SCM Portal

SCM Portal

The client expressed an interest to develop an internal system that can seamlessly integrate with their SAP and ERP solution, specifically for PR/PO/RFQ related to vessel assembly and service demand.

The primary web-based software solution utilized by MEO for centralized management of both internal and external systems, services, and modules is Poseidon Office, which provided a unified landing page.

SCM Portal

What The Client Required

The PR-PO workflow functionality provided to the client team facilitates the management of requisitions, information review and correction, warehouse withdrawal processing, shipment tracking, RFQ  generation for vendors, quotation comparison, quote collation and selection, Purchase Order issuance, and delivery state tracking.

Implementing a centralized system for all business process steps enabled seamless collaboration among team members, facilitating prompt resolution of vessel requisition and minimizing email interactions between groups.

Implementing a user management system that assigns roles and permissions to users, while also maintaining a comprehensive record of their activity history for auditing purposes.

Enabling Supply Chain Management (SCM) to initiate the requisition process from the vessel and seamlessly navigate through the Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO), and Request for Quotation (RFQ) processes.

Executing a functionality that enables vendors to submit initial quotations and subsequent re-quotes.

Implementing integration with SAP and ERP systems for the purpose of recording all quotations, generating PO numbers, and updating the status.

Implementing integration with the Vessel Team to facilitate verification of goods receipt/goods issue and obtain real-time updates on delivery status.


Our Technologies

The team at Saigon Technology has been consistently organizing internal meetings to effectively handle client demands. Our team has ensured the continuous enhancement of product and service value through regular assessments and the integration of state-of-the-art technology in the software development industry.

Specifically, the SCM Portal project involved utilizing fundamental methodologies to identify and select the suitable technology.

01 Identifying requirements
02 Performing market research
03 Assessing technologies
04 Taking into account the development staff
05 Ensuring future scalability
06 Conducting software testing

This project was implemented by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • ASP.NET, NET core;
  • SAP integration;
  • Sharepoint to upload and download documents.


The logic and workflow of the system were highly intricate.

The complex user interface was generated using Excel and dynamically refreshed as per user requirements.

Facilitated seamless integration with external teams, vessel team, and Sap team while accounting for numerous dependencies.

The scale and intricacy of the system necessitated specialized expertise in both technology and domain knowledge, rendering it impractical for any individual to possess comprehensive mastery.

The database design underwent frequent updates and was subject to external dependencies with other system databases.



Collaborated closely with stakeholders to facilitate cross-functional knowledge transfer, align team members, and establish optimal resolution strategies for every feature.

Developed a scalable database schema and codebase that could be easily modified and adjusted to accommodate future changes.

Took control of the database part and reduced dependencies on other teams as much as possible. 

Ensured proper management of scope and prioritization of tasks in accordance with the workflow demands.

Generated synthetic test data and implemented workarounds to circumvent workflow bottlenecks caused by inter-team dependencies.

Building A Team

Saigon Technology is delighted to provide our esteemed corporate clients with tailor-made solutions, along with a team of enthusiastic Developers & Engineers, all at the most competitive rates in the Pacific-Asia region. The team at Saigon Technology provides additional benefits, such as:

Building A Team
  • Based on the complexity of our methodology, we can guarantee our clients a positive ROI of 100%.
  • The team's utilization of the agile development methodology enabled rapid modifications, resulting in the customer's prompt enhancement of their technical proficiency.
  • Leveraging a specialized team for your project can significantly accelerate timelines, streamline product development, and facilitate deployment.
  • By entrusting us with your software development requirements, especially for this enterprise app development project, our client can concentrate on expanding their business operations without being concerned about the intricacies of the technology. If executed with optimal accuracy, this has the potential to substantially impact the organization's scalability and fiscal outcomes.
Building A Team

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