Enterprise Software Development: Full Guide to Success

Enterprise Software Development: Full Guide to Success

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Demand for technology application in business is increasing. Humanity has evolved over the years, the business world increasingly leaning toward technology, being attached and virtually inseparable from technology. Constantly innovating the self and the way businesses run is indispensable to maintain business between the modern world today. It can be said that business today has gradually relied on technology, even in the early days, people only started with a simple food and clothing exchange system. Obviously, the world economy will certainly not have the prosperity of today without the advanced advances in technology. Faster and more accurate thanks to technology, why not?

Technology has crept into the world since the early years of the 17th century, in the early days of new tools, methods of labor and manufacturing. The term "Technology" is considered a name that includes hunting and gathering tools from the distant times to the complex software and information exploding from the 1980s. Until the 1990s, enterprise software development was booming and growing continuously in developed countries. Instead of the traditional ways of exchanging information, communicating, or calculating, adding, subtracting and recording manual data, people have learned how to use and trust technology software to help businesses operate more smoothly, while ensuring transparency, accuracy and convenience.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Enterprise Software?
  2. Unifying ideas
  3. Getting your team
  4. Making action plan & timeline
  5. Cost 
  6. Opinions catching & developing more

What is Enterprise Software?

Perhaps you are familiar with the operating processes of a company, such as customer care, market research or payment... In large enterprises, these operating processes need a lot of resources to help manually complete each item. It will be very slow, inadequate if we put all our effort into each of these detailed stages. Therefore, business software appears to help businesses track and manage jobs easier and more accurately. In the enterprise software category using computer platforms, we will immediately think of the names necessary for some essential stages:

  • CRM (customer relationship management): Playing an important role in most companies, the CRM department takes care of listening and customer care, marketing support to understand customer insight, and deploy breaking information, promotions to each customer. Today, CRM is not just listening - calling customers, but CRM is also seen as the key factor determining the good relationship between businesses and existing customers, as well as potential customers
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): which is considered as the strategic key in the company's brain, ERP helps you increasingly improve the value of the products your company makes, develop synchronously all business categories such as customer care, inventory control, or business process management. Overall, ERP software is the integration of different parts of an enterprise to share available resources and support the maximum use of resources.

In addition, depending on the structure and business orientation of each enterprise, there are other stages such as: BI (business intelligence), Human Resource Management, Online Payment Processing, Automated Billing Systems, Enterprise Content Management, IT Service Management… Enterprise software often has the same useful features such as high performance, useful and regular use in many different locations, high scalability in the future to match the vision of business development, easily manage the center as well as drive business and connect customers. Discover more here

Saigon Technology - the perfect name and perfect choice for you

Finding a trustworthy name - to send ideas and beliefs to promote businesses, is really a big question for businesses. Because, each software consulting company has its own style with different strengths.

Has been certified among 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020 with many brilliant achievements, Saigon Technology is proud to occupy the leading position, bringing more practical products to customers. Known and loved by many international partners, Saigon Technology is a great choice for you, turning ideas and plans into reality. Here are some outstanding points of Saigon Technology on building enterprise software. Do not hesitate, let us listen and support you by now!

Unifying ideas

First and foremost, ideas are formed, interpreted and unified through many stages. Ideas play a key role in the success or failure of an entire project. It is noted that the architecture, design and operation are not as important as the original idea. Because when you have a good idea, you are clearly understanding the user insight.

Getting your team

This stage of "try before you trust" also plays an equally important role. Each person has different abilities, ways of working and communicating. Therefore, when facing a new project, the Project Manager tends to evaluate and review the true ability of each team member, thereby selecting the right members for that project with the ideas from customers. Understanding that "human resource is the key to success of the whole project", Saigon Technology is always available with a team of excellent Developers, deep expertise and a thorough understanding of different fields, in order to bring quality services to customers in each project. Scaling up your team here

Making action plan & timeline

After the idea is finalized and human resources are available, the next thing we need to do right away is to allocate the work in a timely manner. No business has ample time to wait for a service provider to struggle with a preliminary plan without having a specific timeline. Obviously, each project has a lot of different steps, and tracking each step in detail will help a lot if something goes wrong or if the Developers encounter any problems. Knowing the cause clearly and the upcoming solution will always be better, right? Besides, to avoid spending time revisiting the benefits of each step, we should take a moment to assess the overall objective and devise appropriate development strategies and directions.


Another factor that is equally concerned is the price. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, because we understand, amidst the fierce business situation today, no business owner wants to spend money on inefficient projects.

Opinions catching & develop more

Software products are born to serve the needs of the whole team, and certainly the demand will change over time. So, in order to keep up with the needs of both internal staff and customers, businesses should always listen to the opinions and feelings of people, thereby synthesizing contributions and development of enterprise software according to more modern and convenient trends.

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