How to Find the Right Offshore Software Development Company

How to Find the Right Offshore Software Development Company

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Once you've made the decision, your business should start using an offshore software development strategy to successfully tackle IT-related projects and responsibilities. The next step will most likely be to locate the proper team with which to cooperate. The term 'fit' may be interpreted in a variety of ways, such as a reasonable price, minimal language and cultural obstacles, available programming languages, a professional working attitude, and passion... 


  • But how do you locate such wonderful partners?
  • You just go to Google and start searching?
  • What are the foundations for you to obtain the most impartial assessment of the offshore software development business you are considering?

The following post will explain 4 approaches to answer your queries regarding how to find the right offshore software development company for you.


Preliminary Advice, Don't Be Hasty! Read These First!

Firstly, you have to define geographically, “where do you want to find developers?”. If you have too much confusion and don't know where to start, start with the continent you want to target. However, make sure you have third-party reviews and double-check the history of your future developers.

Secondly, most software developers are always glad to exhibit a comprehensive range of products – therefore ask for your previous projects. Be precise and request similar tasks from the same sector. Your developers will probably provide an example in which they did something comparable to what you needed to accomplish.


Top 4 Objective Assessment Platforms for the Right Offshore Software Development in 2021

Dominant Job Search Websites to Locate Exceptional Resources

And they are LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub. These sites are not the only venues for offshore teams but may be of tremendous assistance. Make sure that you find some of your staff and verify their social activities when you choose a development firm. Software development is not a fixed profession, and old knowledge firms are seldom the best choice. Look for interesting and dynamic teams of dev.

Search is only the first step, it is not decisive for this project. Be wise to seek advice and suggestions from CTOs and certain staff members of yours (technology leaders, in-house technicians…) are always a good indicator. Because they are people with a certain vision and knowledge when they actively contribute to or participate in open-source projects, write about technological problems, and are generally engaged.

Directories of Technology Companies

This sounds like a classic method of searching because today not many companies have a specific directory book for the information they need to lookup. But that's okay, in fact, today's form of 'directory' has been digitized, turning into convenient and effective information search pages. When you search, you may delve into the precise areas of expertise and find out what you need in particular.

Several sites such as Clutch, G2, Upcity, Goodfirms… are all considered as excellent platforms for the growth of software developers. These pages receive so many views and ratings because they always retain credibility in every article they post. The contributors to these sites do more than merely copy and paste material from the main source. They undertake extensive study from the business's inception, the consumers the company has serviced and continues to serve, the successful or unsuccessful products/projects of those IT organizations...

I also strongly advise you to browse over these pages due to their excellent dependability. Even I utilize these sites to gain the most objective perspective on my company's industry competitors, to continually improve internally, and to compete as fairly and openly as possible.

Recommendations from your Relationships of an ODC

This may not be perfect at first, but at least it's pretty reliable when you're asking questions and gathering information from your industry contacts. Surely after the talks, you will get yourself from 1-5 suitable offshore software development companies brand names. Perhaps your best chance in 2021 and 2022 is to still find an offshore development center for all your technology requirements.

An offshore development center is a tech firm representative unit. This indicates that there is a development office in an outsourcing nation with a group or multiple teams of engineers. Establishing a specialized offshore development center is suitable for you: If you need more than 40 specialists at a time; When your project is vast and complicated and you need additional functionality; If you have multiple products and separate teams working on them; If you have security-sensitive software.

Websites of Freelancers

In contrast to the large scale and solid budget of the ODC, whenever companies require a smaller business or feel that their budget for a development firm is too limited, they tend to look for freelancer sites. Sites such as Upwork, Guru, Toptal,… always have their share of clients in software development.

Naturally, a site is fantastic for freelancers with many distinct elements. They might range from the number and diversity of freelancers' work to the regularity of new possibilities and, of course, one of the most essential factors - the diligence in paying for your services.


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