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Mobile App Development

EVNT Mobile

EVNT Mobile
What the Client Required

What the Client Required

  • Client needs to design mobile application for iOS and Android.
  • Integration with the Google Map API and the push notification service complement the app's focus on nightlife and events in a wide variety of nations.
  • The app will have ad support (AdMob or private advertising agency if possible).


  • Not enough time for the PO to revise the standard, and the spec is inadequate as it stands.
  • Fail to provide sufficient resources due to BE.
  • Insufficient client-side developers.
  • There is no design.


  • Inquire, note down, and revise the needs for specifics as necessary.
  • Generate dummy information for use in task implementation, and let FE take care of part of the business logic.
  • Assistance, pair programming.
  • FE developers are tasked with creating a basic layout that displays all of the client-requested data.
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  • Main features:
    • Show the full list of institutions in relation with the city and category that the user has chosen.
    • Allow users to search by country and city.
    • Allow users to like an institution.
    • Allow to config the working date, promotion program for each institution.
    • Allow users to call or redirect to google map to get the direction to current location to an institution.
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  • React-native
  • React-navigation
  • Redux
  • Redux-persist
  • Rn-fetch-blob
  • Typescript
  • Mobile app native (Android, IOS)
  • Deploy - App Center
  • Firebase
  • Story book
  • Victory chart
  • Storyteller
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • VueJS
  • Bootstrap

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