Offshore Software Development – Top 7 Advantages & Disadvantages

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Offshore Software Development

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Is offshoring software development as easy as all the reviews that have been written before?

How much percentage can I trust the offshore software developer team?

Are my software projects' quality assured?

What are the disadvantages of offshoring?

How to get visibility into offshoring software development prices worldwide?

What advantages will I get from offshoring software development?

If you had the same idea about more than one of these 5 typical questions about offshore software development; then, this article is for you.


Advantages of Offshore Software Development

Here are 5 outstanding advantages that have been recognized from many case studies of offshoring projects around the world, as well as for customers who have chosen Saigon Technology to send their ideas.

Costs reduced

By far the most famous advantage of offshore is its cost-saving possibility. The decrease in costs is important when you start to implement any software project. While the stigma of outsourcing software continues, its availability to 'low cost' employment may be both lawful and cost-effective in scaling your firm if labor expenses would otherwise be an obstacle to development. Indeed, according to our latest research on global externalization, 24% of IT decision-makers participating believe that the main obstacle to expanding is employment expenses.

For instance, the most visible factor is the series of costs of recruitment – training – fixed salary to maintain – bonus – other social security fees… when you start looking for an employee to work. official fixation at the company. So, the costs related to human resources will be significantly reduced if you choose a suitable service provider.

Access to a team of talented and experienced professionals

IT experts are in short supply in several areas of technology (including data science, big data, intelligence artifacts, DevOps engineers, and certain more recent programming languages). If it is really challenging to recruit IT professionals in your nation, the use of offshore development teams will become excellent alternatives - assisting you address the problems of shortage of IT experts. Companies should instead focus on utilizing specialist personnel to address goods, services, and activities that include fundamental functions in software development.

With a team of experienced and talented Software Development Experts, Quality Control, UX/UI Designers... from all over Vietnam, Saigon Technology is confident to bring the best software development services in the country - especially for offshoring projects.

Short-term offshoring projects considered

This form of service gives businesses the flexibility to meet deadlines and demand increases and to scale up or down rapidly, as necessary. It is also an excellent technique to rapidly build together a proof of concepts, prototypes, and minimal viable products that can be considered before the beginning of the development phase to collect feedback and enhance an idea.


If you are so engrossed in setting up a cumbersome fixed IT staff that you forget that time in business is priceless, a competitive market is said to be the prerequisite factor in choosing an appropriate provider. . The more you lose in the marketplace, the longer you take your project. At that time, the amount of money that you have to spend for the incidents that arise can be very large. The longer the job takes, the higher the expense you must pay.

It isn't easy to build your own projects from the beginning. The hiring, development and implementation of staff takes time. Sometimes tension and lack of resources might cause you to stress. However, things will not stop there, the more you try to focus on a problem that you could have solved quickly with outsourced services in the first place, the harder it will be for you to focus on your work. & the main business goal of the enterprise. Don't let the side issues distract you!

Potential trustfulness

This does not appear to be an official advantage, and many people might have this factor. However, a trustworthy firm can offer reliability. Most projects are based on legal contracts such as contracts, NDA. These documents ensure that your project is covered and can be deployed on time. In addition, this might help establish confidence between them.


Disadvantages of Offshore Software Development

If there are the following 5 advantages, then potential disadvantages should not be ignored during offshoring projects. Let’s take a look!

Potential risks of IP

This is really not something you can simply ignore, given the importance of IP, just develop a plan to safeguard your IP prior to hire any outsourcing company onshore. This would cover all data, algorithms, code, or business secrets that are used for your business to produce value. Find out, if any to protect your solutions, what precautions you have.  Hence, audit the digital assets of your organization to see to it that everything is reported, secured, and monitored for unauthorized access, security violations, and vulnerabilities that might jeopardize your enterprise.

Language & culture barrier

In particular, in terms of commercial transactions, English has become the worldwide language. It can assist us to exchange thoughts by speaking the common language. But communication occasionally doesn't go as we expect. This might be a problem that has to be taken into account during the job process. It might delay your project down and cost you extra time, money, and other major problems.

Different communication methods include email, immediate conversation, video calls, virtual meetings. However, the crucial directions and criteria are occasionally merely missed. In certain situations, though, the significance of what you desire cannot be comprehended.

These distinctions might also be found in religion, culture, customs, etc. It also involves the thinking and ethics of the task. Some firms, particularly in foreign marketplaces, which have been in the sector for some years, may not be a great deal for you. However, you may fill the gap by examining your portfolios and receiving further information or comments from the person who has worked with them.


Bottom Lines

All price levels variables are based on the basis of potential and many factors have already been analyzed. Saigon Technology also contains several excellent articles showing this already. Why not contact Saigon Technology for free, thorough advice, if you still worry about your own treasured concept and project?

Saigon Technology is the leader in the ranks of the 15 most famous software outsourcing businesses in Asia, especially Vietnam, with approximately 10 years of foundation and growth in the field of information technology. In many successive years in Viet Nam, Saigon Technology is the home of over 400 top programmers, with various languages such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, C/ C++, JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET, Angular.JS, NodeJS, .NET, ReactJS.


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