Software Outsourcing : Guide from The Top Software Outsourcing Company

Software Outsourcing : Guide from The Top Software Outsourcing Company

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Every aspect of life is digitalized nowadays: from buying a new Tesla to set up a trust fund – everything is done online, by means of special software and applications. No wonder that 70% of businesses already have their digitalization strategies. Luckily, the market of apps is enormous; Google Play Market alone gets filled with about 3,700 applications a day while Apple App Store hosts 1.96 million apps in total! However, many owners understand that the existing offer does not entirely satisfy the company’s specific needs. And this is where software outsourcing development steps in.

Saigon Technology, a leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam, proud to share with you this in-depth article about the software outsourcing industry!

This article is dedicated to explaining the whole process of software outsourcing in detail. You will find tips and checklists to get the right team for your development project. Should you be interested in a particular aspect of outsourcing, just click on the link from our table of contents below and access the information you need.


Table of Content

  1. What is Software Outsourcing?
  2. You Should Choose Outsourcing Software Development for The Following 5 Key Reasons.
  3. How to Select The Most Appropriate Software Development Vendor.
  4. Outsource Software Development Instead of an In-house Team, Why?
  5. How to Choose The Right Model for Your Project?
  6. What are The Software Outsourcing Models?
  7. What Does A Software Development Outsourcing Process Look Like?
  8. The Advantages & Challenges of Software Outsourcing.
  9. Guidelines for Outsourcing Software Development.
  10. Top Outsourcing Software Development Companies.
  11. Why choose Saigon Technology as An Outsourcing Partner?
  12. Summary.


What is software outsourcing?

What is Software Outsourcing?

Before we get into the intricacies of the process, let's define what software outsourcing means.


Outsourcing is a company technical method in which a third-party vendor is allocated a task, process, function, or component of a company. The supplier may be an individual or a company, depending on the nature of the activity. Outsourcing is utilized most frequently in the IT sector in today's globe. 


If you question what software engineering outsourcing means, the response is simple: the principle is to recruit an external firm or someone that carries out a set of duties on behalf of the client. The distinction is that some firms can outsource the whole app development process (for example, if a non-tech company needs a new app to manage check-ins or working hours), whilst others would just outsource part of it. 


In-house software development is a perfect process since it allows a company to design and produce the solution they exactly need. Yet, as practice shows, development requires time, expertise, and quite large budgets; in most cases, one of these elements becomes a blocker for in-house projects. Luckily, there is a service called client software development outsourcing; it can make the dream solution come true within a tight deadline and with a limited budget.


Outsourcing is one of the top trends in software development in the last several years. Non-tech firms seek outside their team for specialist expertise, whereas 60%+ software development firms outsource at least a part of their development processes. The professionals in this sector are most often assigned to the QA/testing stage. In development outsourcing, project management and planning are also prevalent. In 2021, cybersecurity outsourcing is prevalent. This means that even seasoned software engineers would consider seeking external assistance from outsourcing developers to prevent data infringements and reduce hackers.


Why should your business outsource software development?

You Should Choose Outsourcing Software Development for The Following 5 Key Reasons 

The common assumption for this is that, whenever a company has to reduce costs regardless of the quality of its services, they will probably immediately think of developing software that is designed to be outsourced. In fact, outsourcing saves money, but there are other significant factors to consider.

1. Lower onboarding costs

Welcoming a new member to onboarding always brings many complicated and (can be said) difficult procedures for businesses with tight budgets or SMEs. The new employee should learn about the company's internal regulations, project details, network contacts, existing duties, processes, etc. The new team member usually takes approximately one month or two.

In that time, a firm pays the two employees' wages (the newcomer and the leaving specialist). By employing a certain company or individual for a given activity, all this onboarding can merely be reduced to the basic information. In addition, while outsourcing involves introducing an individual into the team, it tends to take less time to learn all the intricacies.

2. New and knowledgeable on the subject

Outsourcing software services are important via external examination of the industrial method and experience. The outsourced personnel can detect the missing parts of a production line or bring fresh ideas from prior experience to the table. In real fact, these specialists might give many more benefits than a single assignment.

3. A technique of recruiting talents

A test run is often carried out for an employee, however, it cannot be extended forever by corporations. Outsourcing permits you in the field to attempt your know-how in real-time for an unlimited amount of time with a brilliant mind. It enables companies in many nations to avoid problems with permanent contracts and excessive taxes.


But the assignment of individual work for a set period and price is an ideal means of vetting the sector and creating a pool of possible full-time recruiting prospects. Naturally, outsourcing is about avoiding full-time recruitment.

4. Bring in a 'superstar'

When finances are tight and you want a project manager with experience in your area, outsourcing might be a fantastic and appropriate solution. You may not have the resources to hire one full-time, but even momentary assistance from an industry 'superstar' will expedite the process and provide the groundwork for future business. Add to that the superstar's influence and audience's contact list, and you have still another incentive to choose this choice.

5. Focus on what matters

Small tasks must be done, but they might occupy all of your time, leaving none for what really matters. Just like families hire housekeepers, companies need to outsource some services to focus on their primary goals and targets. By paying such a housekeeper, a company gets clean floors while making money on production, for example. Free up time to do what you do best and let the outsourced team care for the small tasks.


Why and when to outsource software development

How to Select The Most Appropriate Software Development Vendor

Half the job carried out is the choice of a trustworthy software development firm for outsourcing. One key aspect for the success of the project is a good partner that reports on time, fits within time frames with duties, and is generally open to collaboration and communication. 


Make sure that you produce the RFP (request for proposal) document, which covers every element of the project and your expectations of future cooperation with a salesperson before you begin to look for a suitable individual or team. Receive feedback on the cost and more specific replies to possible collaboration from such RFPs to many outsourced software development enterprises:


Check on the firm's website, examine its successes and seek comparable sectors in its portfolio projects.

Working time

Work time is essential 24/7 but only if support services are outsourced. Verify you have working time overlaps so that both teams may meet comfortably in software development projects. Make sure urgent meetings are also possible if necessary.


Quality management ISO 9001 and Information Security Standard ISO 27001 are the main industry standards. In the information technology field, certification is necessary. The accreditation demonstrates the repute of an outsourced development firm that meets the industry requirements.


Pandemic times have shown that projects are delayed, and businesses are losing a lot of money as a result. It is therefore very advisable to choose a liability insurance outsourcing team that may cover violations of timelines.

Technical fit

Select a business that works with similar tools, the language of programming, frameworks, and procedures. If not, you risk various communication problems and possibly an incompatible component of the project.

Assistance for projects

Some outsourced software providers may give support for projects after the adaptation period to correct code or help. It is not an essential feature, but it should absolutely be verified.


Last but not least, pricing is also an important factor. It is not just to determine the quality and worth of the service of the firm. Consider where software development should be outsourced instead of where it actually costs. The hourly wage varies greatly from all over the world. 


The suggestion is to compare the proportions of the quality and pricing. Companies with a fee of $10 can work within 100 hours and another $75/hour team can work within 12 hours. See the price but find the value! And remember that outsourcing offshore software might save cash and give the same result as local outsourcing choices.


What are the software outsourcing models?

Outsource Software Development Instead of an In-house Team, Why?

The above-mentioned points for externalization also apply to outsourcing software services. As the IT sector is, however, a leader in the task delegation, there are special reasons for taking this service into account whether you own, manage or work in a firm in this market.

1. Instant aid

The creation of software is about making life simpler for a corporation. A good app may raise the productivity of a business, improve client loyalty and create more income. Very often, here and now, there is a need for such an app. As a result, the firm frequently lacks the time and skills to convert its existing tools or to rapidly sell a new one.


Outsourcing software development businesses overcome this resource gap in a couple of days and are able to produce the finished product much faster than the internal process of development.

2. Betterment in risk handling

Every new application or program is a danger of its own. Accumulation of all processes in a single site, for example, home, raises the possibilities of application failure, failure to deliver on time, stagnation of operations, etc. A firm may reduce these risks by outsourcing many elements of the development process to external contractors. Another team picks up if one team fails.

3. Reduced market access time

App response is nowadays one of the key criteria for any program. Failure to adapt results in substantial losses of income and an overall brand failure. As for COVID-19, when companies have to include new features for delivery, take-out, etc., an internal team could not have adequate resources and capacity to provide these new features successfully on schedule. Software solutions outsourcing gives a trusted hand and the opportunity to minimize the time needed to provide the market with new features.

4. Scaling part-time

Following on from the preceding notion, every time you need to provide a new function, there is no time to contemplate; it is high time to take action. Outsourcing offers a development team the extra powers and wits to achieve the new target more quickly.

The good news is that only one job, sprint, one project, etc. may be supplied with additional support. The collaboration with the outsourced software team may be concluded promptly on the same day after it is completed. It is a wonderful technique to prevent critical problems in development.

5. Flexible development

An outsourcing team may be seen as a global patch for the growth of your home. If you lack testing hands, a QA crew can be arranged for you to work. You can acquire one when you need DevOps for a new project.

A software outsourcing business offers a wide selection of specialists so that, based on the current project demands and requirements, the experts may always be brought into service. For any software development firm, flexibility in the utilization of assets and tasks is a major benefit.

How to choose the right model for your project?

How to Choose The Right Model for Your Project?

No better or worse outsourcing model is available; each model is intended to fulfill a certain aim. Thus, your main problem and main objective are the initial stages in picking the correct strategy. Then consider flexibility in money, timing, scalability, etc. for your future development.


Define these compromise points may also be helpful in selecting the correct model (for example if the offshore model would not match your expectations if you did not wish to have early/late meetings).


Think about your internal expertise; if you don't have one, utilize project-based outsourcing to prevent difficulties and money misuse.


Time commitment is also required because augmented and managed teams demand your active engagement, unlike project-based application development outsourcing, for example, which will simply share updates once a month.


How about our willingness to control the project? Within a thorough strategy with every stage and job specified but without enough personnel, consider staff augmentation to supplement your in-house team.


If you only need an app produced in only three months and have no interest in the process, engage an outsourced project-based team to alleviate the strain of application development outsourcing management.


What are the Software Outsourcing Models?

Multiple outsourcing kinds and models may be found online. The factor used for the categorization is based on this diversity. For some, outsourcing is divided on-site, on-shore, on-shore, and off-shore.


Others focus on what kind of interaction the hired assistance would have with the client, split the models into an increase in personnel, specialist teams, and project externalization. The contract type may also be the differentiation criterion, contracts with a set price or payment on the basis of time/material.


Like the locality classification, the latter categorization is self-explanatory. Client selection, existing talent, and budget rely on the aims of the client (offshore teams are considerably less expensive than UK/US outsourcing software services). In the meanwhile, the essential categorization that is worth detailing is about the connection between client and outsourcer. Let's take a closer look at it.


Staff augmentation

What is the Staff Augmentation Model?

This approach of outsourcing increases the productivity of the internal team while maintaining complete control over the development process for outsourcing. For the time being, the client "bids" the development team or his portion of the seller. The outsourced team will only do the given duties in this scenario as an integral part of your procedure. As a consequence, the whole responsibility and control for the success of the project stay with the client.


When to use staff augmentation?

  • If you have a team and a few hands are missing
  • If a good project manager is in place to monitor all team members at all sites
  • If you require a special talent for a certain assignment and you are not permanently boarding time/budget/skill.
  • Where immediate assistance is necessary for a specific assignment and the recruiting procedure cannot be completed.


Dedicated team

What is the Dedicated team model?

This approach for outsourcing product development is the center between an increase in the number of employees and a completely delegated project. A dedicated team of external specialists is working on (or its part) a particular project that is not linked to internal procedures. 


The outsourced team is likewise led by their outsourced Project Manager (PM). The whole development is therefore carried out outside the walls of the firm. The PM reports on progress periodically to the client and consults the strategic decision. This model is accountable for the success of the end product both for the client and the devoted team.


When to use a dedicated team?

  • If you have qualified management who will decide with the outsourced PM (it can be a Product Owner, a CTO, and even a CEO for startups).
  • If you require special skills and know-how in a certain field.
  • If you have no time/human resources to build in-house software, however, you wish to have a major part in its development and final version.


Project-based outsourcing model

What is the Project-based outsourcing model?

An IT development model based on project outsourcing is the perfect solution whenever an enterprise has its goal and Software requirements, but no team is involved in the task. In this scenario, a client signs a third party for the entire development process. The seller then supervises and oversees the project, so that the ready-for-use product is delivered within the time limit.

The client does not have an influence in the development process or methodologies used; all are controlled by the outsourcing business. The status reports are routinely given to the client in order to avoid time consumption without much detail. In this way, the outsourced company takes full responsibility for the project's execution and progress.


When to use project-based outsourcing?

  • If a major business has the core products and needs a support tool to build, a DB update or a tiny side project to be created.
  • If the work of the internal team is restricted and the entire development process may be transferred to external staff.
  • If all the requirements are present for the new project, many changes are easy and not expected to happen on time.
  • If you do not have time to oversee and monitor the development yet requires some program or application.

How does a software development outsourcing process look like?

What does a Software Development Outsourcing Process Look Like?

The software development process would be the same whether it was carried out in-house or outsourced in its entirety. If you're looking for further information, you can find it in our app development guide here. Below, we will concentrate on certain areas of software development that are partially or completely outsourced.

#1 – Outsourcing Decision

First and foremost, you must be prepared to outsource. A choice to opt for it should be founded on a thorough examination of your present situation, existing goals, anticipated budget, an overall picture of collaboration with the outsourcing firm. Before you seek more assistance, establish the development plan that you believe is appropriate. A thorough characterization of all these aspects will help to decide the model for the externalization and other strategies.

#2 – Choice of a supplier

At this stage, it is necessary to examine the market options accessible and pre-select about 10-15 firms to meet your basic requirements. You may read about recruiting the proper software development team below, but time is the key in this stage. The choice regularly to outsource is, obviously, a matter of urgency; nevertheless, do not overturn the essential period for the appropriate team to identify and recruit. Take the time and don't fall into the first or least.

#3 – Signature of the contract

It is vital that a legally binding agreement specifies both sides' commitments and duties. Yes, some employees might select for contract-free cooperation, but all the details are strongly recommended. The contract should include both parties' obligations, time limits information, specific project technical needs, and payment specifications. Regardless of the business model software that you have chosen, contracts are a key component of any cooperation.

#4 – Development / Collaboration

After the legal aspect is over, real software development is high time to begin. This is the time to have team members outsourced quickly. If you have chosen a team based on a project as an outsourcing ally, a project launch will take place at this moment. Most frequently this step takes no more than a month to discuss and resolve the final aspects while new developers are integrated.

#5 – Monitoring

In reality, monitoring and collaboration steps are undertaken. Monitoring will only involve monitoring progress and development team updates for fully outsourced projects. Monitoring implies the effectiveness and performance of the new team members in your project for enlarged or managed teams on an ongoing basis.

#6 – Project Finish

The project development is completed when the contract scope is delivered or some software is published. It is time to make final payments, assess collaboration, and explore future cooperation alternatives. The client expands the requirements further after one outsourcing contract finishes and immediately enters a new contract with the Offshore Software Development Team. Such situations are shown if the needs of the original agreement are changed, when additional features are needed or when the present arrangement is typically met by the client.


The pros & cons of software outsourcing

The Advantages & Challenges of Software Outsourcing

This section highlights the pros and downsides of software development outsourcing, which should be addressed in the process. However, we think at Saigon Technology that a well-planned and carried out outsourcing may be carried out without disadvantages. 

We do not - of course - claim that any dangers or pitfalls are conceivable. We just argue that the number of such hazards can be reduced by a careful approach. See below what effective outsourcing software may offer and how possible hazards can be mitigated.

Top benefits

  • Budget saving

This is undoubtedly one of the major advantages in software outsourcing development, as has previously been discussed. The main savings include lack of integration, lack of equipment, and the avoidance of additional IT benefits that employees generally keep. In addition to this, in Vietnam, the typical pay for a software developer is approximately 20 dollars per hour, whereas, in the US, the middle level is between $ 100 and $ 250 per hour and $ 18-$ 24 per hour. Since there are mainly multiple developers that work on a project, the cost-saving benefit is obvious.

  • Significant insights

An outsourcing company may provide valuable insights into a global problem and give the remedy within a very short space of time.

  • Flexibility and response time

In addition, flexibility and response time in the business will continue to be key elements, so that software outsourcing services can only effectively achieve the revised objectives by means of outsourcing.

  • Flexibility in team size

Frequent shifts in staff are hard for small businesses with a limited budget, largely as a result of tight labor rules in many countries. A flexible time-size scaling is offered through outsourcing. Whenever a new project comes up, you request the creation of an outsourced firm by other developers, engineers, designers; after the project is done, or a job has been performed, then you can simply conclude the contract.

  • Seamless work

It can be said that due to the differences in time (the work on the project never ends) it is also possible to continue working seamlessly, to have a chance to exchange a non-fitting employee within a matter of days, to avoid long processes of recruitment, to have careful planning forced and the accuracy of the entire project improvements. 

Risks and mitigating techniques

Now, while all the advantages of outsourcing may fascinate, be careful that the risk remains! Below are the major outsourcing risks encountered by us and recommendations for preventing or mitigating them.

  • Miscommunication

Because of time zones and cultural differences is a typical problem, miscommunication may take place during the process. There is also an early need for strong leadership and first established lines of communication, reporting, and negotiations. Note that the client chooses what is best for his in-house staff and the outsourcing firm must react, but the client mustn't be a tyrant. It is vital that the improved team effort ensures a pleasant environment for both teams.

  • Security

Copyright information and user data security are a danger for all developers. For this reason, NDA agreements with outsourcing labor must always be on the table. In addition, the workpiece, system, and process the outsourced team may access should be carefully planned. Try to confine it to the basics, but don't limit it too much and create walls rather than bridges. If you decide to proceed with developers for the entire project, prepare the transfer of every form of access, database materials, and systems on project receipt.

  • Quality

If your in-house and outsourced teams are not synced, the quality of the final product might be in danger. They utilize various languages, architecture, databases, or frameworks, for example. Take decisions on the technical requirements of your program and choose a positive reputation firm in the area, to guarantee the excellent quality of your end result.

  • Hidden costs

Unfortunately, untrustworthy firms are widespread in hidden fees. You obtain a fantastic bargain and finally pay extra for services which are not included or extra hours. In order to prevent hidden expenses, you must define in your contract the number of hours paid or the extent of the job provided.

  • Post-release issues

Problems like defects, missing or misplaced code may also emerge after release. Make sure you exclusively operate with the practice of code guarantee. In this approach, the client will maintain the right to request code alternatives free of charge should any errors or other problems be detected after delivery of the product. It is also helpful to establish a 'probe' period to guarantee that all the assistance necessary by the supplier of offshore software development is available within this timeframe.

  • Disputes resolution 

This is one of the greatest fears of any client outsourcing their software development. The process is usually vague and takes much time, which results in money loss. To avoid the risk of any disputes, hire an experienced lawyer working with digital solutions who is conversant with the laws in both countries: yours and the outsourcing company’s one. Then conclude a contract that clearly provides all the conditions of the termination clause and the consequences both sides will face should either fail to fulfill their part of the agreement. You need to always have the law on your side so take care of the paperwork from the very beginning.

Best practices of outsourcing software development

Guidelines for Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing may provide a firm with numerous advantages and provide a wide range of good results, but only if the process is properly carried out. There are, of course, usual hazards in every new configuration, but you are well aware of them. In minimizing risk, an enterprise is able to take advantage of about 40% of all the benefits given by bespoke software development outsourcing. Here are some ideas on how to deal with your externalization.

Choose the suitable outsourcing assignment

Don't attempt to accomplish the chores that you won't do. You risk therefore losing the outsourced component altogether without the basics of development. Examine your present procedures and objectives and select which elements of the project should be outsourced to the best outcomes based on this.

Choose the model you wish

It's straightforward. The breadth of your checks and the time you are ready to spend on monitoring the outsourced workforce relies on everything. Scroll on to examine outsourcing models and our tips.

Maximize your attendance at conferences

Whatever the management portion of the connection, you are the principal player in the client-outsourced team. You may assign the entire project to an external team, yet constantly keep up with progress, problems, traps, blockages, etc. Communicate with your IT development provider to overcome uncertainties in the development process as soon as feasible.

Keep cool and impartial

All have the right to error, therefore even if your outsourcing business has not been able to provide a feature once, it does not indicate that it is poor, not qualified. Try to prevent your business conversation from becoming overly emotional. Emotions tend to harm and high-spirited conversations that merely aftertaste do not yield results. Concentrate on the right thing and speak the facts; never allow your own sentiments to get in the way.

Set visualization of progress

When you constantly see the process, it is much simpler to monitor and control software development. Agile boards such as Kanban clarify the finished, progressive and unstarted activities. Each team has its own tools but plans to pick a uniform solution to speed up both internal and outsourced teams.

Put the process to hubs

The effort for the larger good and a far-reached objective is psychologically difficult. Make the process easier to monitor, control and finish for your team by dividing all development into small cycles.

Safety control

Yes, cyber infringements and data leakage are among the major security problems facing software developers. The recruitment of solutions to outsource software raises risk alone. Therefore, it is important to continuously check the internal procedures and management of information from both sides of the team. Configure your data security measures and test them periodically.

Be truthful

The basis of successful cooperation is flexibility. Software development always has a human aspect that may interfere with your objectives and postpone some software parts. Don't worry, it's usually when it happens. Simply create realistic targets and simultaneously leave time and space. 

Duplicate testing

The retention rate for a request is around 5%, meaning that in the first three months 95% of newly registered users will give it up. Failure to do testing leads to many problems which simply increase the proportion of consumers lost. If you want your application or program to succeed, always carefully test it before the market release. This is nothing per se about software outsourcing but is an essential element of the development of software.

How to choose the right software development vendor

Top Outsourcing Software Development Companies


In CRM, Data Analytics, Collaboration & Knowledge Management, and Information Security, ScienceSoft reinforces and holds a particular position. Customers may create on-demand and platform applications through cooperation with ScienceSoft. There is also a broad variety of quality assurance, testing, and IT infrastructure and applications supported 24/7.


Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a software and IT consultancy firm. In 2002, ScienceSoft shifted to IT services as a small AI product manufacturing business. ScienceSoft's major clients include Walmart, IBM, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, and many more medium and large companies across the world. This firm has over 700 in-house IT specialists and a global network of relationships, all of which follow a strict procedure that is compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and IEC 62304.

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology has been around for many years and has been listed on the list of the top 15 software firms in Vietnam, with several clients from the USA, Canada, and Australia... with many major projects and various brands. Saigon Technology also has a great deal of confidence. Saigon Technology's present performance may be said to be mostly attributable to human components with over 150 dedicated and professional developer experts.


This firm has also won a certificate of excellence in IT Development Outsourcing and Top Software Development Outsourcing Company from Saigon Technology, one of Vietnam's leading outsourced companies, for many years. Saigon Technology is promised a great product to support most of your ideas or projects using technologies such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android/React Native and, most importantly, the pricing and quality of services that compete over time.


Besides, Saigon Technology is highly ranked in the list of 15 top software firms in Vietnam with nearly a decade of existence and development in the international information technology sector in general and Vietnam in general. With the slogan 'Your mission is our success in customer service, more than 100 highly talented and experienced employees from Saigon Technology always strive to offer clients the finest goods.

TechTIQ Solutions

Located in Singapore, the aim of TechTIQ Solutions is to deliver cost-effective digital solutions to companies that allow them to engage better with consumers and develop their enterprises in the digital world. This renowned firm offers consulting services, specifies project needs for digital transformation, monitors, and delivers solutions that have been precisely applied to increase client satisfaction. 


The firm offers a range of digital transformation services based on competence in the field with a focus on custom software development services, Digital Transformation, Enterprise software development, Web Design and Development, IT Staffing...


Although TechTIQ Solutions is a relatively young company, it has a strong legacy of enthusiastic IoT engineers, software developers, and business analysis and has provided grants to customers with more than 0.5 million projects that cover a wide range of fields including banking, logistics, transportation, media, healthcare, and others.

FPT Software

FT Software is a subsidiary of the renowned FPT Corporation, the worldwide IT outsourcing, and services provider, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and was established in 1999 and has its headquarters in Hanoi. With the leadership role in technology service, FPT facilitates the implementation and adoption of digital technology clients of all company sizes and all sectors.


FPT Software offers a variety of quality software technology solutions, as well as world-class services in the areas of the smart platform, digital platform, RPA, AI, IoT, enterprise mobilization, cloud, AR / VR, embedded systems, managed services...


itransition is a worldwide consulting and software engineering firm. Their initiatives include more than 40 nations and continue to develop, with over 2 200 experts working every day to provide business value through technology at transition locations in the US and Europe.


Since 1998, itransition has serviced over 800 customers from diverse sectors with such extensive coverage and personnel resources. They are small and medium-sized companies, companies, and businesses. Startups are looking at us as the trustworthy, know-how-based technology partner and their specialized area capacities; such as health, finance, retail…


In quality management, itransition like many others is a quality software development firm that sets and maintains high standards for software engineering while adhering to quality and compliance with management systems.

ODS Group Australia

The ODS Group was founded to aid businesses in the United States and Singapore discover skilled developers for their projects. ODS Group Australia developers are now working at the "common home" in Vietnam, a fast-developing "technologist" in Southeast Asia.


Despite having a large portfolio of young and bright developers to pick from, ODS Group has always carefully chosen the most competent personnel for its clients' projects. Australian and New Zealand businesses may now benefit from "immediate" developer knowledge since ODS Group has refined its approach over time and has a track record of winning projects.

Pixel Crayons

Pixel Crayons has served over 6800 clients from 38 countries since its inception in 2004. Based in New Delhi, India's capital, we are well-known among our clients for our agile/DevOps development methodology, SLA-driven strategy, and on-time project delivery.


Pixel Crayons is a multi-award-winning digital consulting and engineering firm that provides end-to-end software solutions to enterprises, ISVs, digital agencies, and startups.

They have 450+ talented and devoted experts on their team, including project managers, business analysts, quality analysts, UX/UI designers, architects, and developers.


Netguru was formed in 2008 as a consultation, product design, and software development firm. The firm collaborates with both major corporations and fast-growing startups in the financial, education, and even robotics areas. Netguru has completed over 700 projects and employs over 700 individuals from all over the world.


Netguru creates digital products that allow people to accomplish things in new ways. Share your issue with our team, and we'll collaborate with you to create a game-changing digital product. Our customers have altered the way people finance, listen to music, study languages, and hire bicycles. TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt have all covered their goods.


Now, Netguru is rapidly expanding (we will shortly hire our 500th employee), expanding its international reach in the banking, healthcare, retail, real estate, and travel industries. Netguru created the frontend of a mobile application for a data analytics firm. The team brought out the product's front end using React Native.

KMS Technology 

KMS Technology is a company specialized in delivering international software development and testing services for major and small companies worldwide. Atlanta, GA, with headquarters in California and Vietnam is based in KMS.


The slogan of KMS Technology's operation is "not only to hire the finest individuals in the internal field, but also to seek talent throughout many different regions of the world." The spectrum of services they offer is therefore quite varied. These services include product development for application processing, cloud migration, development of mobile telephones, the production of new software.

DCSL Guidesmiths

Since 1994, DCSL GuideSmiths has been developing bespoke software and has acquired a reputation as a leading digital transformation partner. DCSL GuideSmiths develops clever, cost-effective, and user-friendly web applications, cloud systems, desktop apps, and mobile applications to help startups and existing companies streamline processes and generate new revenue streams. DCSL assists businesses in automating, streamlining, and simplifying their processes by delivering easy, cost-effective, and scalable technological solutions.


In a specific project, DCSL GuideSmiths redesigned a construction firm's recruiting software system. DCSL GuideSmiths created, tested, and delivered on the system after outlining their needs. The customer was happy with the project and thought that the abilities of DCSL GuideSmiths made the cooperation a breeze.


Yalantis is a Ukrainian web and mobile app development firm. Founded in 2008, the almost 200-person team is well-versed in web, Android, and iOS development — Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.Js, Goland, and others.


Yalantis knows how to optimize business value and assure sustainability with bespoke technological solutions, having over 12 years of software engineering expertise and 150+ projects under their belt. They do not only create and execute high-quality, reliable, scalable, and useful digital products but also share the vast expertise of 400+ skilled developers.


As a full-service software engineering and outsourcing firm, Yalantis takes pride in its ability to assist clients at any stage of development. They offer the knowledge for the clients’ business whether building a product from the beginning, updating it, or constantly enhancing it. Custom software development, development team augmentation, IT consulting, digital advising, and software engineering are some of their offerings.


Saritasa is a full-service software development company headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with locations in New York City, Russia, and Vietnam. They were formed in 2005 and currently employ around 90 people to deliver bespoke software, web, mobile, IoT, and AR/VR development to primarily mid-sized enterprises.


Their services include: mobile development, web development, augmented reality/virtual reality development, database development, IoT solutions, DevOps, custom development, and project takeovers.


Why choose Saigon Technology as an outsourcing partner?

Why Choose Saigon Technology as an Outsourcing Partner?

Saigon Technology is one of the leading outsourcing software development companies. We serve clients worldwide in outsourcing software development using cutting-edge technologies and mature Agile development progress. Not to make unsubstantiated statements, be informed that we:


We expanded our workforce in 2020 to 160+ team members to meet the demands of our existing and new clients. We provide competence nowadays with the following services: Java, ASP.NET, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS, and Android/React. However, we can always employ additional experts in the subject if you are not able to notice your technology on the lists and are delighted to locate suitable professionals.


We are committed to making your project prosperous. Our team works effectively for you, whether we help with the development planning or management, participate or take over the entire project development. We are versatile with tools utilized in any project and we can adjust to your software plan's existing specifications. Saigon Technology may be operating in all-time areas and available for a meeting or emergency call any time of day with clients in Australia, the United States, and Europe.


If you ask if we have done anything such as your project previously, browse our portfolio or just contact us for specifics about your project. Our proposal on a business software outsourcing model will be reviewed and presented in a matter of business days.



Congratulations! This software outsourcing guide has been completed. You now have all the tools, advice, and information to discover and employ the best services for your project for outsourcing software. It is righ time to enter your first RFI (Request for Information) and start looking for a new partner. Be aware of the dangers, take care to choose and outsource requirements!


As a Leading Vietnam Software Development Outsourcing Company, we dedicate to your success by following our philosophy:


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