NodeJS Development Company
NodeJS Development Company

NodeJS Development Company

For building a web application, NodeJS plays an important role – or it could be said as a ‘critical’ role. At the same time, this programming language also attracts many talented programmers thanks to its attraction and popularity to the world in general and software engineering in particular.


At Saigon Technology, we apply NodeJS to building web applications thanks to its many outstanding capabilities, speed, convenience and saving effort for Developers both on client side and on server side. As a leading prestigious NodeJS Development Company in Vietnam, Saigon Technology always strives to bring the highest service efficiency and quality through the software products that we create.

Essential Role of NodeJS


First, let's find out how important NodeJS is. Originally 'born' by Ryan Dahl since 2009, and developed under the umbrella of JoyEnt, NodeJS is a software system used to design and build the scalable Internet, not to mention web server.

Known as an open source, as well as a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, NodeJS runs the V8 JavaScript engine. It is this that has contributed to the 'flexibility' of NodeJS. Programs with NodeJS companions are often considered to be quite 'dynamic' with the ability to self-push, as well as Gmail always updating new messages and pushing mail & notifications anytime, anywhere. In short, applications are written in JavaScript, NodeJS frameworks will be used to interfere with server-side operations.

Critical advantages of NodeJS



NodeJS makes building applications fast – which contains real-time and high-traffic (such as communication, shopping, games, etc.).



JavaScript can be applied on both client and server side.


Enhanced Efficiency

Bridging the gap between front-end and back-end, thereby increasing efficiency for the entire product development process.


Fast speed

Thanks to the executable code – considered the fastest in comparison to other languages

Saigon Technology – the best widely-known NodeJS Development Company in Asia


Not only is a company specializing in creating applications with NodeJS, we are also a leading reputable NodeJS outsourcing company in Vietnam, Asia. Our product range expands from general shopping applications to larger projects for an entire industry. Our clients for nearly 10 years are not only companies that need offshore software export support, but also large corporations and companies from such powers as the US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, etc…

Each client comes to us, whether to advise on solutions for human resource problems in the field of technology - software, or to ask about common problems for the information technology industry, or specifically: for NodeJS development services, we are also very appreciative and always committed to serving wholeheartedly. With the advantage of a young, talented and dynamic workforce from all regions of Vietnam, we are proud to bring high-class service and the best experience to clients around the world.

Do you have questions about the right software engineering solutions for your company? Do not hesitate to leave information and requirements here. Our quotes are free and always will be!