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MeetDoris is a web-based tool aimed to increase individual and company productivity, efficiency, and time management. The App's fundamental feature is on the organizing (and restructuring) of the user's calendar based on the amount of time required to complete Tasks inside a Project.

MeetDoris, which targets the UK market, has helped the Saigon Technology team in gaining greater expertise in interacting with clients in this nation in particular, and in Europe in general. Our technical team's proficiency in serving clients from major powers stems from their familiarity with local customs, work practices, and user preferences.

What the Client Required

What the Client Required

These Projects are then continuously categorized by priority. Users will establish a MeetDoris account to control their preferences and payments, and a calendar will be available where the bulk of platform functionality will take place. This calendar will subsequently be synchronized to the user's commonly used calendar using applicable APIs.


  • According to the client's original specifications, Saigon Technology's team has maintained a positive attitude and proactive approach to the a special feature to guarantee that all operations are carried out smoothly and effectively.
  • Secondly, an event calendar is the first and foremost functionality needed by the app. The weekdays of the week (Monday - Friday) should be highlighted on the calendar, with back and forth arrows to see other weeks.
  • Thirdly, any new appointments or reschedulings added to the user's calendar by the app will only take effect at this time. This will be a global setting that can be modified by the user on their profile and will affect all business days. There will be options to change the theme every day in the next update.
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  • Integration with Outlook API to sync the calendar.
  • Complex algorithm to render the project tasks to the schedule based on the provided logic by the customer.


  • Clarify carefully the business rules with the Client.
  • Review together and discuss with the Client about feedback or updates.
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  • User Management System
  • Outlook integration
  • Automatic prioritization
  • Project templates
  • Project tracking
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