Trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2020

2018 and 2019 have ended with countless achievements in technology platforms, tools, and applications related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Modern technological trends set the platform for the development of not only the Internet industry but also other areas such as healthcare, business operation, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.

Coming to 2021, all humanity has encountered a major issue: Coronavirus. Initially started in only a few Asian countries, after less than a month, this new strain of the virus has spread and spread around the world. On March 11, 2021, WHO officially declared the severity of this strain and raised human warnings at the pandemic level. It is difficult to avoid the parallel consequences such as education, tourism, economic development. Until now, no vaccine has been recognized as a lever to help fight the disease.

However, AI technology and Machine Learning are still evolving with a series of breakthrough products such as Intel-Powered Edge AI Solutions, Huawei AI Processor ... And especially in this COVID-19 crisis, expected technologies will be booming within a few months, to support businesses to strengthen the global economy. This year, despite the challenges of disease, it is expected that many AI and ML products will be introduced. This article will list the top trends of artificial intelligence in 2021.

What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Firstly, to ensure that we all know what AI and ML are, let us recall two general concepts of these two names.

According to Wikipedia, in the field of computer science, artificial intelligence is the intelligence expressed by machines. As machines become increasingly capable of analyzing and recognizing events, tasks deemed to require "human intelligence" are often removed from the definition of AI. Artificial intelligence was established as an academic discipline in 1955. After having gone through many successes and failed experiments, AI today has gradually crept into life and become extremely practical for people.

Also according to Wikipedia, Machine Learning (ML) is the study of improved automated computer algorithms through experience. This technology is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms build a mathematical model based on sample data, called "training data" to make predictions or decisions that are not explicitly programmed to do so. Many applications around us use ML that we often do not notice, such as filtering mail, computer vision, smartphone vision, automatic volume up and down when ringing...

Top trends of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Smart Speakers and Voice Search

According to a report by National Public Media, more than 40 million people in the United States are using smart speakers. Because, more and more people are using voice assistants to perform quickly some key tasks such as unlocking the screen, calling someone, opening applications ... Following the success of Voice Search, sales Smart Speakers are also expected a lot.


More than ever, cybersecurity has become as painful and sensitive as it is now. When all of our information - including personal, or government, military, business, financial and medical information - is collected and digitized by uploading it to the cloud. , are you sure no one will ever be able to bypass the firewall?
According to Forbes, powered by advanced AI and predictive algorithms, smart technology will play an important (if not critical) role in protecting people from situations. steal information online. AI can be used to detect signs that activity or digital transactions follow models that are likely to be indicative of nefarious activity and issue a warning before the defense can be breaches and sensitive data compromised.


At first glance, it sounds like AI and Blockchain are very unrelated. But in reality, Blockchain has some specific issues to increase the reliability and transparency of traders. Therefore, by combining both of these technologies, users can expect to power the decentralized data market and push AI algorithms to become transparent and reliable, since the 'assistant AI’ will help analyze large amounts of data to solve problems.

Operate and refine the business operation process

One problem that has never been old and has never cooled down is the clever use of AI to revamp some cumbersome processes that require human support. Thanks to AI, people now won't have to work hard to add or subtract sales, manually fill out reports. Instead, jobs like filling out forms, creating reports and diagrams, creating documents and manuals ... can all be automated with trackers that we do and learn to do it for us more quickly and logically.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition, a form of artificial intelligence that helps identify a person with digital images or models of their facial features.

According to Hackernoon Despite receiving a lot of negative comments and even the press is mentioned a lot by the negative information. However, Facial Definition technology is seen as a future step forward for AI. This technology promises good growth in 2021, and more.

Don't think too hard it will be some deep application, it's not true. Facial Recognition is used everyday and every minute when your beloved smartphone uses this technology for security - unlocking the screen. Or Facebook also uses AI to recognize the faces of the people in the photo you've posted, reminding them if it is their image.


Hackernoon also shared, the largest public cloud providers will have an increase in usage by 2021, since then, the amount of business spending for Cloud will also increase.
As the global service portfolio expands, six super-famous cloud leaders Amazon Web Service (AWS), Alibaba, Google, IBM, Microsoft Azure and Oracle will become bigger by 2021.


But anyway, this life will continue with or without the existence of AI. But it is clear that with the help of AI, our work and life become much more convenient and faster. Don't think too much about the scenario of a robot destroying the world like in the movies, just think about the benefits that AI and ML will bring, if they know how to use it properly.

Of course, we will have a lot of great information about AI and ML technology to be continued in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned for Saigon Technology!

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