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Custom Software Development Services

What Is Custom Software Development Services?

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Such software is designed to address their needs precisely as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software. Such software is typically created just for that specific entity by a third-party by contract or in-house group of developers and is not packaged for reselling.

Custom software vs. Turnkey software solution

Off-the-shelf software consists of a packaged software application available to a large audience with varying, albeit fundamentally similar needs. For example, Microsoft Word is designed for the mass public as a diverse solution to the many different needs of its users. It does not, however, cater to any specific entity like custom software would.

Customized software development entails the commissioning, development and release of a software product tailored to a single specific entity. For example, an application created for JPMorgan Chase would only be used by that company and the department for which it was designed. The software is designed keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind, implying it can only work for that organization.

As the top custom software development company in Vietnam, we have served more than 100 clients from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore… since 2010, with the power of top software engineers, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Let’s discover how custom software development works at Saigon Technology!


Already from the project launch, you will recognize and appreciate Saigon Technology team’s technology skills, business domain expertise and smart project management – from initial requirements definition and business process modeling to user training and solution support and maintenance.

We usually suggest splitting the whole project into several iterations (well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverable) using Agile process/Scrum methodology. Such iterative approach has the following advantages:

  • Transparency: Each iteration delivery is done on time and on budget.
  • Reliability: Each delivery is a subject of acceptance procedures to confirm that all the requirements have been met.
  • Time-to-market: Each delivery contains some of the expected functionality and can be put to use right away.
custom software development services

Our Agile custom software development process.



We have 15 years of experience in offering custom software outsourcing services. Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of open-source and proprietary technologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences.
Our Agile process: with Scrum methodology, the “Product Owner” works closely with the team to identify and prioritize system functionality in form of a “Product Backlog”. The Product Backlog consists of features, bug fixes, non-functional requirements, etc. – whatever needs to be done in order to successfully deliver a working software system. With priorities driven by the Product Owner, cross-functional teams estimate and sign-up to deliver “potentially shippable increments” of software during successive Sprints, typically lasting 30 days. Once a Sprint’s Product Backlog is committed, no additional functionality can be added to the Sprint except by the team. Once a Sprint has been delivered, the Product Backlog is analyzed and reprioritized, if necessary, and the next set of functionality is selected for the next Sprint.
Saigon Technology has been working with Agile Process/Scrum Methodology since 2010. Nowadays, Agile is used in most of our daily activities.


An extensive hands-on implementation experience allows Saigon Technology to extract only the most efficient practices from all the used methodologies, taking into account only real needs in the efficient, transparent and predictable process. We provide mature and high-quality project management, focusing on the vital elements:




Reliable quality assurance is an essential part of any implementation methodology. Saigon Technology has a highly professional and well-equipped independent QA department that takes control over your software quality assurance and audit processes. Besides that, our software engineers also apply Unit Test to the important features and critical business logic to make sure there will be no major issues happened later on.

Our custom software development services:


We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the internationally accepted, best-practice custom solutions.


Saigon Technology Software develops feature-rich custom web applications, sites and portals for corporate and internet-focused projects: E-commerce, Online Servicing and Order Processing, Social Networking and much more.


Saigon Technology helps extend your sales, customer service and marketing efforts to the most popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and others. We can help you connect your customers and employees to corporate systems, create a mobile software product or a client application to your own or third-party information service.


Saigon Technology delivers a full-cycle SaaS model solution development, deployment and support. Our services include custom plug-ins development and integration for any SaaS solutions you may already use or plan to use.
Our slogan: Your success is our mission. We focus 100% of our effort towards your success.
Please have a look at our portfolio to learn more about our capabilities: custom web and mobile application portfolio.
Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our custom software development services and get free consultant.

We started from an idea, grew into a purpose, became a goal, and then a reality.

During that journey, our custom software development services have helped many startups and enterprises follow a similar path, and met a lot of great people in the process.

We know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, so we treat them with the utmost respect.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, the top custom software development company in Vietnam who can provide high quality and affordable development services.

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