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  • The scope of service is clear - Eliminate ambiguity and concerns
  • Competitive pricing -  Reduce your financial load
  • No infrastructure development - Increase the budget for other investments
  • Time and money saved by not having to hire new employees
  • No training time - Devote your energy and time to other endeavors

Very promising and swift, with three components of Minimize and three components of Increase when outsourcing IT services, clients will be able to optimize their company, particularly when working with Saigon Technology.

Why Consider IT Outsourcing Services

The global outsourcing market is currently estimated to be worth $85.6 billion, according to recent trusted data. So potential and exciting! The following reasons contribute significantly to the demand for IT outsourcing services:

 the demand for IT outsourcing services

#1 Reason: You need to reduce the cost of developing software

When it comes to software development solutions, your first and greatest concern is that your budget is quite tight?

In addition, other costs such as recruiting and maintaining a department are also quite costly. Outsourcing IT management, on the other hand, is presented as an effective "right hand" of the business operating, maintaining, and developing desired technology products. By reducing the company's expenditures and requesting residential sector training, making use of a company's resources may be beneficial.

#2 Reason: You're looking for highly skilled engineers

There aren't many competent individuals in your region with the necessary ability and experience to manage the technological tasks or challenges you're dealing with?

Our software outsourcing solution serves as a fantastic alternative or supplement to your in-house staff, freeing up your time and ideas for the company's core business. There has been a steady decline in the number of local engineers being hired by enterprises in their region. By using remote workers, more organizations are able to stay ahead of the curve.

#3 Reason: You want to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your business

Do you have too many business problems that prevent you from focusing on areas outside of your specialty, such as software development?

Zero worries, in other words, is a great way for you to really focus on the other important things of the company and let the companies handle it all. Reducing the burden of professional software development for businesses - that's what we aim for.


Where to Choose a Firm to Conduct?

In terms of IT services, we will recommend three choices for you to choose based on your specific regions and the kind of project you wish to have:



Offshore Software Development

When it comes to offshore development services, the difference in time zones between the two nations might be as much as more than 6 hours, owing to geographical distance and linguistic differences.

Specifically, offshore software development brings together clients and vendors across continents as well as time zones. Offshore software initiatives are often outsourced to foreign companies with a little budget and a broad range of time, which is why many firms choose to collaborate with a foreign development team.



 Discordant cultural and linguistic norms

 The country's political stability (or lack thereof) is an important consideration when selecting a business partner. In addition, the fluency and proficiency in English skills of the IT support companies team that you consider is also an important factor determining the smoothness of the project.


 Time zone difference

The time difference between you and the developers may cause problems in communication. As a result of the conflicting schedules of your company and the IT firm, working together might be difficult.


 To complete the technical project without the need for costly recruitment, infrastructure investment, training, and maintenance; consider outsourcing these tasks to companies located in other regions across the world.


 Enhance efficiency by cutting down on completion time

Most projects can be completed quicker by an IT firm than by an internal one since they don't have to contend with other responsibilities and business objectives.


 Quick & straightforward scalability

It's customary for corporations to get into contracts with an IT services company. This is a more cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time engineer for a short-term project.

Nearshore Software Development

A nearshore firm should only be apart by one to three hours of travel time if you work with them. Nearshore development refers to outsourcing software development or other tasks to companies located in or near your country. Since there is no time difference, you may easily call a contractor from any location in the world.



 IT outsourcing services are expensive

Assume the cost of IT services in your nation is high and equivalent in adjacent countries. Surely, you won't profit much from the pricing aspect in such a case!


 Other parts of the area suffer from a lack of talent

Your nation, and maybe adjacent countries, are lacking in eager talent for your technological project. As a result, while seeking acceptable IT businesses, consumers often broaden their search to include other prospective nations, and most likely various continents.

 Opportunity to meet and work directly

The fact that the geographical distance is not separate will make a lot of sense if customers want to meet IT firms or ask developers to work onsite regularly.


 Same time zone

By allowing all employees to work in the same time zone (or with a very small difference in time zones), smooth work is possible. In general, the language and cultural traits of nearshore companies are similar, and this typically results in their success.


 Scale-up and down your IT outsourcing team as needed

Congratulations on your first accomplishment in selecting an IT support staff, assuming that the nearby nation has enough people and resources. The second benefit is that you can quickly scale up and down the team size as the company scenario and market change.

Onshore Software Development

When a company outsources work to another company inside the same country, this is known as onshore software development. 

For companies that are understaffed or overstretched, on-shore development is common. Making time for day-to-day operations will help to guarantee that products are available for sale on time.



 Rates of service are very high

As a result of poor software development, onshore development expenses will rise.

The higher the cost, the better the program, even if you have to pay more for it.


 Sections of the region have a shortage of brilliant individuals

In the technical field in general and software development in particular, not all countries have rich conditions for talented human resources. Your country is deficient in enthusiastic talent for your scientific endeavors. And this is a big minus when considering onshore software outsourcing.

 Meeting and working face-to-face

For in-person meetings, outsourcing IT services to a local business makes it easier. Because time zones are less of a problem in virtual meetings, this is more true than in traditional meetings.


 There is no communication gap

Because you both hail from the same country, communicating and understanding one another shouldn't be a problem. It's easy to understand since there are no cultural or linguistic distinctions.


 Sharing the same economic, legal, and political frameworks

As a result, you'll be ready to tackle any paperwork that comes your way. Good or bad economic and political circumstances affect both parties equally. When working with an IT company from a nation that is experiencing economic and political difficulties, you may be less "impatient" and simpler to comprehend.


What to Prepare for a Successful Project?

 Making an effective strategy

To gain a good understanding of the impending project, just list the bullet points first.


Spend some time considering what you need, how tight your budget is, your specific desire, and ultimately want to accomplish by carrying out this project. What do you anticipate from the IT team, and how long do you want them to work on the project... 

 Finding out why outsourcing is beneficial

You must take this seriously to prevent wasting money, time, and energy on the project.


In other words, understanding the advantages of outsourcing IT services over hiring and promoting a whole in-house staff is critical to making the right decision for your company.

 Check out different IT Outsourcing Services Vendors

Refer to reputable service reviews sites such as, and Or you can also consider the results displayed on search platforms for the keyword you search. 


The increasing variety has come from today's tough rivalry in the worldwide IT industry. As a result, there will be an increase in the number of organizations offering IT services.

 Study the outsourcing agreement carefully

Understanding the points raised therein is now a responsibility, not just an option.


A signed signature indicates that a choice has already been taken. Please read the agreement/contract carefully and ask the partner again if you notice any unsuitable or difficult-to-understand issues.



New Demands, New Options

Choosing the best vendor isn't the most difficult step, but it is the most time-consuming. As a result, new needs - new possibilities - have necessitated the need to investigate each location, as well as important IT businesses in the market.

Saigon Technology has executed over 900 projects in the worldwide software development business throughout its 10+ years of expertise, satisfying the needs of numerous foreign clients. Businesses from major nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and others have maintained a long-term working partnership with Saigon Technology.

More precisely, we are thrilled to have become a strategic vendor, delivering solutions, counseling on particular choices for clients' difficulties, and managing projects that serve as the "backbone" of our company. Finance, banking, e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, export-import... are some of the areas in which we have excelled.

We are delighted to be your vendor of IT Outsourcing Services. With the dedication of 350+ software engineers - top 1% of talents in Vietnam - we are confident in delivering the finest project quality imaginable.

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