Top 3 Misunderstandings about Offshore Software Development

Top 3 Misunderstandings about Offshore Software Development

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The concept of working remotely with a team in the same (or different) country/on the same (or different) continent is no longer a strange, new thing for most businesses surviving in the post-COVID19 era. However, regardless of the type of collaboration, deficiencies are sure to exist and become barriers for new consumers. Remember that there will always be issues, even with in-house employee recruiting. As a result, whatever the misconceptions are, aggressively seek out the positives in order to objectively comprehend other outstanding values.

Regardless of profession, there is a desire to be able to manage remote work in order to keep each other safe in the midst of so many coronavirus strains that are raging at the moment. And the field (which may be considered to be) simplest to outsource is information technology. For a long time, the contact and mutual support that has happened between two teams that are geographically separated from one another has been seamless and successful. And this is the most popular service we provide today: offshore software development.

Now, in this article, we'll dispel the top 3 misunderstandings regarding offshore software development!



Frequent doubt

Every day when advising customers about the services that Saigon Technology has, we receive many questions expressing concern about the Quality factor. Definitely, this is the most important pre-eminent factor in choosing a product development service provider. The rapid growth of the “offshore software development” service industry has made it come to be associated with low-quality software engineers.

100% resolved by Saigon Technology

Obviously, a good and terrible software developer may be found in every nation, and there are ways to tell them apart. Simply put, we provide you with limitless access to the most dynamic and talented team members from Vietnam. As a result of our transparent, no-frills offshore strategy, you may go into the vast talent pool in Vietnam and choose your dedicated team, the software professionals themselves. In addition, quality is also reflected in the regular monitoring of the product development process. Because we always believe that every action/operation must be optimized and strengthened in all aspects to create an overall perfect result.



Frequent doubt

Whether at the planning stages, project implementation, or future scaling, the information given by both parties must be kept confidential. Leaking project information to the outside world is frowned upon, if not criminal. All client databases must be kept, and all knowledge regarding the software engineering team's working techniques, tools, and problem-solving methodologies is critical throughout the development career.

100% resolved by Saigon Technology

Surprisingly, this seemingly massive challenge is actually rather simple to solve! Because an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) would be beneficial. This is regarded as a "guarantee" aspect for subsequent software development process security. Furthermore, if you pick trustworthy and experienced offshore businesses, product security flaws are unlikely to arise. With over ten years of experience in the IT sector, Saigon Technology will not let you down with these unneeded issues. Because, before beginning a project, security is always a factor that we prioritize and strive to avoid making any mistakes.



Frequent doubt

Who can imagine how fluidity will take place during the exchange of information between two parties. Not to mention the poor Internet connection, the quality of communication applications is not good, the difference in culture and the use of international languages are not uniform… Software outsourcing conjures up images of nonverbal manufacturing lines, but that's not certain how it happens.

100% resolved by Saigon Technology

Advanced communication tools make information exchange (especially in a business-oriented setting) a piece of cake in 2021 if you go offshoring. With instant messaging, video conferencing, and time-tracking software as well as scrum meetings and private chat rooms, the possibilities are infinite. In terms of language, all members at Saigon Technology are fluent in English as a perfect second language. We recruit very rigorously with qualification requirements up to 6.5 IELTS, requiring candidates to master 4 skills of Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing, and specialized technical terms.


Let Saigon Technology Support You!

At Saigon Technology, most of our pricing policies are clear and transparent from the outset - not to mention book readers receive free quotations through our consultation info-box. The price factor is hardly a big concern for customers when reaching out to us.

With a branch office in Da Nang city and a head office in the center of Ho Chi Minh, from the start, Saigon Technology attracted the two busiest cities in the country because of its staff and location under the central government of Viet Nam. While Saigon Technology has been producing high-quality technology products for almost a decade, it has also been keeping up with technical advancements in Vietnam and other countries across the world.


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