Realtime location tracking using Firebase

Realtime location tracking using Firebase

Saigon Technology specializes in advanced mobile app development. We focus on real-time location tracking with Firebase. 

Our mobile apps use Firebase's database to show live user locations. This supports asset tracking and staff monitoring. It supports location services as well. We ensure a secure and scalable environment.

Realtime location tracking using Firebase

What The Client Required

Our client had issues with slow app onboarding and old security methods. We used Firebase's tools to speed up sign-ups. We included secure login options like Google sign-in as well. This change boosted user activity and made the app safer.

Tracking device location real-time.

Share driver location to other users.

Show real time line position in the user map when the driver is riding.


Our Technologies

This project was developed by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • Firebase store
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Location and Geolocator
  • Google Map API
  • Google direction
  • Google Place


Real-time Location Sharing: Track user location in live mode. This would work even when the app runs in the background. This allows for continuous monitoring and location updates.

Optimized Route Navigation: Plot optimized routes between two points. We would consider factors beyond a straight line. This ensures delivery personnel take the most efficient paths.

Live Map Tracking: Display the driver's real-time position on a live map. The app would provide a clear visual image of their location during deliveries.

Destination Focus: Locate the map camera with ease. Then, focus it on the designated destination point. This would streamline navigation and task completion.



Background Location Tracking: A background service ensures continuous location updates. This happens even when the app minimizes or closes.

Real-time Location Sharing: Firebase Firestore enables real-time data exchange. It allows drivers and dispatchers to track delivery progress.

Optimized Route Planning: The app uses Google Maps. It links origin and destination addresses. These integrate with Google Directions. This generates efficient delivery routes.

Precise Location Information: Google Places API improves delivery point details. It shows the location and name of the shipper's address.

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