Why is Offshore Software Development Service Useful for Start-ups?

Why is Offshore Software Development Service Useful for Start-ups?

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It is not difficult to see the advantages that offshore software development centers may offer to your company. However, in order to locate and manage a decent ODC (Offshore Development Center), the first and foremost thing you must do is spend some time learning and researching some facts, the notion of what you will be confronted with. You can hardly perform well in a role that you have no understanding about, right?

Surely after reading this article, you will have the answers to the question: "why is offshore software development service useful for start-ups”. It is not only the positive aspects that emerge as the advantages of this service, but it also lies in many different factors such as the variety of typical roles in an ODC, or a little further, the reference price if you want to set up an ODC around the world.


Prominent 7 Reasons why Offshore Software Development Service is Useful

This is probably the answer that best explains why offshore outsourcing service is useful for start-ups. Financial and budgetary constraints prevent you from recruiting an in-house team that physically serves the company directly. But maybe also because those obstacles will help you meet better opportunities in terms of personnel, technology, budget, expertise… The 7 primary advantages that most clients rely on when it comes to an offshore development center are as follows:

1.     Savings on expenses

This aspect is seen to be crucial in deciding whether or not to establish an ODC. Because ODCs are frequently located in nations with a lower cost of living than the home country, firms may save a significant amount of money on recruiting employees, maintaining infrastructure, and so on.

2.     Ability to enhance into new international markets

Having a presence in another nation may also help you improve sales, reputation, and brand awareness by bringing you closer to your consumers and better understanding their needs. As a result, marketing and communication expenses will be drastically lowered.

3.     Access to a huge number of competent individuals

With a presence in another nation, your firm will be able to quickly reach out to that country's talent pool, enriching the working culture and bringing more frictionless circumstances for your employees.

4.     Reduced Time-to-Market

Outsourcing offshore software facilitates shared responsibility, resulting in a faster development process. Offshore agencies work collaboratively to address risks during software development. This speeds up the entire process and gives clients more time to become acquainted with, test, and market the product.

5.     Diversified expertise

You may select from a variety of offshore firms that have a team of competent and high-tech developers in a range of aspects such as medical, retail, entertainment... or any other profession that suits your company model.

6.     Flexibility

Each stage of software development will need a varied number of employees to complete the task. You may easily decrease or expand the number of programmers by employing an offshore development business, depending on your demands and workload. That implies you just have to pay for the work done depending on the job's staffing rate.

7.     High efficiency

Offshore developing businesses are continuously improved and updated to boost competitiveness and efficiency using the newest technologies. Your company always retains the newest tech trends, top programming languages... in hiring them. This will drastically cut both time and money in the software development process.


Saigon Technology, in particular, has extensive knowledge in software and is constantly prepared for clients from across the world to offer the best service. With a reputation of nearly ten years as the premier development firm for offshore outsourcing, in the sectors of e-commerce, m-commerce, banking, finance, health, company management, etc. Saigon Technology has made a successful contribution to the top competitive service prices of Asia.


Other Necessary Information When You Choose the ODC Model

Reference price of Offshore Software Development in the world

For an IT startup firm, software development services in the United States are prohibitively expensive. To establish a new IT firm, you must recruit specialists who are less expensive while maintaining the same levels of efficiency. Hiring these specialists from Asia would significantly decrease operational costs. Countries with outstanding software development capabilities in Asia include Vietnam, Singapore, China, and India… But nations such as Ukraine in Eastern Europe or Brazil, Argentina in South America… are similarly affordable and trustworthy.

In addition, depending on market growth, professional expertise, and geographical position, hourly prices may be classified into four prominent outsourcing regions: Asia ($18- $42), Eastern Europe ($30-$70), Latin America ($35-$70), and the United States ($70- $300).

Several staff roles commonly found in an ODC

The following important functions should be included in a typical ODC (Offshore Development Center):

  • Account Manager: This role is in charge of engaging with and nurturing customer relationships.
  • Project Manager:  This staff takes charge of the whole project, from planning to people management, tracking work progress, and directing and assisting subordinates.
  • Developers: These core members are in charge of creating, installing, and supporting software.
  • Testing Engineer: A person whose duty is to check the quality of the product as a testing engineer.
  • Graphic designer: An important one to create visual concepts and graphics to highlight your product's distinctiveness.
  • Material writer: This person takes care of content overall, creating and revising software instructions.


Bottom Lines

We do not want to stereotype this article in the style of Q&A, ask whatever you want - the title asks what, the body of the article answers, but we also want to expand for readers about a number of other knowledge categories relevant to ODC establishment, especially for start-ups. Finally, the ideal countries in the world that can be considered to be an ODC according to budget savings criteria, the broad talent pool, and a favorable geographical location… Then, Vietnam is one of the major places - with a 30-50 percent decrease in operating costs compared with India and China.

Need any further information or have any concerns about the ODC establishment in Vietnam? Feel free to contact us via this box. With proper guidance and a free quote, we will answer. 


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