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1. An Unprecedented Growth of Competitive App Development Culture in Singapore

2. Leading App Development Companies in Singapore​

   a. TechTIQ Solutions PTE.

   b.  ​Codigo

   c. Sleek Digital

   d. DxMinds Technologies

   e. Webpuppies Digital

   f. Red Sky Digital

   g. Swag Soft

   h. Credencys

   i. IT Solution

   j. Applify

3. Cost of Application Development

   ​a. Type of app

   b. Platform

   c. Complexity

   d. Customization

   e. Developer Requirements

   f. Designing

   g. Development Time

4. Validate your App with the Right Developer


We have positively matched into a new software application age-there is no doubt about that. One area in particular, especially for businesses and organizations is application development. With regions such as the Asia Pacific recording an over 50% smartphone penetration in the last two years, mobile application development is becoming the first strategy for businesses looking to leverage the growing demand for applications.

An Unprecedented Growth of Competitive App Development Culture in Singapore

App development continues to grow as smartphone technology is continually being embraced in the whole of Asia, and in particular Singapore. For example, research by Hootsuite indicates mobile phones and smartphones are the most used devices by Singaporeans to access and browse the internet. Likewise, the situation has made the nation shift to growing its background expertise in app development coupled with other enabling factors.  

Coming to the reasons as to why app development in Singapore is becoming attractive and highly-sought, the rates would top that list. The Singapore mobile app development companies, on average, demand a lower price in comparison to most western app developers. 

Singapore's high scores in mobile connectivity, technology, and innovation within its population is another factor that makes the nation farewell in terms of excellent, relevant app content and services. It is understood that Singaporeans have one of Asia's highest mobile app penetration rate according to findings published by The nation also records a trend of many developments within its local app development market alongside its continued trend in the population making more use of mobile apps. Consequently, such factors and many others have made Singapore a haven for the necessary assistance to app development clients who require unmatched solutions. 

Leading App Development Companies in Singapore

Since we have identified that enterprise app development is the latest tech trend within Singapore, the demand has driven much-needed changes in terms of the local app development standards. Now, many app developers are improving their standards to encompass even clients such as large enterprises, brands, and organizations. Because of this, it often becomes a challenge in identifying an excellent partner from Singapore who can genuinely deliver and develop your app using advanced cutting –edge technology. But how do you rate a company as a leading app developer within Singapore?

Well, in our endeavor to decide on the same matter, we took time to evaluate and determine which companies deserve the top app developer tag when it comes to Singapore-based firms. We assessed the company's portfolio, quality of app products, awards, corporation size and budgets for app development. Here a look at the top companies considered leading app developers within Singapore. 

I. TechTIQ Solutions 


TechTIQ Solutions Pte is a top mobile app development company in Singapore that also dabbles in enterprise software design and development.  Although digital transformation and custom software development is TechTIQ Solutions' mainstay, they have recently expanded their portfolio to include the art of building, developing and optimizing bespoke smartphone applications that target the larger Asian market. What's more, their emphasis on user experience, design-led engineering, analytics-led strategic app development has propelled them to being one of the most highly sought outsourcing partners in the country. 

Platform: iOS, Android, React Native, API, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Java, RoR, PHP, ReactJS, Angular, Devops, Python, Azure/AWS.

Service line: Full-stack mobile app development, e-commerce platform development, software development, digital transformation and website development.

II. Codigo 

is one of Singapore's award-winning app development agencies that focuses on crafting high-quality mobile, game and website applications together with backend systems. The company prides itself for successfully launching over 300 apps since its inception back in 2010. Now, Codigo has expanded its services from app design work to include aspects such as user interface development, iOS app development, android app development, digital marketing, and digital experience improvement. The app developer is also known to provide co-incubation services plus educational coaching to coders looking for practical knowledge under the Codigo School.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

Service line: mobile app design and development, web app development, UI/UX design, Startup incubation, backend development, and digital marketing.

III. Sleek Digital 


Sleek Digital is another app development firm that is becoming a beacon for excellent app creation services within Singapore. Be it a retail business or enterprise; Sleek Digital has been making a name for itself since 2011 with innovative enterprise solutions for businesses. The company seeks to connect marketers to their target customers through its beacon management system alongside mobile app solutions. Already Sleek Digital has a presence in different countries within the Asian Pacific to help expand and transform more business operations through enterprise mobility solutions. 

Platform: Android, iOS, Hybrid, Windows.

Service line: mobile app engagement automation and development, content management systems, indoor mapping.

IV. DxMinds Technologies 


DxMinds is an award-winning Mobile App Development Company having strong footprints in India, USA, UAE, Singapore, and UK. The Company has been awarded as a start-up of the year in 2020 by Silicon India for modernizing the traditional businesses with their incredible app development services fused with new-age technologies. Recently DxMinds got ISO 9001:2015 certification for bringing digital transformation into reality and delivering quality based technological services

Platform: Android, iOS, and Hybrid

Service line: Mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Chatbot, DevOps, and more

V. Red Sky Digital


Red Sky Digital was established in Y2015 by a group of technology experts formerly associated with Allianz Technology; the development arm of Allianz Group worldwide. The core focus for the business is software development and cloud computing consultancy, with a flair for FinTech product engineering. Incorporated, and well established in several key South East Asian markets Red Sky Digital has a strong competence in UX / UI design coupled with all aspects of enterprise software. As an AWS consulting partner Red Sky offers firm expertise around EC2 and traditional infrastructure, at the same time providing customers with full serverless development options leveraging AWS Lambda.

VI.  Swag Soft 


Swag Soft makes a list with its expansive background in more than just app development. The leading programming firm among Singapore's best app development service vendors providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for different industries. In 2018, App Futura ranked Swag Soft as one of Singapore's Topp App Developers offering premium quality app and software products. Its array of clients range from startups to much-established brands such as Toyota, BMW, and even government agencies.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, iBeacon, Virtual and Augmented reality.

Service Line: Android and iOS development, game development, iBeacon technology, virtual and augmented reality development.

VII. Webpuppies Digital


Webpuppies Digital is a leading technology partner in South Asia. With more than 20 years of experience and over 2500 projects, Webpuppies has been offering a wide array of mobile app development services tailored for start-ups and enterprises. Webpuppies' global team of mobile app developers utilizes the best tools and programming languages to ensure impeccable UI/UX design and cross-platform compatibility of mobile apps.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Hybrid, VR/AR

Service line: Native and cross-platform mobile app development, full-stack website design and development, e-commerce platform development, custom software development, alternative reality technologies, UI/UX design.

VIII. Credencys 


Credencys partners with startups and big businesses alike to provide technology solutions that not only solve real-world problems but also build the customers' experience in the process. In their endeavor, Credencys looks to assist companies to leverage next-generation technology such as the Internet of Things, Cognitive Technologies, web, mobile and big data for their growth. Currently, its focus remains in establishing marketing efforts through VR/AR-based applications. The app development firm is based in Los Angeles. 

Platform: iOS, Android, VR/AR.

Service Line: custom mobile and web app development, UI/UX design, Enterprise development, and a game studio.

IX. IT Solution 


IT Solution doubles up as an innovative web and mobile app developer serving Singapore for the past six years. The team of 40 developers takes pride in making IT Solutions among the top mobile applications development companies within Singapore. Notably, IT Solution is known to have developed mobile apps in use by millions of users within Singapore. Some of the apps include The Business Times, Prudential, OCBC, and the Straits Times. 

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Hybrid.

Service Line: Mobile and web application development, UI/UX design, mobile game app development, penetration testing services, cloud computing, and business intelligence.

X. Applify 


Applify is another app development agency that doubles up as an idea-incubator factory. The company further operates as a creative digital firm aimed at going beyond the aspects of mobile app development to include the creation of enterprise apps, IT security and Chatbot services. That is alongside the design and construction of amazing mobile applications for its esteemed clients. At the moment, Applify is responsible for the development of mobile applications for its global customers and government agencies such as Singapore's Ministry of Health and the Central Provident Fund Board. Their app products include the award-winning transportation apps SG Busleh, and SG TrafficLeh. 

Platform: Android, IOS and Windows.

Service Line: mobile app consultancy, mobile app development (iOS/Android), a cyber-security consultancy, UX/UI interface design, penetration tests, AR/VR development, venture building, chatbots, and artificial intelligence.

Cost of Application Development

Perhaps you, as an individual, or company are planning to build an application at a reasonable budget. It is already clear that app creation in Singapore is cheaper in comparison to app development in most of Asia and the Western world. However, as any part of the business process, you are still bound to spend a lot of money to get the app developers to work for you. 

Like most developer companies, firms in Singapore also charge their service on an hourly basis. Currently, Singapore averages an hourly rate of $32 to $170 for developing an app. That is lower than the current price in India, which has the lowest cost within the Asian region. But this cost of app development usually depends on a variety of factors which determine the final price tag of a particular app development process. Below are aspects which would help in identifying the exact cost of application development within Singapore's market.

Type of app

The kind of app in consideration for development is a significant variable in determining how much the process will cost. The different classification of apps does command a diverse price range for growth. A simple, informative application with the basics will fall under a price bracket of $10,000 to $30,000 in Singapore. E-commerce apps bearing standards function are priced at $15,000 to $50,000 if no complex features are involved.


While some mobile applications will only have basic features, clients may need several unique attributes that make them costly than the average app. An example of such a situation is the building of marketplace apps such as Uber. These complex apps may need incorporating location features, tracking, analytic functions and even simultaneously merge with our apps. The result is that the complexity would increase the costs from around $20,000 to almost $50,000 or more. 


The mobile platform on which the client plans to run the app is crucial is also determining the final cost of the development process. Singapore offers three leading platforms in the market: Android, iOS and Windows’ OS. The Android OS supports a wide variety of devices, and as such it requires compound efforts and capital to develop such an app. On the other hand, Ios comparatively costs lesser efforts to build since it operates on a few devices. 


Just like the complexity of an app, the personalization involved in the development process may end up increasing the overall cost. If a client requires a variety of features to integrate, then the developer gears up to improve his/her efforts and the value accordingly. In addition to this, the choice between picking a native or hybrid app allows customers to choose the level of customization appropriately. For example, a native app is much costly compared to a hybrid app that performs on multiple platforms and websites since it requires special attention to the user's requirements and specifics. 

Developer requirements

An app's licensing and copyright requirements are examples of the mandatory considerations for a developer within Singapore. Before the development and release of the app, there may also need to pay a considerable amount to the app store, be its Apple's or Google's Play Store. Developers are also incorporating more of the creative technologies and trends in their app development to stay ahead of the competition. Consequently, the use of new and pioneering technologies by these developers within Singapore may require companies to boost their app development budgets for them to beat competitors.  


The app design is another major factor that determines the app development cost in the end. On the model, this frequently encompasses the features and functionality of the app in question. A wide variety of features would often entail having the developer incorporate the needs of the business into the app. However, incorporating complex designs such as geofencing abilities and GPS into the app design will see the cost rise due to the developers' effort. 

Development time

The development time is another element that helps determine the total evaluation of the app cost. Developing a great app is time-consuming and often ends up becoming costlier due to the consumption of additional effort and resources. While most of the app developers in Singapore would charge between $30 and $50 for an hour of work, the charges may be higher for working additional time. 

Validate your App with the Right Developer

It is becoming more significant than ever for companies to adapt to app strategies that will help businesses realize the influence of app technology and how much it could be beneficial. As of now, Singapore is a practical and perfect haven that offers low cost app development compared to countries in the Americas, Europe, and even Asia. Hopefully, this article gives insights into the nature and aspects of developing an app within Singapore, to further assist in choosing the best company to outsource for app development within Singapore. However, as a safety measure, you should always have proper checks on factors such as the experience of the development company, target audience, and even your business model. Overall, the goal here is to ensure you land a competent app development partner within Singapore who can extend quality services to you as far as web and mobile app development go.  

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