50 Startup App Ideas


A great idea is what can change many lives. In this age of startups, app-based startups are very common and on the rise. An out of the box startup app idea has brought people from the rag to the riches. Here are 50 app ideas that will help any budding entrepreneur to start his empire.

1. Tax/ Invoicing App

We have always been in a situation where we have to file our taxes but we are not sure, how much do we have to pay or how can we cut short our taxes. An app for that will definitely top the charts.

2. Restaurant Booking

Just like we book movie tickets from different apps where we get to choose the seats that we want, an app that allows us to choose from the restaurant’s layout can be very useful.

3. Local Food Delivery

An app that connects local restaurant owners to the general public via app-controlled delivery agents can also earn a lot of bucks.

4. Health Inspector

A startup app idea that notifies the user regarding medicines, pathological tests to be done or to book an appointment with the doctor.

5. Truck Loading

An app that notifies people of any truck that is returning empty and is ready to take loads can serve as a very economical startup app idea.

6. Gift Manager

Another good startup app idea can be to facilitate delivery of gifts to the loved ones on behalf of the people who are very busy with their work.

7. Dating or Matrimony App

Dating apps are also very trending these days. An algorithm to analyze social media accounts and then suggest matches is an awesome startup app idea.

8. Tours and Travel

An app that will serve as a portal for booking hotels, flights, and holiday packages can generate a lot of revenue.

9. Cooking Suggestions App

An app that lets you enter the ingredients that you have with you and in return gives you the dishes that can be prepared with it.

10. Local Criminal Database App

An app that gives an exhaustive list of criminals in an area, so that local residents can be beware of them and also they can call the police if they encounter them.




11. Interior Designing

An app that lets the user visualize his/her house after designing it according to their needs.

12. Security Control

Another startup app idea can be to let the user control all the security arrangements in a property via a unified interface based on Wi-Fi connectivity.

13. Paper Reader

An app that optically recognizes the text written on the paper and then saves it in the device for future use.

14. Cloud Presentation

Another startup app idea is to let a group of people assemble virtually at a location and send ideas for a power point presentation collectively.

15. Car parking

An app that will show all the available parking spots around the location of the user.

16. Chatbots

By cleverly developing artificial intelligence, bots can be programmed to chat with humans as customer care executives

17. Musician Hub

A startup app idea that completes the incomplete music bands by introducing musicians to one another.

18. All In One Social App

An app that combines all the different social media platforms and displays it on one single page.

19. Let Me Listen to Others

An app that synchronizes contacts and lets the user see what his contacts are listening to.

20. Amateur Ultrasound

An app that uses ultrasound waves to visualize, who is on the other side of the call. Sounds Sci-Fi but very basic.




21. Selfie Competition

An app that lets the user compete among his/her friends through selfie competitions.

22. Help You

A startup app idea that enables the user to call for electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc. at the click of a button.

23. Disaster Alert

This app will automatically send gale warnings, natural disaster alerts, etc. to your phone and also one can send distress signals to authorities.

24. Urgent Invites

In case of a party that is organized at a very short notice, this app will let the organizer manage and send party invites via SMS.

25. Business Tips

An offline app that will contain strategies and business tactics to help the young entrepreneurs to tackle different situations.

26. Earning By Rating

An app that will send invites for some other app and in return will give the user rewards.

27. Public Transport

An app that is equipped with all sorts of road and rail route maps to help the travelers. A very good startup app idea, if ads are placed cleverly.

28. Sync Camera

An app that lets a person remotely see what the other phone is capturing. Can be very useful in setting up of frames by professionals.

29. Smart Receipt

An app that will send receipts to the customer after shopping via email. It will save a lot of paper and will also keep the bills organized.

30. Song Finder

An app that will help the user identify song tracks by just singing one or two lines of the song. A startup app idea that will benefit all the music lovers.




31. Wish List

An app that lets the user save his wishes in the device and then afterward constantly send notifications related to the wishes saved.

32. Alien Files

An app that will be loved by alien enthusiasts. This app will contain interesting stories related to alien spotting. A startup app idea

33. Tutor Finders

A startup app idea that will connect established tutors to students willing to take online classes. A lot of revenue can be generated by this.

34. Thought Detector

A fun app that will generate some result based on the status update of any person on the social media. Results can be shared among friends for fun.

35. Virtual Cards

A startup app idea, that lets users play cards online. It can also include some betting so that some revenue can also be generated.

36. Plagiarism Checker

An app that will contain affiliate links to some genuine original items. The app will be advertised such that it will save the user from buying fake items.

37. Lifehacks

An app that will periodically send life hacks as notifications. By placing relevant ads, this can prove to be a profitable startup app idea.

38. Been There, Done That

An app, in which the user will enter the places he/she has been to and other people will ask questions related to it.

39. Launcher

A launcher that will replace the default launcher. The launcher should have some unique graphic interface so that the user will be tempted to install it.

40. Delete Recovery

A utility app, which helps the user in recovering the deleted items. By placing ads at appropriate places the developer can earn decent bucks. 




41. Trouble Shooting App

An app that will run a troubleshooting program on the device and look for potential threats and after that it can suggest buying anti-virus programs.

42. Coupon Code Provider

A startup app idea that collaborates with other apps and gives the user with coupon codes to avail discounts.

43. Dictionary

A dictionary app that gives the word of the day, every day through notifications. Ads for English learning courses can be shown to users.

44. Photo Editing

A photo editing app that is available for free but for some advanced operations requires pro-version. A startup app idea that will make direct earnings.

45. Translation App

An app that will translate between different languages. Optical character recognition can be added so that users can translate bill-boards and restaurant menus directly.

46. Social Media Stats. Analyzer

An app that will analyze followers growth, views on videos, likes on posts, etc.

47. Instruction Manual Organizer

An app that will store instruction manuals, so that all the manuals will stay at one place and can be used without any hassle.

48. Vehicle Records

An app that keeps a record of all the vital stats of the user’s vehicle and based on that ad placements can be done.

49. Study Planner

An app that will serve to be very useful for students. It will help students plan their study and then monitor the progress. According to the user’s data, educational ads can be placed.

50. Fitness Tips

A startup app idea that will act in collaboration with a fitness device. According to the data generated, the user will be given health tips and product placement will be done.

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