ActionWP Platform

ActionWP Platform

We at Saigon Technology are very proud of our position as a reliable business associate for outsourcing software development services. Saigon Technology is the best option for all of our clients’ requirements thanks to our extensive skill set and customer-focused approach.

This ActionWP project's objective was to modernize the active website by introducing UI improvements as well as additional functionality. We were dedicated to providing technical solutions that contribute to the success of our client by using our considerable expertise, technical competence, cost-effectiveness options, quality assurance, Agile methodology, and excellent communication skills.

ActionWP Platform

What The Client Required

Our team utilized the requirements as the basis for the design and development of the framework for the web application. Only by meticulously creating the architecture of the system could scalability, security, and speed be accomplished. This required selecting the appropriate technology, database design, and other components, among other things.

Key Features:

Product Page: Update table view to display the product details

Update My Account : Allows users to update their account info, existing user login.

Order Notifications: Receive notification for order detail.

Check out: Allow guest checkout and login with account.

Abandoned cart: Reminder email for abandoned cart.

Auto calculate the shipping fee based on the customer’s location.


Our Technologies

The use of basic approaches allowed for the determination of the technology that should be used for this project. It was very necessary to carry out the ensuing actions in a systematic manner.

The employment of cutting-edge technology by the team, together with their commitment to conducting regular quality checks, made it possible for the development sector to continuously produce high-quality software products.

01 Initial requirements
02 Feasibility Analysis
03 Proof of Concept (PoC)
04 Team Expertise
05 Cost Considerations
06 Risk Assessment

To be more specific, the Saigon Technology team put the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • WooCommerce


Due to the wide range of product information, the website often displayed the incorrect information.

There was no staging environment.

Constraints imposed by the framework made customization laborious.

The sluggish loading times caused by several changes to the base structure.



Increased the communication and collaboration with the client side to ensure a successful end-result.

Paid close attention to the material.

Built a fresh staging area for all future testing and development to take place in.

Quickened the site's load time using caching and optimization.


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Saigon Technology and the Client had frequent meetings from the beginning of the project to facilitate the exchange of daily progress updates. Regular meetings helped the team communicate better, share ideas, and find solutions to problems more efficiently.

The client side team and Saigon Technology carried out big team discussion bi-weekly for "sprint meetings" to report on their progress and get comments. In order to get more done in less time, "sprint meetings" were instituted. They encouraged iterative development, promoted flexible practices, and allowed for rapid adjustments in response to changing project requirements.

Building A Team

We assembled a competent group of workers to ensure that this job would be completed on schedule. Therefore, we started by making a list of everything that needed to be done, and then we found individuals who could really accomplish it.

Building A Team
  • Analyzing needs: Upon acquiring knowledge regarding the goals and objectives, a comprehensive analysis was conducted on the characteristics, demographics, and technology requirements associated with each project.
  • Choosing competent members: The assessment process involved evaluating developers & engineers who possess the necessary expertise, background knowledge, and proficiency in app development, employing a well-established and reliable methodology.
  • Team Formation: A specialized development team was put together and customized to meet their precise requirements. The project involved the collaboration of various professionals: app developers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, and others.
  • Communication and teamwork: We kept lines of communication open, conveyed information freely, and monitored progress effectively via frequent meetings and multiple methods of contact.
  • Maintaining standards via member follow-up: Quality assurance testing was performed on every member of the development team, and the finished product was tested extensively to ensure its functionality and ease of use.
  • Project Management: In order to guarantee punctual delivery and optimal resource utilization, a proficient project manager was appointed to supervise and coordinate all facets of production.
Building A Team

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

At Saigon Technology, our major purpose is to deliver personalized solutions to our commercial clients. We take pleasure in our ability to fulfill each client's specific needs while offering the best service available. Our team of Software Developers and Engineers is committed to providing 24-hour service while maintaining reasonable pricing in the Pacific-Asian area. Saigon Technology's employees offer extra advantages such as:

Advantages Partnering 0

Our company offers comprehensive software development services, enabling clients to focus on business growth while entrusting us with the management of technical matters. Our organization guarantees the delivery of high-quality results that you can depend on. The successful completion of this project will result in a substantial impact on the enterprise's development and financial benefit.

Advantages Partnering 1

Saigon Technology’s new pricing approach, according to our clients, has resulted in more accurate projection of future expenditures and allocation of available resources. The modification has resulted in a considerable increase in the production process.

Advantages Partnering 2

The team's utilization of agile development methodology allowed for efficient modifications, resulting in the client's rapid improvement of their technical proficiency.

Advantages Partnering 3

Utilizing a concentrated workforce can potentially yield advantages in timelines, product development, and rollout processes.

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As a Leading Vietnam Software Development Outsourcing Company, we dedicate to your success by following our philosophy:



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