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Music Recommendation System

Music Recommendation Systems have become immensely popular, enabling users to explore new songs and artists based on their listening habits and preferences. The objective of these projects is to develop a music recommendation system that leverages machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques to offer customized music suggestions to end-users.




Music Recommendation Systems are software applications that suggest music to users based on their listening history, preferences, and behavior. With the rise of digital music streaming platforms, the amount of available music has increased exponentially, making it difficult for users to find new music that suits their taste. Music Recommendation Systems solve this problem by analyzing a user's listening history and behavior to generate personalized recommendations.


These systems use advanced machine learning algorithms, natural language processing techniques, and collaborative filtering to understand a user's musical preferences and provide them with a tailored playlist of songs. Music Recommendation Systems have become increasingly popular and are now an essential feature of most music streaming platforms, providing users with a seamless listening experience and helping them discover new music they love.

Our Approaches



The development of the music recommendation system will leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge data analysis techniques. The initial phase involves gathering user-centric data, encompassing auditory preferences, exploration inquiries, and user ratings. The collected data shall be utilized for training the machine learning algorithms, which in turn shall produce personalized recommendations based on user preferences. The system will leverage collaborative filtering methodologies to detect user behavior patterns and make recommendations based on similar user profiles.



The music recommendation system will be implemented using the Python programming language and several popular libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn. The system will be deployed on Streamlit, a powerful open-source Python library used for creating and sharing custom web applications. Streamlit provides a simple and intuitive way to build user interfaces and interactive visualizations, making it an ideal choice for our music recommendation system.



Step 01

Access to the Music Recommendation System site: . Or you can access the main Saigon Technology AI Research Lab page here: , select the Music Recommendation System section and click Try our demo button.


Step 02

On the Music Recommendation System page, to start please choose the attribute of your favorite music.


Step 03

Click the submit button to get the recommendation for you.


Step 04

You can click on the thumbnail of the music to play the preview of that track.


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