Software Development Outsourcing Services

Discover Your Ideal Software Outsourcing Company

Discover Your Ideal Software Outsourcing Company
  • Saigon Technology has one goal: your success is our mission! We are a top software outsourcing company with over 12 years of experience. We have completed over 800 projects in many areas. This means we keep up with tech changes.
  • Skilled project managers and tech team leaders lead our end-to-end services. Teams of developers with experience across many domains handle the coding. This method ensures high-quality products from start to finish. It lets you focus on your business.
  • With over 350 developers, we offer flexible engagement models. These fit your budget and goals. Our advanced methods reduce project risks and fast-track your market entry.

    Let's explore these details with Saigon Technology!

Our Software Development Outsourcing Services

Since 2012, we've specialized in software development outsourcing, highlighting its strategic benefits. Our services tap into technology's potential. We offer tailored services to drive your development projects to success, focusing on client needs.

Custom Software Development

We deliver custom software services across various domains, crafting unique technology solutions tailored to your business needs. This approach helps you stand out in a dynamic market. Our development covers back-end, front-end, and specific integrations.


Web Application Development

Full-stack development services help businesses create superior web-based applications. We design intuitive interfaces, develop responsive websites, and implement robust security measures. Saigon Technology's developers ensure that your applications have modern features, focusing on performance and scalability.


Mobile App Development

We develop mobile apps that focus on cross-platform compatibility and stunning user interfaces. Developing powerful, intuitive mobile applications offers a unique approach. Our strategy accelerates app launches, helping you boost competitiveness and grow your business.


Software Product Development

Our innovation and improvement shape the journey from concept to launch. We emphasize user-centered design and comprehensive features. Stability is key, along with support and maintenance. This commitment ensures that every project meets its target well.


AI & Machine Learning

Our engineers focus on crafting AI solutions. These solutions tackle challenges across various sectors and help boost accuracy and learning. From there, we automate daily tasks, improve decision-making, and bring new levels of efficiency.


Testing & QA

Saigon Technology's QA team rigorously tests all features and functions using both Automated and Manual methods, identifies and fixes bugs, and submits detailed reports. The team guarantees a stable UAT environment before production rollout. We guarantee your software that meets the global quality standards.


SaaS Solution Development

To develop intricate and enduring SaaS projects, partnering with a seasoned vendor is key to your success. Saigon Technology's engineers, with over 12 years of experience, stand ready to provide expert assistance. Our engineers will consult, design, build, and deploy applications through these services, turning abstract ideas into tangible products with our SaaS solutions.


DevOps Development

Our outsourcing approach speeds up software delivery, boosting teamwork and automating manual tasks. DevOps development integrates advanced security tools, drastically boosting our efficiency and speed. The alignment of development and operations ensures seamless interactions and helps us adapt to market changes.


Software Maintenance and Support

Saigon Technology’s developers are ready to help. We handle technical support, manage infrastructure, and more. Our team ensures your system gets the best care at crucial times. Trust us for a smooth and efficient IT experience.

Explore Diverse Models for Outsourcing at Saigon Technology

At Saigon Technology, we have various engagement models. These align with your unique project needs and business goals. Our outsourcing models for software development offer flexibility and control. Trust us to help you achieve your goals!

Staff Augmentation

Are you facing complex challenges? Outsource software development to professionals. Boost your team's strength by bringing in developers from Saigon Technology through the staff augmentation model. Our developers are here to assist with challenging tasks and support you in achieving your goals.

Get the right experts for your specific needs, which makes it ideal for companies needing additional support on one or multiple projects.

Ideal for Businesses that:
  • Want extra assistance on a single or multiple projects.
  • Undergo seasonal fluctuations and expectations.
  • Have continuous or complicated tasks.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Our dedicated team model provides a focused approach to your project, ensuring a consistent team works with you. This model fosters long-term partnerships that drive project success.

It promotes seamless interaction and a unified method to achieve your objectives. Our specialized team, dedicated exclusively to your project, delivers superior performance results.

Ideal for Businesses that:
  • Need budget-friendly project solutions.
  • Require a long-term business partner with an expert web software testing team.
  • Want a dedicated team aligned to business goals.

Fixed Price Model

Experience a wide range of software development services with Saigon Technology. Our fixed-price model stands out as the best choice for software development outsourcing. You can expect clearly defined deliverables within a set budget and timeline.

This model delivers a clear vision and defined path to project completion, empowering businesses to achieve their software development goals while keeping budget control.

Ideal for Businesses that:
  • Seek a fixed budget and clearly defined scopes.
  • Operate under strict deadlines.
  • Want a dedicated team aligned to business goals.

Entrust Your Software
Development Outsourcing to
Saigon Technology

Choose Saigon Technology for your software development. We promise top-quality results at a lower cost. Our approach ensures a smooth process from start to finish. Enjoy a stress-free experience as we handle your needs.

Experience Excellence

Are you looking for software developers ? We have been creating solutions for global companies for over 12 years. Our team grows with technology. That’s why we gain knowledge to meet complex needs. We are ready to handle your project requirements with precision.

Harvest of Project Experiences

We have worked on over 800 diverse projects . Our experience covers many areas and industries. Our team is equipped to handle any project challenges. From our past projects, we have learned valuable insights. These help us improve and create innovative solutions. Trust us to deliver effective results.

Cost-Effective Solutions with a Vietnamese Team

Software development can be pricey in the US and Europe. But, outsourcing developers from Vietnam offers a budget-friendly option. We charge between $30 and $49 per hour, based on the services you choose. You get expert solutions every time, no matter the price or place.

Gateway to Skilled Professionals

We select only the top IT talent in Vietnam , focusing on the top 1% of graduates. Our hiring process is strict, ensuring we work with the best developers. We offer intern training in tech, English, and management as well.

Various Flexible Engagement Models

Our team of over 350 developers excels in many fields. This allows us to offer different work models to suit your needs. We provide staff augmentation, dedicated development teams, fixed-price options, and an ODC model . Each is designed to match client demands, helping you meet your budget and deadlines.

Adoption of Agile Principles

We use agile principles to stay swift and responsive with outsourcing software development. This style shapes our client-focused approach. It supports ongoing improvements and suits changing needs and market shifts.

Spectrum of Data Security and Quality Management

We hold ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certificates. These ensure top quality. It means secure information handling in software outsourcing and development. No matter the project's complexity, we maintain quality at every stage.

Frontline Technological Adoption

Our use of cutting-edge technology and AI keeps us up-to-date. We adopt the latest methods to meet the demands of the digital age. This ensures your product gets the newest solutions, giving you a market advantage.

Unified Communication

Our team has completed numerous projects worldwide. The locations include the US, Australia, UK, Switzerland, and Singapore. Saigon Technology’s developers are fluent in English and understand various cultural nuances. This makes the team ideal for any project.

Professional Project Management

We ensure timely delivery with our outsourcing software development services. We do this by assigning an experienced Project Manager and a Tech Lead to each project. You will meet these key team members before we start working on your project.

ISO/IEC 27001
Microsoft Partner
Top Develop Clutch
Top software outsourcing
50 Leading
50 Leading

Celebrated Collaborations

Client Testimonials: Echoes of Satisfaction

I have worked with Thanh (Bruce) Pham on several projects and I admire his professionalism and his dedication to delivering high-quality work. He is responsive when answering emails and calls, as well as making sure that work always gets done on time. I am glad to be working with him and hope to continue working with him.

Mr. RJ Macasaet
Head of Partnership – DMI Global
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client increased their user base by 30% and the number of bookings by 25% within three months. They also received positive acclaim from end customers. The app gained over 4.8 stars on the app stores. The service provider's knowledge and timeliness were commendable.

Angelo Adams
President - Zipcar Car Sharing Company
Star Star Star Star Star

I would recommend companies to work with Saigon Technology for their Software development or service needs. The project team is very responsible for their work and would recommend solutions in the interest of the client. The team also responds very quickly to requests, bugs, and questions. One exceptional quality of Saigon Technology was their patience for clients. There were several times when we were slow to respond or test our apps but the project team was still very accommodating towards us.

Jeremy Heng
Development Manager - Rehau Group PTE
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client witnessed a substantial boost in customer engagement and retention. They also experienced a rise in app downloads and active users. The service provider ensured exemplary project management. Their communication, dedication, and empathy were commendable.

Anthony Casalena
CEO - Squarespace
Star Star Star Star Star

The client successfully automated many processes. As a result, their operation became more efficient and streamlined. The team's project management approach was excellent. Their resources consistently delivered tasks on time without compromising their output's quality.

Richard Sæther
Owner - RST Logistics AS
Star Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology Solutions works efficiently and professionally. They’re always responsive and can be flexible. When needed, the team is willing to work extra hours to ensure a successful outcome.

Srihari Akiri
Solutions Architect - Federal Solutions Company
Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology delivered an app with minimal glitches and technical issues, resulting in a smooth UX and positive user feedback. The team met key milestones and deliverables on time and provided valuable insights and recommendations. Their understanding of the industry was remarkable.

Jade Castro
General Manager - Crunch Fitness
Star Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology: A Global Footprint in Software Outsourcing

We operate in various countries. Our offices are in Vietnam, the USA, Australia, Switzerland, and Singapore. This has helped us build a reliable reputation. We're famous for being a partner for forward-thinking software development entities. You can trust us to help you with any of your software development needs.
Offshore development company in Viet Nam

The Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Working with outsourcing software development companies is smart. It opens up many benefits compared to keeping development in-house. We are here to help you use your resources to the fullest.

Cost Efficiency

Partnering with companies like ours cuts costs. You avoid the high expenses of hiring and managing your own developers. This means you get our top-notch services at competitive prices.


Access to Global Talent

Software development outsourcing lets you work with world-class experts. It removes geographic limits, giving you access to a large pool of skilled developers. Your project gains from their high standards.


Focus on Core Operations

Outsourcing frees up your team. They can concentrate on your main business tasks, boosting your production. This smart division of work betters the use of your in-house resources as well.


Scalability and Flexibility

Using outsourcing development firms like ours helps you change team sizes with ease. You can grow or cut your team based on your project needs. This improves your operation's effectiveness.


Faster Time-to-Market

Speed up your project timelines with our dedicated teams. Their focus and skill mean faster development and quicker launches. It gives you an edge over competitors.


Risk Mitigation

Choosing to outsource can lower project risks. Sharing the task eases the development flow It offers a way to tackle sudden problems as well.


Latest Technology Adoption

Outsourcing firms like us keep up with new technologies. By choosing us, you get the newest tech tools and practices. This makes sure your software stays modern and competitive.


Quality Assurance

Software development outsourcing companies enforce strict quality controls. Your project goes through thorough testing and checks. This ensures you get a high-quality, bug-free, and well-performing product.


Continuous Support and Maintenance

Enjoy ongoing support and upkeep from software outsourcing companies after launch. Your software stays strong, up-to-date, and aligned with your changing business needs.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies for
Superior Solutions

Back-end Technologies

Front-end Technologies

App development




Google Cloud


AWS Cloudformation

AI Technologies


Our Software Outsourcing Process

Choose Saigon Technology for software development outsourcing. This means you can expect a clear and open process. This is how we work with you from start to finish:

Project Kick-off

We start with a meeting to understand your goals. This helps align our team’s vision with yours. We discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you reach those goals.

Demand Analysis

Next, we dive into understanding your needs. We look at your business, what your users expect, and any market trends that might affect your project. This helps us create a solution that fits your needs with accuracy.

Terms of a Contract Discussion

We then discuss and finalize the contract. This document lays out the project's terms, scope, and goals. It’s important because it sets the ground rules for our work with you. We define what each side will do and what we expect from each other.

Conception & Preparation

Before development starts, we plan everything out. We make sure we have all the resources and tools we need. This step is crucial because it sets the stage for smooth development.

Software Development

With a solid plan, we begin developing your software. We keep you updated with reports at every stage. This way, you know what’s happening and can see that everything is on track whenever you want.

Testing and Quality Control

Once we have a working version of your software, we give it a thorough test. We look for bugs and errors to ensure the software is strong and works well. Our goal is to deliver a reliable product.

Software Deployment

In this phase, we set up your software in the chosen environment. We transfer data and configure the system to ensure it works in real time. We make sure everything runs as it should in the live setting.

Launch and Maintenance

Launching your software is a moment of celebration. But our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to support and maintain the software. This ensures it stays updated and meets your business needs over time. We commit to long-term success and making sure your software continues to perform well.


Software Development

With a solid plan, we begin developing your software. We keep you updated with reports at every stage. This way, you know what’s happening and can see that everything is on track whenever you want.

Testing and Quality Control

Once we have a working version of your software, we give it a thorough test. We look for bugs and errors to ensure the software is strong and works well. Our goal is to deliver a reliable product.

Software Deployment

In this phase, we set up your software in the chosen environment. We transfer data and configure the system to ensure it works in real time. We make sure everything runs as it should in the live setting.

Launch and Maintenance

Launching your software is a moment of celebration. But our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to support and maintain the software. This ensures it stays updated and meets your business needs over time. We commit to long-term success and making sure your software continues to perform well.

Diverse Industry Expertise: Tailoring Solutions to Your Sector

We have experience in industries that showcase our adaptability and deep understanding of domain challenges and requirements.



Banking and Finance


Business Software Development


Software outsourcing has become a significant trend in the evolving tech industry. It involves hiring another company to do software development. This company has a team of skilled people, including testers, developers, designers, and engineers.

Four of the main types of outsourcing are offshore, nearshore , onshore and hybrids. Offshore outsourcing relates to hiring a company in a different country at a different timezone for your project. Onshore relates to a business in a close location to yours, while Nearshore is when they are nearby, such as a neighboring country. Finally, hybrid outsourcing is a mix of onshore, nearshore, and offshore services.

Outsourcing IT services costs vary by location. Simple projects range from a few thousand dollars to $50,000. More complex ones can exceed a million dollars. Offshore services in Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America may charge $25 to $45 per hour. Nearshore services in the US or Western Europe cost about $30 to $70 per hour. A small to medium project might cost from $10,000 to $500,000.

You have the option of software development outsourcing from professional expert companies in many locations around the world, such as India, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and more. However, it’s best to check several vital factors, such as cost, developer skills, quality of work, and range of solutions offered.

Current outsourcing trends include:

• AI development solutions.
• A rise in cloud computing.
• Increased demand for agile and DevOps practices.
• A focus on cybersecurity.
• A shift towards more strategic, long-term partnerships rather than transactional engagements.

Choosing the right engagement model for software outsourcing at Saigon Technology starts with understanding your project. First, know what you need and expect. Then, talk with Saigon Technology's experts. We suggest models that fit your project. Consider how complex your project is, how long it will take, your budget, and how much control you want. These factors help decide the best model for you.

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