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Client: Image Share


Mobile App

Social App: Images Sharing – Mobile App Project

Login via Facebook/gmail. Social network support user upload a post with multiple photos or a video.

  • Banking
  • Social
  • Crypto
  • Ecommerce
  • Management


Requirement is changed frequently

We have to maintain and develop from the existing source-code of client

The project can not be uploaded to App-store because it violates the App-store rules (from previous developer’s source code)

Does not have final UI design

Facebook Ads SDK does not support React-native

Quickblox does not support react-native


Working closely with client to finalize the UI/UX (assign one UI/UX from our team to the project)

In the quotation file, explain every single change request clearly, support client during decision making journey

Consult client on technical issues and UI/UX matters

Convert facebook sdk native to support react-native

Convert quickblox sdk to support react-native

Develop mobile application for admin to manage uploaded content and users


Login via Facebook/gmail

Social network support user upload a post with multiple photos or a video

Friend management feature

Find nearby friends based on address

Send chat message in app

Like or comment on a post

Share user information to other users

Native Facebook ads

Real-time push notification




Firebase notification

Facebookd ads sdk

Quickblox (chat feature)

React-native cross platforms app development

Google Map API

Ionic 2

Google Admob


Social accounts login

Push notification

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