Digital services provider Jumar, headquartered in the United Kingdom, has been offering services on all five continents. Thanks to over two decades of experience in providing IT projects, resources, and governance, the Jumar team has consistently delivered value to their clients in the public sector, financial services, and insurance industries.

Jumar is proud to be involved in frequently technically hard projects, and has earned an outstanding reputation for 'achieving what others cannot,' surpassing expectations on projects when the customer has previously battled to meet their objectives.

Utilizing Agile teams, Jumar ensured that everyone was able to go deep into a project, fully understand the client deliverables, and feel supported via a collaborative strategy that promoted growth and success for each.


What The Client Required

Businesses may greatly increase their development capacities, shorten project time frames, and save operating expenses by taking use of the knowledge and cost-efficiency provided by offshore teams. 

By recruiting from all over the world via Offshore Software Development Services, businesses may take advantage of a wide range of expertise and fresh perspectives, ultimately producing market-ready software of the highest quality. Besides, End-users may also gain from better experiences, more comprehensive features, and faster application delivery. 

Specifically, Jumar utilized the BOT model with staffing services to ensure that agile team members in Vietnam are fully supported. Jumar looked for people who:

Loved a challenges and am eager to take charge of a brand-new ticket.

Ready to learn new technology used in projects such as Azure stack, Design Patterns, .NET technology, SQL Server technology such as Temporal Tables.

Took the time to learn about business logic, new change requests, and reading solved tickets for learning experience how to deal with future tickets.


Our Technologies

  • Azure stack such as Azure Active Directory, Key Vaults, Storage Accounts, Service Bus, Azure AD
  • B2C, Function App, Logic Apps, Application Insights, Alerts, Monitors…
  • Power BI
  • Dynamics CRM 365
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • C# languages, Microservices
  • Angular
  • SQL Server database


Communication: Distributed agile delivery model and multiple time zones with associated

Complicated business logic: Complex digital solutions to business processes, including the need to interact with a suite of integrations.

Ever emerging and improving technologies driving direction.



One unified method globally to approach and collaboration, including the tools used, all with
English as the common language

Communication: Developed English language skills from established English coach, regular
interaction with English speaking colleagues, familiarity over time and self-directed learning using
resources such as English podcasts.

Business logic: Increased understanding through working on requirements within a supportive
environment and utilising knowledge transfer documents.

Promoting personal development: Supportive and encouraging environment to meet technical
expectations; including financial support and development time for the completion of certificates
and exams.


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Since the commencement of the project, both the Saigon Technology team and the Client held daily internal meetings in order to improve the efficiency with which daily work reports were sent. Regular meetings helped team members remain on the same page, share information, and address any issues as soon as they arise. As a consequence, there would be more openness, fewer miscommunications, and faster decision-making, all of which contribute to higher output and smoother operations

Every other week, the client-side team and the Saigon Technology team got together for a review session - sprint meetings - to present the work they had done and get feedback. The purpose of sprint meetings was to accomplish all of this in a shorter amount of time. They made it easier to develop in cycles, encourage flexible strategies, and made rapid modifications in response to changing project requirements.


Building A Team

An offshore software development project necessitates an effective strategy and thorough evaluation of essential criteria in order to build a successful dedicated team.

To this project, Saigon Technology formed a dedicated team with a wide range of skills to ensure that the final result met the demanding standards of both the project and the client. Periodic reporting was implemented, which greatly aided in maintaining open communication and consistency throughout the project.

Building A Team
  • We kicked things off by outlining everyone's specific areas of expertise and their respective tasks throughout the project.
  • Then, we carefully assessed each candidate for a position on the team, taking into account their skill level, prior experience, and personality match with the team as a whole.
  • We also looked at their record of completing tasks successfully and their capacity for independent work.
  • We had them come in for interviews and checked their references to make sure they were the best possible match for the project and its goals.
Building A Team

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

Explore our advantages:

Advantages Partnering 0

Client-centric: All client views were listened to and discussed with the whole project team in order to identify and offer the most appropriate solution for the product.

Advantages Partnering 1

Adaptability: Considered the best development strategy and resources to meet the needs of the client. Specifically, we emphasised adaptability in order to maximise the client's budget.

Advantages Partnering 2

Prompt actions: Rapidly identify and implement solutions that meet the demands of the client in order to enhance the project and the final result.

Advantages Partnering 3

Proactive spirit: Developers actively researched and increased their product expertise to facilitate self-testing throughout product development, hence lowering the testing expenses.

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