GTW Prop Trade Pty

GTW Prop Trade Pty

A startup company specialized in FX trading.


What The Client Wanted

Starting up a new solution for FX trading platforms to replace their old application, GTW - the client, would love to manage and operate trading accounts for private financial contributors. Besides, they want to operate the trade accounts currently using a legacy software solution and wish to replace this solution from the ground-up with a new solution. GTW also wishes to execute several related software development projects to form the final solution, and then to continue the development of other projects that will extend the capabilities of GTW.

What the client want


In the first week, Saigon Technology set up an Offshore Development Center (ODC), which would act as a virtual extension of the clients own development environment to provide development, ongoing support & enhancements.

The establishment of the ODC was a three-phase process:

In the first phase, the solution and workflow were set up based on Amazon Web Service, and training was provided to the professionals to make them acquainted with theOnixS software.

In the second phase, we use technologies such as .NET Core, Angular and Amazon Web Service to convert the window application to the web application. Then develop all the needed features as a FX trading platform.

In the third phase, we extend the system to support more scenarios.

Building A Team

benefit time

Firstly, Saigon Technology provided a solution architect to work with the client on the plan, structure, and solution for the whole project.

benefit money

Secondly, Saigon Technology provided resumes of the developers required by the Client. Then a dedicated team of required personnel was identified on the basis of the Client's approval.

benefit agile

All members of this Saigon Technology team had responsibility to work directly with the Clients to discuss, join the planning and propose ideas.

benefit performance

Agile Scrum was applied to manage project progress. Clients provided the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Tester. Saigon Technology Solutions fully applied Agile Scrum to work with GTW.

Infrastructure Set-Up

Slack and Zoom were the 2 main communication channels.

Zoom was used for conference calls to allow both sides to share screens and ideas easily. All message discussion was kept confidential in Slack channel.

To visual the process & data flow, draw the mockup for screens, we used We also used Atlassian's tool to support managing the project such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket. Amazon Web Service (AWS) was the core of the system. The team needed to study and develop the feature, propose the solution based on it. Some services such as:

1. Cloud Formation Template

3. ElasticSearch + Kibana

5. AWS Glue

7. DynamoDB

9. Route53

11. Athena

13. Cloudwatch

15. Certificate Manager

17. Cognito

19. API Gateway

2. EC2, VPC

4. Elastic Beanstalk

6. Kinesis

8. Redshift

10. Lambda

12. S3, S3 Glacier

14. IAM

16. CodeCommit

18. SNS

FX trading protocols (FIX, MT4, MT5) were the key important thing to integrate to the project. GTW has selected OnixS as the FIX interface component. OnixS provided Java, C++ and C# libraries to connect to FIX. OnixS has a mature support system and community also.

Big data processing (pricing log) was the biggest challenge.

infrastructure setup


Daily reports were required to keep track of the work process, task status, and sprint dateline.

Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective applied every 2 weeks, so that the Client and the Development team could interact effectively.

All tickets and discussions were logged down in the comment for each ticket.

Document and other reference information were stored on Google Drive.

What the client want


benefit time

The work efficiency was significantly improved on the client's side.

benefit money

The mature model of Abstract Technology's offshore development center guaranteed cost efficiency for the client.

benefit agile

Agile troubleshooting response and quick enhancement from offshore enabled the client to rapidly enhance its technical competence.

benefit performance

More systematically testing ensured the enhanced system ran smoothly to cope with heavy data load.

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