Saigon Technology is receiving a Clutch Vietnam award!


We would like to begin by expressing our gratitude to Clutch Vietnam for awarding us with this distinction. After a sustained period of efforts and devotion to growing the worldwide IT sector, the group of young professionals and talents that make up Saigon Technology is extremely proud to be recognized as an international powerhouse.

With a proven track record in fields including healthcare, fintech, education, manufacturing, logistics, import/export, and more, Saigon Technology is delighted to serve a broad spectrum of corporate clients throughout the globe as a leading Agile software development business based in Vietnam.

We come from a “pure” technical background and joined up with three young developers to form a startup. We chose to shift our strategy and direction to better meet the market condition after many ups and downs and adjustments, dedicating our efforts to the foreign market with the first projects serving European clients.

And, with two offices in two of Vietnam's busiest cities: Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, Saigon Technology is continually acknowledging feedback and improving the working environment in order to become the finest workplace not only in Vietnam, but maybe in Asia as well. Saigon Technology strives for integrity and initiative in all situations by prioritizing the five basic principles while accepting requirements, managing projects, and maintaining products. 

Our engineering team is always working and developing every day in order to always please clients and be appreciated by clients more. As a result of this goal, we have received a magnificent award from Clutch Vietnam, which is a testimonial to Saigon Technology's talent and reputation over the last ten years. This award means a lot to our team, as well as to our customers who have trusted us for the past 10 years.

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Thanh (Bruce) Pham CEO of Saigon Technology

A Member of Forbes Technology Council

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