Smart GIS

Smart GIS

This is a cutting-edge technology product that offers dynamic location intelligence software. The team of the client possesses a significant amount of collective experience in the development of geospatial software. Their objective is to ensure continuous strategic advancement for all the clients through the utilization of intuitive and innovative location intelligence solutions.

Smart GIS

What The Client Required

The client has expressed interest in establishing a small offshore team to assist with feature additions and core product maintenance for their Periscope offering.

Maps: The main module, presents data on Google Map’s graphic foundation.

Insights: Analyze data to deduct useful information for partner’s business activities

Catchments: Estimate distance within a radius based on vehicle, speed, and zone of influence on the map.

Reports: Data reports related to resident management, population, store statistics, and business activities.

Drawing Tools: Tools to draw on Google Map’s graphic.

Map Filters: Data filters are applied to select essential data for observation and analysis.

Map Styles: Customize the visualization of data on the map.

Layers / Layer groups: Visualize, and categorize data on the map. 

Based on the client and related contents.


Our Technologies

The Saigon Technology team has been conducting regular internal meetings to efficiently handle and meet client demands. Our team has implemented a robust system of product and service evaluation, ensuring their ongoing value. We achieve this through regular assessments and the integration of cutting-edge technology within the software development industry.

01 Defining project needs
02 Studying the market
03 Assessing technology alternatives
04 Considering the active development and community support
05 Assessing technology alternatives
06 Planning for future expansion

The NewGrove project was developed by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • Google map API
  • Azure Service Mesh, Service Fabric
  • .NET core, spatial database, MSSQL
  • Angular latest version 9+
  • Web workers


Our team has recently just ventured into the GIS business domain.

The requirement was for a senior full-stack developer with proficiency in .NET Core and Angular.

The application contained a multitude of intricate functions that incorporated numerous mathematical equations within a user-friendly graphical user interface.

Optimizing front-end performance was a formidable task in enhancing website and map rendering speed, especially when dealing with layers containing over a million records.



The developers must acquire knowledge and conduct research on spatial databases, as well as familiarize themselves with the terminologies and prevalent issues in the GIS field.

At the outset, Saigon Technology would assign a senior full-stack developer at the expert level in .NET Core and Angular to handle the development of new features for GIS Products.

After a period of two months, the team underwent scaling by the addition of an extra back-end developer and an additional front-end developer.

Collaborated closely with the UK team to develop a solution proposal, assess various approaches, and implement industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the project.

JetBrains' YouTrack was the preferred tool for facilitating maintenance and enhancement strategies, planning, prioritizing features, decomposing user stories, and enabling continuous delivery. Daily status reporting meetings are held with the UK team.

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is pleased to offer our corporate clients with custom solutions - especially SaaS solution development - for their projects, round-the-clock assistance, and a team of enthusiastic Developers & Engineers, all at the most competitive prices in the Pacific-Asia region. The Saigon Technology team offers supplementary advantages, including:

Advantages Partnering 0

The integration of our pricing strategy has facilitated our customers to improve their precision in cost prediction and allocation of resources. This development caused a substantial increase in the project's production.

Advantages Partnering 1

Based on the complexity of our approach, we can guarantee our clients a positive ROI of 100%.

Advantages Partnering 2

The team utilized the agile development methodology to enable quick modifications, allowing the customer to enhance their technical proficiency rapidly.

Advantages Partnering 3

Employing a specialized team for your project can accelerate timelines, product development, and deployment.

Advantages Partnering 4

By entrusting us with your software development requirements, you can concentrate on expanding your business operations without being concerned about the intricacies of technology. If executed with accuracy and efficiency, this has the potential to have a substantial impact on the organization's growth and financial metrics.

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