Client: POMO
UI/UX Design

ITS - Tax Computation

Based on the need for a powerful tool for solving complicated Tax Formula in Singapore, Individual Tax System (ITS) was developed as a great response to that need.
ITS is not only helping the Tax Consultants but also bring lots of advantages to Tax Payer, save lots of time and effort.


Product Statement



Previously, Clients do all the works manually with very basic Software, the End User had to complete the Tax Questionnaires on paper.

There are lots of questionnaires for the End Users to complete.

The Tax Formula (Normal Tax, Tax on Tax) is complicated: The Tax result is based on the answers of the End User, one small mistake from Answers may lead to a critical wrong Tax Result.


Choosing Minimal Layout for Tax Questionnaires, remove distracting items from their view, the End User will stay focused on their Questions only.

Research and Study behavior of users on completing heavy forms like Tax Questionnaires, Online Surveys…

Spend more time on Communicating Feature: This is a very helpful method to let ITS Staff support End User, prevent mistakes when they’re completing Tax Questionnaires.


User Interface

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