in the benefit of continuous productivity. Offshore programmers can provide uninterrupted project development while your in-house team is not working, resulting in faster turnaround times and greater efficiency.


Shorter Time-to-Market

The utilization of developers from abroad can enhance the productivity and expertise of development projects, leading to expedited time to market. By leveraging their specialized expertise, experience, and optimized workflows, the developers are capable of expediting the development cycle, thereby minimizing the duration of coding, testing, and debugging phases.


Expandability & Adaptability

The practice of engaging offshore developers provides the advantage of adaptability in adjusting the size of your team in accordance with the demands of a given project. Specifically, the number of teammates can be adjusted according to the requirements, allowing for efficient allocation of resources.



24 hours a day & 7 days a week of support to clients.

Just 1 - 3 working days till the project may be started.

Working hours are always in sync with the time zone of the client.

One headquarters and one branch are situated in the bustling cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, attracting numerous talents and embracing cutting-edge technology.

Projects spanning a wide range of specialties, flexibly adjusting the number of offshore programmers.

A group of brilliant offshore developers from Vietnam's top 1%.

image image


Thang Pham - Senior .NET Developer

Thang Pham Senior .NET Developer



“More than a decade of expertise with C# and.NET. I'm also familiar with front-end technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, SASS, Angular 5+, and Bootstrap. I'm responsible for gathering requests, working with Product Owners to clarify Product Backlog Items (PBI), implementing changes, and addressing bugs before releasing new packages. I also conduct research and experiment with new techniques, all while providing support for the other members of my team. I constantly tell my staff to use the most up-to-date technology. Using Microsoft technologies, I'm also familiar with responsive web design and third-party services like TFS, VSTS, SVN, and GIT.”

Programming Languages in the area of expertise: C#, .NET Framework Core, JavaScript/TypeScript.


Major projects

Full-stack Developer_US


  • Clarify tasks with the Product Owner and allocate assignments to team members. Solve issues, and assist team members.
  • Managing Azure DevOps
  • CI/ CD
  • Stripe, Twilio, Paypal, Zoom, and SignalR are all being integrated.


  • Technologies: including Software architecture such as monolithic, MVC
  • Backend: C#,.NET Framework 4.x, and REST API
  • Owin Security Authentication is used for authentication.
  • Front-end technologies include MVC 5, Razor, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap 4, and CSS3.
  • SQL Server 2018 as a database
  • Visual Studio 2019, Azure DevOps, and GitHub as tools
  • Agile (SCRUM), Branching Model

Full-stack Developer_Norway


  • Research and build structure for the application. Implement feature tasks. Fix bugs, support members, and maintain the working quality of the whole team. Delivering on time and on budget is our primary objective.


  • Technologies: including Software architecture: Monolithic.
  • Back-end: C#, .NET Framework 4.x, .NET Core 1.0, REST API.
  • Front-end: AngularJS, Angular 4, Angular Material,, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive web application.
  • Database: SQL Server 2016
  • Tools: Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS), GitHub
  • Agile (SCRUM, Kanban), Branching Model

Full-stack Developer_Canada


  • Defining and implementing feature tasks are the first steps. Resolve issues, assist coworkers, and upkeep. Deliveries must be timely and on target.


  • Technologies: including Software architecture: Monolithic, MVC
  • Back-end: C#, .NET Framework 4.x, REST API.
  • Front-end: MVC 4, AngularJS, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS,
  • Responsive web application.
  • Database: SQL Server 2014
  • Tools: Visual Studio 2015, SVN
  • Kanban


Mekong University

Bachelor of Software Engineer



What our clients value

I have worked with Thanh (Bruce) Pham on several projects and I admire his professionalism and his dedication to delivering high-quality work. He is responsive when answering emails and calls, as well as making sure that work always gets done on time. I am glad to be working with him and hope to continue working with him.

Mr. RJ Macasaet
Head of Partnership – DMI Global
Star Star Star Star Star

I had the opportunity to work with Thanh (Bruce) Pham and his team. What a nice experience, though! It could be said that I was impressed by his professionalism and his team's enthusiasm. They always asked me to check the right demand and to make sure whether each work point was the best option or not. It was my honor to work with such a great team of software development. Hope to meet them soon in the upcoming time!

Mr. Kirk Duncan
CEO of The Mobile App Man, Sydney, Australia
Star Star Star Star Star

Being a client of Thanh’s, from the beginning, I have been very impressed with Thanh’s professionalism and exceptional customer service. Thanh and his team have always provided me with high-quality work at a very reasonable cost and always within the given time frame. I have no hesitation in recommending Thanh.

Mr. Matt Niemeyer
Managing Director APAC – ISMS Global
Star Star Star Star Star

As the Owner and Director of ISMS Global, Australia. I understand perfectly how hard it is to find a ‘support team’ of skilled and professional developers to help grow a system. A few years ago, I found Saigon Technology Software (Mr. Thanh Pham (CEO) and his team) and I have never looked back. STS has single-handedly taken ISMs camp management software from a concept on a napkin to an international product used by major companies around the world. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you, then you should be talking to Thanh Pham.

Mr. Paul Upson
Director of Gumboots Corp., Russia
Star Star Star Star Star


Merit Logistics ODC

Merit Logistics has been leading in the development of supply chain solutions based on planning strategies to increase productivity for partner companies and support operations to achieve the highest efficiency.

GTW Prop Trade PTY

A startup company specializing in FX trading. Starting up a new solution for FX trading platforms to replace their old application.


Mobile Team Manager is a robust solution that offers a complete set of tools to handle field and office operations in service-oriented industries. In early 2017, Saigon Technology was contracted by the Mobile Team Manager to develop a cloud-based software solution.



Saigon Technology has implemented a systematic approach to receiving and managing our clients' requirements to hire offshore developers. Conversational skills and comprehensive understanding of clients' requirements are essential for a successful engagement. The following is an outline of our approach:

engagement-models engagement-models

Our procedure is designed to make the process of recruiting offshore programmers easy and clear for our clients. We guarantee that our clients get excellent software solutions tailored to their needs by thoroughly analyzing their needs, forming the best possible team, and keeping open lines of communication at all times.


Please keep in mind that the complexity of the project, the exact nature of the technology needed, and the credibility and experience of the offshore software developers are all variables that might affect the final price. Pricing may also vary depending on whether you need a website, a mobile app, or artificial intelligence built.



Middle-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$20 to $30

Senior-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$30 to $45


Middle-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$25 to $40

Senior-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$40 to $60


Middle-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$30 to $45

Senior-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$45 to $70


Middle-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$40 to $60

Senior-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$60 to $90


Middle-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from


Senior-level developers:

The average hourly rate ranges from

$100 to $150

When contemplating the recruitment of offshore developers, it is essential to assess their proficiency, knowledge, and background, as well as their capacity to produce superior output within the predetermined financial plan and schedule.



Judicial Drafting:

It's not enough to just present accurate information and guidelines; you must also avoid making common mistakes in your writing. This involves doing things like employing a lot of jargon or giving projects ambiguous titles. These mistakes made by the JDs may confuse your potential employees.


Aware of Possible Dangers:

Throughout the reference checking process, any ‘red' signals, such as negative feedback or inconsistencies in the candidate's work history, should be considered carefully. You may learn more by doing independent research through established online communities dedicated to the recruitment and employment of remote software experts.


Take note of soft skills:

In addition to technical expertise, a successful developer also has the interpersonal and collaborative skills necessary to succeed in the field. Find out whether the applicant has strong leadership skills, a willingness to learn, and curiosity.


Take into Account the Dedication:

Along with knowledge and experience, a sense of responsibility is crucial for every offshore software developer. This is an important quality in a software developer, since clients seek it when creating long-term collaborations.


Focus on Your Technical Abilities:

You need to be well-versed in several programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools in order to effectively search for and employ tech talent. If you're in need of web developers, pay attention to the questions asked during the interview to gauge a candidate's level of expertise with markup languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, and .NET are all good options if you want to work as a backend offshore developer.



Back-end development languages




Ruby on Rails

Front-end development languages
App development




React Native


Cloud Computing



Google Cloud


Kubernetes (K8s)

Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, AWS CloudFormation








- Vietnam: Vietnam has quickly become a global powerhouse in the outsourcing sector, particularly in the realm of Java software development. Companies looking to hire offshore developers at the most affordable prices in Pacific Asia will find a perfect match in the Vietnamese programmers employed by outsourcing firms. These programmers have a deep understanding and excellent technical skills.

- Poland: Poland is home to a growing group of seasoned programmers and has become a key center for software outsourcing. The country's closeness to European markets, strong economic environment, and cultural compatibility make it an attractive option for software development.

- Ukraine: Ukraine has quickly become one of the most competitive offshore places for developing software of all kinds. The software engineers that work remotely from Ukraine have a remarkable reputation for their skill, professionalism, and output quality.

- India: A huge number of highly skilled software developers that work remotely may be found in India. It is common in India because of the country's inexpensive labor and huge English-speaking workforce.

- Software Outsourcing Companies: Working with well-established software outsourcing firms is another good strategy. These businesses have established networks of qualified professionals and can assemble specialized development teams to meet the requirements of your project.

- Sites for Business Networking: Professional sites like LinkedIn make it easy to get in touch with offshore programmers working in other countries. Developers with the right set of abilities may be found via online searches, membership in relevant online networks.

- Word-of-Mouth and Recommendations: If you need help finding offshore developers, talk to people you know in the field or who have worked with you in the past. They can help you identify trustworthy and competent experts by sharing their knowledge and recommending those they have worked with in the past.

- Freelance Marketplaces on the Internet: Offshore developers may be found in plenty on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. You may check out their profiles, look at their previous work, and even start a conversation with them about your project needs right now.

- Shortage of Skilled Workers: When recruiting internally, you may only be able to choose from a narrower pool of candidates due to your location. When companies hire developers from abroad, they have access to a larger pool of qualified candidates with a greater variety of talents.

- Factors in the Budget: Payroll, benefits, workplace accommodations, and equipment for in-house developers are all major expenses. Offshore developers may give affordable solutions since they often charge less per hour and can work remotely, avoiding costly on-site meetings.

- Technical Know-How: The technical knowledge of in-house developers may be limited. Businesses may get appropriate developers for their projects by hiring those from countries where there is a greater concentration of experts in specialist technologies.

- Ability to Grow and Change: Internal teams may struggle to expand or contract as needed for certain projects. With the help of offshore developers, businesses can easily increase capacity for massive projects or reduce it during slower times.

In certain cases, it makes sense for corporations to outsource software development to other countries. A few illustrations of why it makes sense to bring in programmers from abroad are provided below:
Tight deadlines;
Cost optimization;
Long-term projects;
Focus on core competencies;
The Availability of Distinctive Competencies.

Yes, absolutely! Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and IP protection for projects are standard practice for most software outsourcing companies. Before discussing the specifics of a project or disclosing any confidential information, these contracts are usually established.

While working on a project for a client, it is important to gain their confidence and keep their confidential information protected. In order to guarantee that confidential and proprietary data associated with your project is adequately protected, Saigon Technology always provides NDA and IP protection right from the initial stage of receiving project consulting.

- Establish objectives
- Take Project Managers into account
- Frequent set up meetings and discussions
- Agile methodology to be utilized
- Regular performance evaluation to be applied
- Visit on-site

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