The Comparison: Offshore & Onshore Software Development

The Comparison: Offshore & Onshore Software Development

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While bigger firms have accessible in-house IT departments that can build and upgrade any software whenever they require, most smaller enterprises or start-ups do not have such skills. In other words, SMEs don't even have the vision and reasonable budget to pay for the money to hire, train, and reward new employees. Therefore, the shortage of personnel is the major reason why most firms would conduct software development outsourcing.

Finding and selecting the proper service provider, on the other hand, is not always simple. Because so many new firms are formed every day, so many new portfolios are updated, and so many software items are released. This dynamic variety is occurring in the global IT industry; nevertheless, there are still some software outsourcing ideas that are firmly entrenched in the market, particularly: offshore software development.

Only after you thoroughly grasp the benefits and drawbacks of each form of software outsourcing outlined above will you be able to make the right decision for you. Let's find out everything in this post!

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

Operation costs decreased

By cutting an organization's investments in capital spending and wanting training in the residential sector. Using a company's resources often improves.

Business scalability increased

And since such methods cut the costs, resources, and infrastructure of recruitment and hiring. Enable your firm, based on business demands, to swiftly expand and contract people abroad. With the assistance of software outsourcing, so many firms have expanded and are now controlling the world.

Offshore Software Development

Take the US as an example. From the US, a team is called an “offshore team” when it is located in Asia, Europe or Latin America. Usually, these providers save the most but may have problems of their own kind, including cultural differences and the need to negotiate a bigger time zone gap. You should choose a location in the list of the best offshore software development countries to get trusted services. 

Pros of Offshore Software Development

  • Cost-efficient

Offshore software development cost is considered to be much more cheaper for the specialized team of professionals to take into account both additional choices while not compromising their performance or job quality. As it may be escalated, the employees can only concentrate on a certain project for their firm that has to meet stringent deadlines.

  • The transnational pool of talent

If you go offshore outsourcing, you would take access to the dynamic and great talents worldwide. Not only do your employees offer specialist services across various locations, but there is also a reduction in labor shortages, poor customer involvement, communication…

  • Various time zones

Actually, this is not quite as challenging as people think. Actually, this unique advantage of different time zones offers you the benefit of non-stop business. Adaptive work changes ensure that the most relevant personnel are accessible for your business every hour of the day, every day. Simply imagine that, when you go to bed at night, the developers will be working during that time; and the next morning when you wake up, you will have at least one task to test, accept… and the work goes on.

There are many questions raised about how the meeting and information exchange will take place when the project goes offshoring. Kinda easy! The two discuss choosing the most suitable time frame possible - as long as it's not too late or too early, and choose an alternative time frame to back up if one of them has an unexpected job.

Cons of Offshore Software Development

  • Inconsistent quality

In this factor, the problem of the barrier of languages, culture gaps, and time zone differences are quite prominent issues if both sides do not know how to harmonize and handle skillfully. Because these are, after all, only proactive barriers that can be overcome. Therefore, they do not mean too much about hindering the progress of the project.

On the other hand, if you are using an offshore service, you might not know well about who the software engineers really are, therefore you rely on the offshore firm to recruit skilled personnel. If you hire the lowest available software developers, the quality of your work might be affected. A lack of supervision means that some offshore firms cannot afford to completely comply with copyright and IP laws, and this would be very troublesome and difficult for you if it were given to you.  

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Onshore Software Development

The same example to the “Offshore Software Development” headline: the US. From the US, the company is called "onshore software development" when they are located within the US territory, although this is a large country, this enables smooth contact between two parties and minimizes the time for travel for meetings on-site.

Pros of Onshore Software Development

  • Cost-efficient

In terms of perfectly trained developers, it is not as cost-efficient as it is in relation to the other two. Since talent always comes with a high fee. So it is understandable that the more well-known your partner is, the higher the onshore outsourcing service fee will also be. However, it saves you a lot of time and money in terms of resources and infrastructure.

  • Capacity to meet & work in-person

Meetings in person are considerably simpler if the development is outsourced to a local firm. Though the firm is in a different state, meetings are far less difficult for individuals than when it is in other countries. Meetings in person simplify the development of connections and communication of your desires and needs with the firm you work with. This is especially true for virtual meetings because time zones are less difficult.

  • No Barrier to Language

Since the software developer is from the same nation, you can talk without any issue and understand each other. Straightforward comprehension due to no differences in language or culture and the same holidays.

Cons of Onshore Software Development

  • High rates of services

The quality of the software developers working on your project is likely to increase onshore development costs. You pay more for knowledge and skill, yet the high bill rates tend to be a superior software solution. Although development abroad is generally cheaper, the software is often reworked because of lack of quality. Redesigning software is expensive, and you won't generally have to worry if you outsource software to an onshore business.


Bottom Lines

Of fact, the 2020 pandemic has become a worldwide concern, but fortunately, it is also viewed as a stimulus for software development. In particular, many firms' digital transformations have been expedited if they want to stay afloat during the pandemic; it also supports remote work in most enterprises, as well as producing numerous innovations for partnership management…

These undesirable impacts have negatively affected the business and operation of the company in different ways. However, companies who previously incorporated or adapted readily as a strategy to outsource the development of their software have absorbed in 2020/2021 the effect of the global economic slump.

It is important that you evaluate the advantages and the downsides of each delivery strategy and the schedule, scope, budget, and expense of your project. Don't wait any longer! Leave your brief information or ideas here to get a free quote today in 2021! Saigon Technology – with the position of one of the outstanding leaders of Vietnam's IT industry for many years, is always confident to meet the needs of large and small business customers around the world. Many of our clients come from major powers such as the US, Canada, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Ukraine… and have taken advantage of offshore software development as the most optimal development method for them in both budgets and in terms of technology. 


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