The Upsides of Custom App UX/UI Design in Business


Custom app development – whether web or mobile, generally needs to be built with an eye-catching, appealing interface, but at the same time, it must be lean and flexible to meet today's trends of users. Since the image is the most vivid and true expression of our business intentions.

It can be said that users/ customers may also browse fast to see product/service information, without having to read each line too thoroughly. And regardless of who the target consumer is, what the product is offered, how the design is... it's definitely a brilliant plus to get a seller's excitement and respect for the buyer with a bespoke app.

The importance of visuals – reflecting the style, quintessence, and personality of the brand – is immense. And what potential upsides do custom app UX/UI design may bring to your business? Let's figure it out in this article.

General Definition of UX/UI Design

Two key elements of custom software development include UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), which work closely together but have fairly distinct responsibilities. The process of creating an app fully based on business needs is a bespoke UI/UX design – specifically built for your own requirements.

UI is the application's graphical layout, comprising a screen design, transitions, animated interfaces, pictures, sliders, and each micro-interaction. All visual aspects, interaction, or animation-related things are user interface design.

Whereas, UX is the whole experience and interaction of the macro user. The way it interacts with the user interface elements is typically determined by how simple or challenging. Shortly, UI designers are in charge of the aesthetic and general look of the application while UX designers are concerned with how the planned user experience works.

The necessity of UI/UX in mobile app development is crucial for a developer. If you focus on the design component, an app can be created with excellent functionality. The graphics displayed on the app must be appealing and reflect the brand's style, while also ensuring quick loading speed and user comfort; this is not a simple challenge for UX/UI Designers.

Top 5 Upsides of Custom App UX/UI Design in Business

Have you ever wondered how having a well-prepared UX/UI Design custom app can benefit your own business? Mobile apps are not only an information and sales page, they are also an efficient platform for connecting customers and enterprises to function as a brand 'face.' Here are the top 7 prerequisite upsides:

1. Audience acquisition & maintenance

An esthetically attractive and intuitive UI/UX design provides a competitive edge, it can help build trust and win sympathy from users, thereby converting interested users into leads. It is easy to see that, in today's modern age, each customer has very little time to flip through the information items they need; therefore, user captivation is important to create the engagement of users to the app. To do this, designers must put on their own shoes in order for users to experience an unbelievable app interface.

2. Brand enhancement

'Brand' is compared to the entire quintessence, story, and history of the formation and development... of an enterprise. It represents businesses that bring more products closer to consumers, along with understanding and empathy for them. Therefore, through a custom app UX/UI Design, the brand of the business can also be strengthened thanks to its ability to interact and express deeply only through visual lines. A brand with well-groomed and eye-catching images and concepts will always be appreciated more than another brand with less luxurious and sloppy UX/UI Design.

3. Revenue optimization

From attracting new interested users to converting those users into leads, and elevating their emotions with brand enhancement, the revenue of the business is also definitely improved after good factors. the beauty is built. The reason this can happen is that because the spending ability of potential customers is closely related to their impression of a certain product/brand through visual factors. Therefore, the importance of well-made UX/UI Design to a custom app in business cannot be denied.

4. App development time, price & further maintenance reduced

"If you do it right from the beginning, then you won't need to worry about issues that may arise in the future." This rule of business administration has always been considered as a guideline for most activities in enterprises. And the same goes for custom apps UX/UI Design! 

From there, it is possible to save quite a bit of cost, time, effort and take advantage of the launch speed of your custom app to serve customers. With a well-researched and well-organized blueprint, the team of Developers and Designers will be able to use the great skills they have to be able to create mobile applications with visual in style yet as compact as possible.

5. Consistency assured

Custom mobile apps' appearance is unique, does it give a lot of impressions, is it complete in terms of customer emotions...? Depends heavily on UX/UI Design. The perfection of a custom app design is not only the images or color tone used but also the font, order of items, design style, icons, and functionality. All of these carry a 'noble mission' to bring about the sublimation in the emotions of users/customers, which can then convert that satisfaction into clicks asking for advice or buying.

6. Confidence improved

Guess what, when your company has a professionally designed and stylish app. You can feel the charm of its design through the pleasure of looking at and exploring the categories, and features inside… Then your customers or users might feel so, too. Since human emotions are generally the same in view of beauty and perception.

With a series of beautiful images taken and smartly arranged, a set of delicate icons or stickers, a cleverly selected color range honoring the beauty of specialized products/services… Certainly, when introducing to customers, You - the representative of the business, will feel like your confidence in your company's own application has been improved somewhat. With that confidence and pride, you too can inspire your customers and take better care of them.

Custom App's Significant Elements Design of UX/UI

Well-prepared UX/UI Design is important not just for its beauty. Because the concept of 'beautiful' is just a subjective opinion, depending on the aesthetic taste of each person. In custom app development, UX/UI Design contains the following 7 significant elements:

  • User Design: This included pictures, palette colors, text, fonts, icons, videos, backgrounds, and more
  • The architecture of information: corporate objectives-based structure
  • Layout interface: Planning the conduct and the pages of the app interface
  • Wireframing: Tests the usability, features, appearance, and functions of the app
  • Page Hierarchy: Consistency, flow, and connection should be provided
  • Usability: Maximize usability through easy application interactions for users
  • Placement of information: Placing high-quality material to enhance conversion effectively

Design Your Bespoke App & Paint Your Dream 

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Particularly by showing the outstanding in-style design style through your own website, you can also partly understand the UX/UI design skills of the Designers team at Saigon Technology. By giving a pleasant initial feeling through the very first platform of the website that potential clients might be reading, we are confident that you will make the right choice when you click here to take a brief note about your custom app development project for your business. Free quotes and consultations are awaiting.

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