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Thanks to the contemporary flat world, the days of making the most of domestic IT people resources, no matter how constrained, are long gone. Remember the old days when firms had to hire permanent employees to form an in-house team to pursue initiatives? We have a lot of opportunities now, with the growth of digital, the push (in a good direction) of the pandemic's emergence in 2020, and the trend of wise spending on forms of hiring and keeping talents, for example, Software Development: Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore. While customized software surely costs more, the long-term advantages surpass the initial expenditure.

In the earlier post, we discussed what Nearshore software development is, how it differs from Onshore and Offshore software development, and its numerous benefits. Similarly, in the last subject, we compared these three notions as well as determined which clients are appropriate for various software development techniques. However, in today's post, we will go further into the benefits and drawbacks of Nearshore Software Development.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshore software development means that you provide the project (or part of a project) and/ or specific duties to firms in your region - in a nearby nation. The distance between you and the contractor should be from 1 - 3 hours if you are employing a nearshore software development company. It means that you have a tiny time difference, and cultural gaps and there are no hindrances to a contractor.

Nearshore enables companies to efficiently enhance their teams by offering employees convenient access to the same time zone. Nearshore firms typically have comparable language and cultural traits that are frequently successful.

On the other hand, some organizations would like to meet and work face-to-face with their outsourcing staff on a regular or periodic basis, hence technology solution firms' nearshore is most likely the best option for them. Because the geographical distance is not too vast, both parties may easily meet after only a short period of travel. However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to emerge new strains despite vaccination to stop it, this element is now merely a hope.

Drawbacks of Nearshoring

  • Costs more than Offshoring

Nearshore software development services won't be competing with Offshore outsourcing (in terms of pricing). This is reasonable, since the more we reach out to faraway countries on other continents, the simpler it is to discover the diversity of many offshore firms offering a wide range of service rates. It will be more costly (and sometimes the premium is significant). This might not be a viable choice for teams on low budgets.

  • The alternatives are narrow

There are just a restricted amount of nearshore partners compared to offshore companies. This possibly restricts the alternatives you have to pick if you have a highly narrow niche project.

Benefits of Nearshoring

  • Near time-zone

The nearshore developer operates in the same (or comparable) time zone from a practical point of view. This facilitates communication without so many delays during popular business hours. This is particularly essential when you get to a time limit and several changes and iterations will be made within a limited period.

  • Less expensive

Compared to Offshore software development, Nearshore development companies might offer lower service rates because of the difference in talent in technology. Therefore, for companies that desire greater quality than a conventional offshore alternative, this makes it an economic option.

  • Minimized cultural distinctions

Engaging in software outsourcing across international borders often presents cultural challenges. However, nearshore developers excel in adapting to and embracing the culture of their target customers. Many have seamlessly integrated "US" communication styles and methodologies into their operations.

  • Enhanced accessibility

Again, it's a playing location. The approach to your geography enables you to meet your team whenever necessary. At least, this offers you more accountability and you may take this opportunity to guarantee that the work is done for the first time.

  • Improved facilities

Improved facilities are another advantage of nearshore. You can trust that the infrastructure is in place with numerous well-recognized beach spots intended to suit your business demands. This may not be a question, but it is essential to evaluate your choice based on your ability to outsource to the international market. 

It’s time to Determine an Appropriate Company!

Nearshore outsourcing is well suited to big and medium-sized projects when companies need quick access to developers. Nearshore teams may manage projects with effective management of private data or where safety is at the center.

Whereas, for organizations who have huge projects, however, without timely and skilled IT help, Offshore software development is perfect for development. Based on their partnership with an offshore development company, businesses may access remote developers worldwide with superior know-how. Moreover, given the lack of expert personnel and the rushed nature of the project, the difference between success and failure might be obtained at the appropriate time. If necessary, offshore developers can assist you to enhance your skills. The ideal choice for you is offshore software development since the costs of employing internal personnel are lowered while providing IT workers with the same or higher perks.

Remember that as you do your research on promising names for your upcoming technology solution partner list, check it out:

  • Credibility: You may acquire a great deal about ideal software development companies via several interesting sites*. Research for partners with records to deliver on their commitments.
  • Experience: More than just being experienced, it is a competent software developer; nevertheless, it surely pays to put yourself under a few years of practice.
  • Specialties: While the basic principles of software development are often quite similar, working with specialists with specialist knowledge in the sector or specialty is usually a smart option. This allows them to produce useful/practical solutions that offer value.
  • Communication: How do you communicate with the development team of onshore software? Do you believe this is a group with which you are going to get together? The process will be exciting for everybody involved with a solid connection.

(*) You can take recommendations via LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub. Not only are these sites the arena for offshore teams, but they may be quite helpful. Make sure you find some of your employees and check their social activities when selecting a development company. The development of software is not a permanent career, and established companies are rarely the best choice. Look for developer teams that are exciting and vibrant.

And It’s Perfect to Choose Saigon Technology as Your Nearshore Partner

With over 10 years of foundations and progress in information technology, Saigon Technology is the leader among the 15 most well-known software outsourcing companies in Asia, notably Vietnam. On the way to growing, Saigon Technology has engaged around 400 outstanding programmers in Vietnam, whose specialties are Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, C & C++, Java, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS.

Saigon Technology has the distinction of working with numerous corporate clients worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Norway, France… and the nearshore countries/regions of VietNam such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan… As one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Saigon Technology has expanded its service/product portfolio in the 'dynamic' industries of Vietnam with these initiatives: e-Commerce, m-Commerce, banking, medical services, logistics, etc.

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