Top 10 Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam - Shortlisted

Top 10 Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam

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Software solutions have made our lives a lot easier and convenient. It has catered to business owners’ needs to simplify things and get quicker and compiled solutions in alignment with their business requirements. Owing to this fact, more and more business owners are taking a turn towards software development companies to get their business software that can simplify manual labor and get things done at a quick pace of time.

There are ample options that you may encounter while you are hitting the internet to search for an offshore software development company.
But picking the best one is what makes the difference.
Here in this article, we have listed out the top 9 software development companies that have a reputable and esteemed brand to spoil their customers with cost-effective and efficient solutions to all who seek their assistance:

Table of Contents

  1. Saigon Technology
  2. Synova Group
  4. Aegona
  5. Larion
  6. TPS
  7. ICTS
  8. Vinsofts JSC
  9. AgileTech
  10. Bestarion

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology Solutions (STS) is one of the eminent software outsourcing companies, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It houses the best and expert engineers who are highly knowledgeable and hold years of expertise to showcase their ability.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology works with the mission of bringing the best-tailored solutions for its clients at pocket-friendly prices. Despite the location and city bounds, this company has achieved excellence in providing offshore software development solutions to a wide array of clients worldwide. To judge its versatility and quality service, you can take a look at the company’s achievements, which has also made it win a certificate of excellence as the best IT development and software development outsourcing company. Customer software development, offshore software development, software outsourcing services, mobile app development – one can get to avail all these services by getting connected with the Saigon team.

Being a client, if you ever approach the Saigon team, you will feel as if you are working with your own in-house team due to adherence that they maintain to stick to all your requirements. May it be your requisites or upgrades that you may wish of having, the professionals are always there to give ears to your vision. Further, they get back to work to make all the possible changes to get you impressive and notable solutions.

Fram^  was set up seven years back in Ho Chi Minh in the year 2013. It is one of the most familiar names in consulting and software development and has four branches till date. The four branch offices, namely Ho Chi Minh, Colombo, Stockholm, and Da Nang, have 130 employees in all who are highly skilled and experts in their field. The company and its employees aim at living up to their vision of helping their clients at each and every step starting right from their planning stage to project completion. Ranging from Consulting Services to Ongoing Operations and Improvements, Wearefram reigns supreme in rendering all the included services such as  Ecommerce development, Web app development, Mobile app development, DevOps and so on.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - Fram^

Over the years, they have achieved success in building a vast clientele and have some big names in their client kitty such as Bubble room, Samsung, Hansoft, etc. And, they all return back with a happy smile on their faces due to the exemplary and top-notch services provided by the company. You can easily make out the services offered by the company by taking into account the fact published in ‘Financial Times’ that this company ranks number 212 out of the 1000 fast evolving companies.

Synova Group

Established in 2011, Synova is a consulting company that excels in accommodating Software development and IT consulting services. The company has five branches in different countries, namely Switzerland, Denmark, France, Singapore, and Vietnam. Employing a wide talent pool in their office cubicles, this company aims at timely delivery to meet the deadlines. The company has a team of in-house experts and specialists who can efficiently cater to their client needs. Their experts can well verse with clients from all walks of life all around the globe to understand their actual needs and requisites and get their plans into action.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - Synova

Ranging from IT solutions to software development, Synova group has a sky-high name in offering tailored business solutions to get their clients everything that they dream of enhancing their services at the same time.



AEGONA is again a Vietnamese software outsourcing company in the city of Ho Chi Minh. AEGONA provides all kinds of software development services, automation, and software testing and maintenance services to customers in areas such as e-finance, e-business, logistic, transportation, healthcare, media, education, and other industries. The company has a sole motive of delivering cost-effective and tailored solutions to its clients. The company has about more than 50 full-time engineers to get all that their client wants.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam - Aegona

Their software development outsourcing services: Software development outsourcing, Offshore software development, Custom software development, Mobile app development, Web application development.

One can consider availing the services as they are masters in endowing quality management services at competitive pricing. It strives at providing multiservice solutions for all your IT requirements building a trustworthy relationship with the clients.


LARION is the parent company of Bestarion and was founded in 2003. The company adheres to its goal of collaborating together to achieve success, relying on the three factors – trust, satisfaction, and quality. Teamwork is the core principle that every team member working in this company follows to work together as a team and offer complete customer satisfaction.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - LARION

Apart from aiming for customer satisfaction, the company also deploys the go green code by taking up the green office initiative minimizing the usage of papers and documents. Also, it takes active participation in various blood donation initiatives, donations to disabled and needy, and similar such responsible businesses to spread love and care to the world.

LARION has built its name in empowering upmarket and sophisticated solutions by employing highly skilled and trained staff, each having hands in experience to reap the best for their customers. They have a reliable and persistent team that can cater to all kinds of customer issues and flaunts a proven track record for the same. One thing that you can be sure of is quality and feasible prices while availing their services.


Another company that is taking an upsurge to mark its name as one of the best companies in software development is TPS. This company was established way back in the year 2016. It has grown up as one of the most renowned software development companies with around 180 engineers on board. The company has energetic and dynamic employees who are well versed with all the technical updates to offer their clients with refined and elite services. It offers cloud migration and DevOps, software development, mobile app development, technology consulting, and support and maintenance to fledge their users with a one-stop IT solution.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - TPS

The company pursues the mission becoming “A Trusted Partner in Software Development” by continuously enhancing the services and learning new technology with an investment in R&D department. Also, TPS attained ISO 27001:2013 - Certified Quality For Information Security Management System to ensure information provided from their partners are certainly secured.


ICTS is a proficient software development company that holds its name high in procuring cutting edge technological services. It is a Vietnam based company that serves all small and medium business enterprises for designing their software’s and applications.

This establishment once started by employing just a handful of employees, to be precise-just with seven of them. But today, it has grown up not just as a brand but also has expanded the number of team members who have brought laurels to the company serving offshore clients all over the world.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - ICTS

The company has served a few major clients from different countries, including Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam. This company takes efficiency and optimization as its major goals and thus incorporates various strategies to accomplish them.
ICTS provides three different service packages, namely mobile app development, custom software development, and offshore development services at pocket-friendly prices. Thus this establishment enjoys all-time clients from all over the world. Owing to the standard quality services presented by the experts, this company never faces a dearth of clientele.

Vinsofts JSC

Established in 2013, Vinsofts JSC is a software development company that came into existence on the Independence Day of America. It was earlier known by the name Vin Software company limited, which was further rechristened as Vinsofts in the year 2016. This company works intending to yield the best services and products for its clients.  

Their sole mission is to impart user-friendly solutions that can be easily customized according to the wishes of the customers. Despite the location, this company renders its offshore outsourcing services to clients all over the world to spoil them with valued services by expert team members on the go. It has worked for some major clients, namely VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc., which shows the capability of the company to cater to its client’s requirements.

AgileTech Vietnam

Founded in 2015, AgileTech Vietnam is a quality outsourcing software company, specializing in Website - Mobile development, Testing services; Blockchain (Decentralized Exchange) services, and AI (Image processing) services. To cement their leading position and consistently deliver, AgileTech embraces high commitment and flexible methodologies. 

AgileTech is recognized and trusted by many businesses of different sizes over 10 countries with up to more than 90% customer satisfaction rate. Since its inception, the company has earned several prestige awards and industry recognitions, namely the Top App Development Company in Vietnam by Appfutura, Reliable Company Award by Extract, Top-Rated Software Development Companies by Software world and Top Mobile App Developers 2020 by Clutch.

The top benefits of working with AgileTech include:

  • Working with a highly competent team that is well managed in a clear process.
  • Experience in diverse industries
  • Client-focused products with an assurance of quality
  • Competitive & transparent pricing


Bestarion is a subsidiary of LARION – the best software development company which was founded long back in the year 2003. Thus Bestarion inherits a lot of characteristics from its parent company. The employees here collaborate together as one unit to add a few more stars to the company’s name with a combined goal of succeeding together.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies of Vietnam  - Bestarion

This company aims at helping other businesses taste the flavor of success by equipping them with bleeding-edge technological solutions and consulting services. The company employs more than 150 talented engineers who leave no stone unturned to serve their clients all over the world with what they exactly need. The company holds its name for serving numerous clients for about 14 countries across the globe.

May it be software development, DevOps, web app development, process modeling, front end development, Bestarion can cater to all your requirements.


So, these were a few top software solution provider names on whom you can bank on to fulfill your outsourcing needs. We hope that this blog proves helpful for you to quench your quest of searching an offshore company that extends matchless and unparalleled services. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with one of your choice and take your business to the next level!

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