When we took on this eCommerce-related project - the new trend of the times - called InstaCoupon, our agile development team collaborated closely with the client to comprehensive requirements. The process involved conducting interviews, sessions, and document analysis to gather and document both functional and non-functional requirements.

Because it was related to linking and paying via bank for the orders that users buy, Saigon Technology emphasized security during the process of building the app and tried to ensure it throughout the process of end-users using the app. Hence, after requirement gathering, our technical team performed a feasibility analysis to evaluate the project's feasibility. This involved assessing technical obstacles, resource dependencies, and possible risks.


What The Client Required

The application must implement real-time data updates to guarantee prompt and accurate information delivery to users. The end-users had an expectation that the software application would function as a useful assistant.

Additionally, it was imperative that the client provides a comprehensive list of detailed requirements in order to effectively utilize Saigon Technology's software outsourcing solutions:


Receive exciting deals the moment you’re moved by beacons;

Deals from stores including bars, restaurants, and shopping outlets;

Only receive deals that you actually want;

Beacon, pop up message, only get messages from desired "topics".


Our Technologies

The Saigon Technology team has been conducting regular internal meetings to monitor client requirements. Through consistent assessments and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the software development field, our team has consistently upheld the quality of our products and services.

The InstaCoupon project entailed employing fundamental methodologies for technology identification and selection. And that required executing the following procedures in a properly defined methodology.


01 Identifying requirements
02 Performing market research
03 Assessing technologies
04 Taking into account the development staff
05 Ensuring future scalability
06 Conducting software testing

This project was developed by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • Pull To Refresh
  • Multi-resolution
  • Swiped View Stack
  • Bluetooth beaconsFlux Dispatcher 
  • Core-Data
  • Zoomed Menu 
  • Filters


Proper preparation, exhaustive testing, and efficient cooperation with additional vendors were essential for ensuring flawless data flow and functioning across diverse platforms.

The task of creating a mobile application that exhibits smooth performance across various devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android can pose a significant challenge.



We implemented a feature that triggers notifications for enticing offers upon detecting beacon signals;

Our team retrieved deals from various stores such as bars, restaurants, and shopping outlets;

Implemented a feature that allows users to receive only the desired deals.


STS Logo

Since the beginning of the project, the Saigon Technology team and the Client side had kick-off meetings, requirement gathering meetings, daily standup meetings, sprint planning meetings, and project closure meetings to improve the distribution of work reports.

The sprint planning meetings are the most significant reports that influence the success of the InstaCoupon project. These meetings were held at the start of each sprint in Agile development. In order to organize and prioritize work for the next sprint, the development team, Scrum Master, and product owner all worked together. The team looked over the backlog, made effort estimates, and saw what can be done in the sprint.


Building A Team

There are many critical steps in building a client-specific software outsourcing development team. There is our standard procedure:


Building A Team
  • Performing a comprehensive requirements analysis: Understanding the client's business objectives, project scope, preferred technology stack, timelines, and budget was crucial.
  • Structure of the team: This might involve multiple stakeholders, including software developers, QA analysts, UX designers, project managers, and other relevant roles.
  • Implementing strategies to optimize team collaboration: Saigon Technology utilized various tools such as project management software, web-based forums, and teleconferencing applications.
  • Agile development methodology: This emphasized flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. Agile approach also involved breaking down a project into smaller, more manageable piece.
  • Project management: The project manager at Saigon Technology was responsible for strategizing, synchronizing, and overseeing the project's progress.
Building A Team

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

When it comes to developing mobile applications, Saigon Technology is proud to provide customized solutions to our corporate clients. Our dedicated staff of developers and engineers is here for you around the clock, and we provide the most affordable rates in the Asia-Pacific area. Saigon Technology's staff also offers supplementary conveniences such as:

Advantages Partnering 0

The implementation of our pricing plan has enabled our clients to enhance their cost forecasting and resource allocation accuracy. The project's production witnessed a significant surge due to this development.

Advantages Partnering 1

Given the intricacy of our methodology, we can assure our clients a favorable return on investment (ROI) of 100%.

Advantages Partnering 2

The agile development methodology employed by the team facilitated prompt modifications, enabling the customer to swiftly enhance their technical proficiency.

Advantages Partnering 3

The utilization of a dedicated team for your project can expedite timelines, product development, and deployment.

Advantages Partnering 4

By outsourcing the software development needs to us, you can focus on scaling your businesses without worrying about the technical details. If executed with precision, this has the potential to significantly impact the organization's expansion and financial performance.

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