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Partnership with ISMS Global to develop Enterprise Camp Management solutions

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Saigon Technology supports ISMS to build, maintain a big Enterprise Camp Management solutions using ASP.NET MVC web development, MSSQL Server. As a leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam, we were chosen by ISMS CTO and CEO in 2012 to be a solid partner of them.


Entering the market in 2008, the ISMs Global brand of Site Management software began as a design ideal based upon a foundation of best practice and innovative ideas resulting from years of practical field camp experience within the Oil, Gas & Mining (“OG&M”) industry. Recognizing a need for a customizable system which could flex with daily operational demands, and was significantly more sophisticated than operators having to use a paper and pencil or rely on a combination of paperwork and excel spreadsheets; we developed ISMs Village – our principle module for the administration of site accommodation and transport. 

Inspired by the success of ISMs Village in beta testing, we quickly widened our design view to take in other key processes which were identified as directly integrating with accommodation management. Building on from the accommodation design platform ISMs Global today boasts a suite of 5 distinctive yet integrated products referred to as our ‘ISMs Global Suite’.

Our Mission remains clear – “To be a competitively successful and responsible company through the continuous design, development and support of our software products for the oil, gas and mining industry. To be ever attentive to our client’s needs regardless of geography, culture or project size and always act as a responsible steward of their information.”


By 2010, ISMs Global had established itself as a competitive and mature supplier to the industry. Expanding on the initial Holding Group formation in Dubai | UAE, ISMs Global today boasts offices in Santiago, Chile | Makati City, Philippines | Brisbane, Australia and business representation in Russia and Vietnam through Joint Venture Partnerships; whereby servicing clients in all four corners of the globe.

5 years on, the same team continue to review new ideas and innovations taken from the market, and in response to clients’ feedback from around the globe, in order to continuously enhance and expand the Company’s product offering toward becoming the full turnkey solution provider for Enterprise Camp Management solutions…developed on the back of a real understanding of the industry.

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