Client: FruPro

Web Application Development


FruPro was established with the intention of offering an online solution to the challenges faced in the fresh produce industry.
The sector has been notoriously sluggish to embrace new technology, but FruPro will speed up the process and make it possible for the next five generations to thrive. The marketplace is designed to be efficient with regard to all areas of the supply chain for fresh products.


What the Client Required

FruPro combines the basic features of an e-Commerce platform and other unique features.

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  • Backend:
    • Microservice architecture.
    • Secure data (banking information).
    • Custom firebase authentication.
  • Frontend:
    • Some requirements do not have the UI design yet (admin page).
    • Facing incalculable issues in the staging and production environment.
  • Mobile:
    • Some libraries do not support good performance for both Android and IOS, sometimes only working well with 1 platform.
    • The requirement is constantly changing, so the UI is also changed, so it is not possible to create the most obvious and clear common components.
    • There are several aspects of the product that do not actually have excellent performance.
  • General:
    • Challenging physical geographies with the differences in time zone between Vietnam and Europe that is affecting directly with the communication and information exchanges.
    • Inconsistent design between designers due to resource issues.
    • Requirements are always rough estimates in the sprint planning instead of the actual estimate.


  • Backend:
    • Backup database during the deployment process.
    • Generate custom firebase authentication token via BE to respond to FE/Mobile.
    • Communicate between service to service by HTTP protocol.
    • Limit IPs can access the database.
  • Frontend:
    • Analyze, read carefully and clarify requirements with BA and QC. Then find out by myself and ask for my Leader's opinion about the UI for requirements. Finally, select the appropriate UI to build.
    • Create a local build of the project to simulate a staging or production environment. Then reproduce the issues and find the cause of the issues step by step. Then give solutions to solve and choose the most suitable solution.
  • Mobile:
    • Some features are rewritten in native.
    • During the process, if you see components that are repeated, suggest writing about common components.
    • Spending more time in requirement analysis to give a general estimate time then have more time to handle the features and avoid causing bad performance for the app.
  • General:
    • BA adjusts his working time to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Ask the client to send a planning file with requirements before a week at the end of sprint to clarify more requirements to get the actual estimate.
    • Need to let resources stay in the project.
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  • Sign up, Forgot password
  • Log in
  • Send Notification:
    • Email Notification
    • In-app Notification
    • SMS Notification
    • Message Notification
    • Push Notification (Mobile)
  • Invoice: generate invoice based on the order
  • Marketplace: add the main screen to let users have an overview of fresh products in the market
  • Demanded produce: buyer posts the demanded produce with needed quantity
  • My cart: is used for buyers to quickly select products in the market and add their orders to the temporary list so that they can
  • My connection: to let sellers and buyers know each other and can allocate orders
  • Allocating order: seller with premium connection can allocate order for buyer without negotiating
  • My Product: manage user products including add/remove
  • Donate: publish the donation product to organizations
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  • Backend:
    • ExpressJS
    • MongoDB (Mongo Atlas cloud)
    • Google cloud platform (Google App Engine, Google Cloud Function, Google ApiGateway, Google Cloud Storage)
    • Redis
    • Ecospend payment
    • Firebase Authentication
    • Twilio (SMS service)
    • Firebase Messaging
    • Firestore
  • Frontend:
    • NextJS (The React Framework)
    • Material UI (A library of React UI components )
    • Axios (A library is used to make requests to an API)
    • Lodash (A modern JavaScript utility library)
  • Mobile:
    • React Native (An open-source UI software framework)
    • Axios
    • React Native Firebase (The officially recommended collection of packages)
    • Lodash (A modern JavaScript utility library)
    • Code push
    • Redux
    • Redux Saga
    • Notification
    • Deep Link
    • Gift chat
    • QR Code scanner
    • React Navigation
    • React-query

Advantages of Working with Saigon Technology

  • The client may confidently budget and plan ahead of time with the help of a set pricing plan. As a result, the client's productivity on the task improved significantly.
  • We were able to guarantee the customer a good return on their investment because of the refined nature of our approach.
  • The team's receptiveness to rapid improvements allowed the customer to quickly raise the bar for technical competence.
  • Our team performed extensive testing to guarantee that the upgraded system performed as expected when subjected to larger amounts of data.
Advantages of Working with Saigon Technology

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