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About Saigon Technology

Global Agile software outsourcing company Saigon Technology (Business Registration Name: STS Software Technology JSC) includes its headquarters in Vietnam and three branch offices in Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and the most recent one being in the United States


Our company boasts over 12 years of experience in the international IT sector, backed by a team of 400 highly proficient software developers and a well-established process. We proudly hold the distinction of being the leading ITO company in Vietnam, and aspired to determine the brand position of key markets on three other continents.


Saigon Technology was ranked among 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020. Thus, our mission is to deliver the best and most cost-effective Agile software development offshoring and outsourcing solutions to clients in a wide range of areas such as e-finance, e-business, logistics, transportation, healthcare, media and other industries.

Saigon Technology 2008
Saigon Technology was established with only 3 software engineers with focusing on web and mobile app design and development for Vietnam market.
Saigon Technology 2010
Saigon Technology won the first outsourcing contract from Germany and changed the business strategy to software outsourcing services.
Saigon Technology 2011-2014
We continued to grow up market on outsourcing field to Europe, US, and Australia.
Saigon Technology 2014-2018
Saigon Technology made a big improvement in software development offshoring and outsourcing services when building successfully 50+ offshore dedicated teams for customers in Australia, North America, Singapore, European...
Saigon Technology 2019
Reach to 250+ staffs, clients worldwide, move to the triple size office (total 2,000 square meters), opened a new software development center in Da Nang City, Vietnam in 2020. Those movements mark a new turning point of our growth.
Successfully grow the company to 400 staff, offices in Vietnam, USA, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, become a leading software development company in ASIA.
Continue our growth, enhance our process and workforce to provide more affordable and high quality IT development services to clients worldwide.

Saigon Technology is specialized in providing professional Offshore Software Development Services and Software Development Outsourcing Services with ISO27001 and a mature development process which offer seamless communication to clients.

We help companies by establishing the suitable software development processes and selecting which tools and infrastructure to adapt to each individual customer’s specific needs.

We are experts in Agile Mindset and we have a large portfolio of successful international projects, ranging from startups software development to highly complex multi-platform systems for large corporate clients.

We are a well-established Agile software development outsourcing company in Vietnam with mature software development process and proven tracked records of repeated customers in all over the world, mainly in Europe, Australia, Singapore, North America.

We provide quality and professional application development, web development, mobile application development and offshore software outsourcing services to customers located around the globe.

Our customer base extends to worldwide and includes highly renowned members of their respective industries, such as DMI Inc., Standard Chartered Bank, RSM Singapore, Stone Forest, Payroll Serve, Abbott, Kaercher to name a few.


Our Awards

Sao Khue - Award for Top Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam

Recognized as a leading Agile software outsourcing company in Vietnam by the Vietnam Software Association in 2019.

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Top 50 best software companies in Vietnam

Awarded Certification of Excellence in Software Development by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019.

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Our Mission

To offer the best and the most effective software outsourcing services to our customers.

Our vision
Our Vision

To be Vietnam’s trusted software outsourcing company where clients can find the most affordable and high quality software development services.

Our slogan
Our Slogan

Your success is our mission. We focus 100% of our effort on your success.

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New Core Values

As a Leading Vietnam Software Development Outsourcing Company, we dedicate to your success by following our philosophy:


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