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Why Outsource Quality Assurance? The main point to evaluate

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Any team and each project will always have several vital duties to contribute to the success of that project, and one of them is the job of QA testers. Then, among many areas of the task that might be outsourced for a variety of reasons, quality assurance is thought to be assigned to a software outsourced team/individual to manage entirely and comprehensively.

So, why outsource quality assurance rather than hire a distinct team/individual to do it in-house? The causes and main points to consider are as follows.


The Importance of QA Outsourcing

Many businesses opt to outsource the software testing part because of the scarcity of qualified technologists and the associated high prices. QA engineers, test analysts, test architects, test managers, and QA team leads are all responsible roles covered under the main name: QA Testers.

QA Team Lead: As the name implies, this is the character who will serve as the team's primary leader, in charge of supervising their work. When the team has to employ additional personnel to meet the workload, the QA Team Lead will step in to lead the talent selection, interview, and onboarding process. Throughout the project, they will be allowed to participate in any step or job to verify that everything is done correctly and to the highest quality standards. As a result, the capacity to observe, manage, and maintain a harmonious climate in the team will often be required for experts aspiring to the post of QA Team Lead.

Test Manager: In this role, the professional keeps a close eye on the testing process and assigns duties to the other team members.

Quality Assurance Engineer: Before a piece of software is released to the market, QA engineers will have to find and fix flaws in order to bring a "clean" product to the market and work as smoothly as possible.

Test Analyst: When it comes to the testing process, the project, of course, needs a Test Analyst to make it more efficient. They will be in charge of project paperwork, selecting software to be tested, system testing, and occasionally communicating with stakeholders about the project's current state of testing.

Test Architect: They will be responsible for testing infrastructure and frameworks. And because of the extensive nature of this position, to achieve the goal of improving the testing process, specialists need to have a deep understanding of all its elements. 


Is Outsourcing QA Testers Beneficial?

Benefit #1: Spend less money 

First and foremost, one of the great benefits of outsourcing, in general, is cost savings, and outsourcing quality assurance is no exception. Employing an offshore team of QA engineers is more valuable than doing so in your home nation. You may save money by outsourcing your testing team. This is because a serious lack of technical knowledge in some countries/regions has resulted in a shortage of IT talent.

Benefit #2: Boost the perception of client satisfaction

Before the product's release date, the team should conduct quality assurance reports and enhance the product's quality. This will help fulfill the customer's expectations, thereby improving the customer experience significantly. When experiencing a product or service smoothly, we will not hesitate to leave positive reviews and comments about it!

Benefit #3: Meet the timeframes

A lower-quality output can also be formed from receiving too strict timeframes, too close deadlines, and not enough internal staff/skills to proceed. If you engage a software testing company, you will be able to detect flaws in your program before it is deployed.

Benefit #4: New perspective to achieve

Hiring QA testers to work for you may assist you in quickly identifying and correcting defects. This ensures that your customers get fast results. From there, the improvement potential for the entire project can be enhanced because we will know what mistakes were made and what points to avoid to have a finished product serving customers.

Benefit #5: Flexibility to be highlighted

The number of QA testers required will be determined by the size of your project. These testers may operate as part of your in-house team to fix issues, or they may work independently. No matter what form of work they undertake, outsourcing QA testers will always have their way of completing the task. Moreover, at a certain stage of the project, you will need less or more than the initial number of QA testers. You can also easily scale up or minimize the number of team members as you like.


Saigon Technology: A Pool of QA Testers Ready to Join You!

At Saigon Technology, we are the home of 350+ software engineers, including QA Testers, who are among the top 1% of Vietnam's elite. The models of QA outsourcing cooperation that we are currently offering include:  

1. The dedicated team of testing professionals

If your company currently has a full software development team but needs more staff to support it? We recommend a dedicated team collaboration model when you are seeking to recruit talented QA testers to dedicate. 

2. Staff Augmentation

Are you in need of elite experts in software testing? Are you looking to expand your team size?

Or do you require a complete team but only a few individuals? Staff augmentation is the ideal approach for you. An outsourcing firm may offer you IT specialists that you can monitor directly.


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