Things to Know about Software Product Development Cycle

Things to Know about Software Product Development Cycle

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More than just a mindless software product, the world of software development also has a lot of interesting things that we still don't know. Product development for software is increasing every year to serve many areas of our lives. In particular, the software product development cycle also plays an important role throughout the project process.

And so it's important, though, to implement an appropriate software development process to get the full advantages of your company's software development efforts. Here are some things to know about the software product development cycle.


What is Software Product Development?

In general, software product development refers to strategies and techniques for serving a certain end-user file. Frequent logic is used to create a software product that represents a certain personal or business aim, approach, or objective.

When it comes to software product creation, the features or interface design will be created independently, carrying the brand's or business's mark and distinctive qualities. Because you need to use third-party abilities when you make software for a certain market, this is a big deal.


When Should We Consider Software Product Development? 

Many clients come to Saigon Technology for a variety of reasons and objectives. The following are the most prevalent causes and periods for them:

When customer relationships progressively go away

And, of course, it is tough to acquire consumer insights to comprehend the ideas or actions that make customers happy or annoyed. Furthermore, if it is no longer easy to locate new customers, this will have a significant impact on the company's situation since the freshness and trendiness of the firm are no longer maintained. 

Communication and work allocation between departments is difficult

If the preceding is a rationale relating to the difficulty of seeking external variables, this is an internal corporate reason. Especially during the current epidemic, we may find it difficult to communicate and meet face-to-face with others. As a result, in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and achieves the same goal, a plan must be implemented.


5 Key Stages of the Software Product Development Cycle

Stage #1 - Product Research

Senior members of the team will gather client requirements, plan for quality assurance needs, and predict possible risks. The initial stage of the project will focus on providing stakeholders with as much information as possible about the project's aim, scope of work, and any challenges that they may encounter. Once the first study has been completed, all members of the team will meet to produce a common approach and a document called the Software Requirement Specification (SRS).

Stage #2 - Product UX/UI Design

After obtaining the relevant documentation about the software product, designers will now implement visual conceptions. After the client has agreed to the direction shown in the wireframes, the design team will move on to the prototypes part.

Stage #3 - Product Development

This third stage will see the implementation of the project's backbone. Developers will collaborate to use their professional expertise and experience to produce a software solution that fulfills the reasonable needs of clients. Developers spend the most time in this phase of product development. Product specifications are translated into real, usable products.

Stage #4 - Product Testing

Many faults and problems are found at this stage by testers who check the whole system's functioning. The QA team will next compile reports for developers to better understand the problem at hand. As a way to fix problems, and submit them back to the QA department for a second round of tests. Once the program is free of bugs, the development process may proceed.

Stage #5 - Product Release

The product deployment stage follows the completion of the development and testing stages and ensures that the program is almost complete. This is where the project manager will make suggestions, and the development team will follow them.


Tips for Picking an Appropriate Software Product Development Company

Undertake an exploration into the firm

All facts regarding that firm and about that company must be thoroughly studied and summarized. An IT company's history can quickly show what they specialize in and how good they are at what they do. Even important information like the year the company was founded, the number of software engineers, and so on must be properly shown so that interested customers can quickly look around.

Consider the true expertise of the vendor

To assure the quality of your product, consider the skills, including knowledge and practical experience, of the software engineering team you want to hire. Simply ask about their QAG (Quality Assurance Group). Aside from that, a number of other circumstances are stated as elements to examine, such as the capability of the security system, the ability to understand your business nature, and the state of the facilities.


Optimize Your Business with Software Product Development

Over the past ten years, Saigon Technology has received several requests for software product development from clients in a variety of industries/fields. In such cases, even fully new or improved projects, as well as upgraded software products, have the same number of request forms. This demonstrates the increased interest in software development among firms all across the world.

Ruby on Rails, Angular, ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, .NET… are just a few of the many fantastic programming languages that have made Saigon Technology popular worldwide for many years. Throughout the world, clients have come to Saigon Technology for help with everything from e-commerce to finance to logistics to healthcare. They have come from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore.


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